‘Bar’ Grille 30.5cm (Grw) L/16 Morser – Project ’46 Cromwell Models 20mm

Finished ……..

All done and dusted. Another beastie finished for our Project ’46 wargaming – the Grille 30 by Cromwell.

Brush painted with a mix of GW acrylics and Humbrol enamels, pins washes and weathering done using both acrylics and oils and both MIG and homemade pigments on the tracks and lower hull. Crew fig is AB miniatures currently sold by Eureka in Oz. I made few mods to the Cromwell model including, tow cable from Eureka XXL, tools, headlight and AA mg mounting from the spares box, mounting blocks for lower hull mudguards, foliage mounting studs, crew access ladder, spare track mounting lugs and a working rear ammo loading jib and recoil spade.


Bar 070 1250  coverpic

Bar 071 1250

Bar 072 1250

Bar 073 1250

Bar 074 1250

Bar 075 1250

Bar 079 1250

The original kit by Cromwell

30-5cm Bar Morser 000

‘Bar’ Grille 30.5cm (Grw) L/16 Morser – Cromwell Models 20mm wip

Almost finished ……

Made a little more progress on the Bar. The first round of pigments and weathering is on. A few details to finish such as mufflers and I might still add a few grab handles to the top deck yet. Gonna search the decal stash tomorrow for a name to put on the barrel and I might add a decal or two to add some spot colour ….. close to being finished though – finally!!!!


Bar 062 1250

Bar 064 1250

Bar 066 1250

LAH Ardennes Battlegroup – 20mm

Just an oldie as a space filler …..

I’m currently working on an Ardennes LAH vehicle project so thought an old project might make a nice inspirational space filler. It’s an LAH Ardennes themed Battlegroup with no historical specifics, just typical lateish war stuff. There’s a mix of manufacturers represented, Dragon, Hasegawa, Matchbox, Cromwell and Milicast, so it’s also broken the cardinal sin of mixing 1/76th with 1/72nd …. so smack my hand 🙂


Dragon late JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70 (x2)
Dragon mid JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70
Dragon early JgPzIv 7.5cm L/48
Cromwell Tiger II (x2)
Matchbox Wespe (x2)
Milicast StugIIIG (x2)
Dragon 251/10D
Cromwell 251/1D (x3)
Crowmell 251/7D (Engineer)
Cromwell 251/8D (Ambulance)
Cromwell 251/9D 7.5cm SPG (x2)
Cromwell 251/16D (Flame)
Cromwell 251/17D Drilling
Cromwell Mobelwagen 3.7cm SPAA
Hasegawa Ostwind 3.7cm SPAA
Milicast Hetzer


LAH battlegroup  010

Project ’46 – 1946 and X Tank collection

Project ’46 group shot …..

As I’ve finished a few recently I thought it might be fun to snap a group shot of our finished (and very near to finished) Project ’46 tanks. Pretty tricky to shoot pics of such a large group but luck and a southerly wind was blowing ……

The group so far in no particular order;

E-100 Krokodil                              – Cromwell Models
E-75 10.5cm                                 – Cromwell Models
Saracen 6×6 APC                         – JB Models
TigerIID IR                                    – Dragon / Queeg conversion
PaK44 12.8cm                              – Cromwell Models
Boarhound 8×8 armoured car      – Giesbers Models
Katzchen APC                              – Cromwell Models
Sherman M4E8B                          – Dragon/Cpl Overbys Motor Pool M51 conversion
T30 Heavy tank                            – Cromwell Models
T29 Heavy tank                            – Cromwell Models
Blackprince                                   – Milicast
SdKfz 350/3 3cm zwilling              – Planet Models / CMK Kugelblitz / Queeg conversion
SdKfz 350/2 APC                          – Dragon / Queeg conversion
T28 105mm GMC                         – Cromwell Models
Cromwell 5.5in SPG                     – Revell / Arfix / Queeg conversion
Grille 30 30.5cm Morser               – Cromwell Models
T29E3 Heavy tank                        – Cromwell Models
IS-4M Heavy tank                         – Cromwell Models
SdKfz 234/6 SPW                         – Hasegawa / Queeg conversion


Project '46 Xtanks - grp001 1400

Project '46 Xtanks - grp002 1400

Challenger 1 ODS – Cromwell Models 20mm finished

Calling it done for now …….

