Pre Heresy Space Marines – Metallic finish

My painting experiments in trying to simulate a Pre-Heresy metalic finish on my Space Marines ……..

A long while back I had been searching for a different style of finish for my own Space Marines. The Horus Heresy books all seemed to stress a highly polished finish to the Pre-Heresy armours but trying to simulate that with NMM painting was (and is) way beyond both my ability and patience. So I started experimenting with thin glazes over a silver base and came up with a finish I was happy with ………


GM marines 02 1250

GM marines 01 1250




BA shiney -w12

BA shiney -w13

BA shiney -w11


IF group-1

Chaos Demon and a few little friends

Sally forth and let loose the dogs of war ….. someones angry and he’s coming to collect the rent …..

Choas Demon from GW. Painted in yellow tones to match the rest of an army slowly (very, very slowly) being painted for my brother in law. Recently we picked up a few bits n pieces to add to the collection and the first new additions arrived last week, a few Forgeworld Chaos Renegade Militia. Picked up a command set and some arty and vehicle crews so I can finish of a Basisk and man a Forge World Malcador thats still to land here yet.


Chaos Demon 00 900

Chaos Demon 01 900

Chaos Demon 02 900

Chaos Demon 03 900

Chaos Demon 04 900

New Forge World goodies …… Chaos Renegade Miltia command, artillery and vehicle crew.

Chao Renegades 001 800

Chao Renegades 002 900

Deathwing Land Raider MkIIIC and Rhino Razorback FSV

GW 40k heavy armoured support ……

At last another post! Been pretty busy on a slew of projects plus home stuff but I’m back on top now and have time to finally process a few piccies.

First up is a Deathwing Land Raider and Dark Angels Razorback fire support Rhino. Both have modded weapon systems but apart from that are straight OOB builds ….. keep an eye out as I’ve got a few more pics to add to this set but it’s taking a while to clean up the images for posting as the lighting was a little off when I snapped the pics..


MkIII LR 000 1200

MkIII LR 001

MkIII LR 002

MkIII LR 003

MkIII LR 004

MkIII LR 005

MkIII LR 008

MkIII LR 0011

MkIII LR 00010

And now the Rhino pics …………

RB 001 1100

RB 002 1100

RB 003 1100

RB 004 1100

RB 005 1100

RB 007 1100

RB 006 1100