I’ve called finished on the Gulf War Challenger 1 for now. I tried to scratch build a commanders weapon station and it looked rubbish so until I can pick up a cheapy/damaged or parts donor kit (Trumpeter or Dragon), it’ll have to do without. Apart from that I’m pretty happy with the finish, brushed with GWs and Humbrols as usual with shading done in oils which seems to suit me at the moment. My brother did donate me some odourless solvent for oil paints and it’s helped smooth out and reduce the graininess you get when thinning oils a little which has sold me a little more. Dunno what the differences are between it and turps but for the lack of smell alone which makes enamels usable again its well worth it.

Anyway I found some markings which also cheered me up enough to finish it off. The big TAC numbers and theatre chevrons are actually 1/48th Gasoline decals which fit perfectly while the number plates and badges are from the spares box. It just needs a few FV432s and maybe a Scimitar or two to go with it ….


CH1 000 H 1400

CH1 w62 H 1400

CH1 001 H 1400

CH1 w72 H 1400

CH1 w82 H 1400

CH1 w80 H 1400

CH1 w76 H 1400

CH1 w86 1400 2

Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm finished

IS-4 finished ………

Well got another long suffering shelf-queen finished. Pretty happy with how the camo worked out in the end and even managed to chuck in an AB soviet crewman to finish things off. To recap its the Cromwell Models IS=4 with a few added bits, bore excavator, reworked DShK HMG, wire tank descent grab rails and some turret lifting eyes. Probably should have added a tow rope …. maybe later. As usual it’s brush painted using Humbrol enamels and GW acrylics. Lining and shading was done with WnN oils and there’s MIG pigments on the tracks and lower hull. Decals are from the spares box and are actually Gasoline and Tamiya 1/48th items.

Now to get an IS-7 or two …….


IS-4 w001 H 1400

IS-4 w65 H 1400

IS-4 w66 H 1400

IS-4 w68 H 1400

IS-4 w67 H 1400

IS-4 w86  1400

IS-4 w78  1400

IS-4 w74  1400

IS-4 w76  1400

IS-4 w80  1400

Challenger 1 ODS – Cromwell Models 20mm

But wait, another modern …..

Yup, just when you thought I’d come back to my senses another modern pops up, my 1/72nd Cromwell Operation Desert Storm Challenger 1. Posted some wip pics quite a while back now and finally it’s nearly finished. Shading and lining is done. The only major is that I didn’t get the commanders weapon station with the kit (it was second hand) and so I’ll have to make one. Also I don’t have any modern Brit 20mm markings so either I’ll have to paint them on or leave it plain.


CH1 w48

CH1 w45

CH1 w46

CH1 w47

CH1 w49

Krupp 12.8cm L/55 PaK44 (Panzerabwehrkanone) – Cromwell Models p2

And some more on the PaK44 …

Laid in most of the shading. Have to find the tow bar and a handwheel for the right hand side, a little bit of weathering and it’s done. I’d like to pick up one in the firing position (Cromwell make both the towed (this one) and lowered firing position versions) for the gaming table ot go with it but that’s a bit of a luxury me thinks lol


PaK44 w057

PaK44 w056

PaK44 w061

PaK44 w055

PaK44 w059

PaK44 w063

PaK44 w062

Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm p3

A little more progress on the IS-4 ………

Haven’t posted much recently apart from 1/48th moderns, in fact it’s been ages since I’ve worked on any of our 20mm. So here’s the first of a few catch up posts, the Cromwell IS-4M with most of the basic paintwork and lining completed. Pretty much only some detail painting and then the weathering and it’s ready for the table.


IS-4 w58

IS-4 w56

IS-4 w55

IS-4 w59

IS-4 w57

IS-4 w54

Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm p2

Got behind a bit on the project updates so here’s the first of some catch up posts, a bit more progress on the !S-4.

Added a few extra details, turret mounted IR searchlight, bore fume excavator and reworked the Dishka HMG a little. Finally got all the camo laid in so it’s ready for the panel lining and pin washes as the next step.


IS-4 w36

IS-4 w37

IS-4 w41

IS-4 w42

IS-4 w44

And a group shot with the IS-4 camo finished and next to the T29 and Bar30cm which have also both had some work done ……

Cromwell Superheavies1 - 1300

Staghound Mk1 armoured cars – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

“Past Revisited” episode 6

Cromwell Staghounds which came as a pack of three individually stowed vehicles, ready to paint and game. The barrels were replaced by brass ones and crew added but that’s all … oh and a bit of paint. Completed as a commission and some of my favourites, I’d love a unit of these for myself!


B21-3 Staghounds p06

B21-3 Staghounds p05

B21-3 Staghounds p04

B21-3 Staghounds p03

B21-3 Staghounds p07

B21-3 Staghounds p08

B21-3 Staghounds p01

B21-3 Staghounds p02

251/21 SdKfz 251/21 Ausf. D Drilling MG151 – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

“Past Revisited” episode three …..lol

251/21 Drilling ….. I did a few 251s in the past, must count em up one day. I’ve always wanted to do a “late” SPW company, the whole thing but with a few mods. The standard 251s would all be 251/23s, with the 20mm armoured car turret. 251/21 Drillings and 251/22 Pak40s would be in the heavy platoon. One day maybe ………


G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p01

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p02

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p03

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p04

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p05

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p06

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p07

3.7cm FlaK Mobelwagen – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

Another from the “Past Revisited” series. Sounds like something you’d find on the History channel doesn’t it …

Anyway, thought I’d make a luchtime post while I take a break and have some sammies and a cuppa.

To use its official designation it’s a ;
3.7cm FlaK auf Fahrgestell PanzerkampfwagenIV SdKfz 161/3 Mobelwagen (Furniturevan), from Cromwells 1/76th Combat Ready range.

I just love the original German descriptions for afvs and weapons, soooooo technical sounding lol


G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p01

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p02

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p03

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p04

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p05

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p06

Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm

A nice big piece of Soviet kit for a change, the IS-4M Heavy Tank.

The model is from the Cromwell Combat72 range. Assembly is pretty straight forward and the only things I’ve added are the descent grab rails and replacing the turret lifting lugs beacuse 1 had broken off. I’ll probably add a tow cable and maybe an IR searchlight …..


46sovr IS-4

IS-4 Heavy Tank

IS-4 w022

IS-4 w021

IS-4 w25

IS-4 w28

IS-4 w32

IS-4 w33

Krupp 12.8cm L/55 PaK44 (Panzerabwehrkanone) – Cromwell Models

Always thought this was one of the best looking AT guns ever made …..

Krupp Pak44

Another model I’ve had waiting to be finished for too long. A little more delicate than the simpler resin tanks this needs carefule clean up and assembly to ensure everythings straight and level.

There was a problem with the the hydraulic recoil buffers being being a little too short to line up with the top and bottom mountings. I’m not sure if this was something I did or a feature or it being a pre-release moulding (I’ve had it a while – the shame!). Anyway I added some rod and it was a pretty easy fix – just something to watch for.

Anyway after a little extra detailing, I added wheel jack handles, botton trunnion plates, shield stays amd a few linkages to the gun sight, it’s ready for it’s final weathering ……..


12-8cm Pak44 r1

Buffer problems and fix

PaK44 buffer
PaK44 buffer extension2

Assembled and basecoated

PaK44 w13
PaK44 w11
PaK44 w20PaK44 w21

Base camouflage added

PaK44 w040
PaK44 w041
PaK44 w042

Extra detailing

PaK44 w045
PaK44 w046
PaK44 w047

Part two of the build/paint is here …… https://houseofqueeg.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/krupp-12-8cm-l55-pak44-panzerabwehrkanone-cromwell-models-p2/

Project ’46 Grill30 – 30.5cm L/16 Morser ‘Bar’ (Bear) – Cromwell Models wip1

One of a few catch up post as we’ve been dealing with a serious family illness over the xmas break.

I’ve had the Bar on the bench for a while and I got a little stuck with it. I wasn’t sure about the scheme as it’s such a big vehilce. Well I’m back on track now after deciding to add a few things, details similar to the E-75 to busy it up a little and a rear spade and lifting jib to take care of ammo loading and recoil.

The build was pretty easy as the parts count is low with most of teh kit being taken uop with the bulk of the main hull and tracks. I gave the gun working elevation by clamping it in place and and drilling through the whole assembly. I put in a pin and sealed and filled each end hole.


30-5cm Bar Morser 000
Bar30 w010
Bar30 w050 camo

Base paint going on

Bar30 w020
Bar30 w030
Bar30 w040

Basic paint completed

Bar30 w050
Bar30 w051

Lifting jib and rear spade – workable! Still got to add chains and hook.

Bar30 w061
Bar30 w062
Bar30 w060

Project ’46 E-75 mit 12.8cm KwK80 L/55 – Cromwell Models Combat72

Finally finished this yesterday after progress has slowed a bit due to some family stuff.

Destined for our Project ’46 wargaming collection this is an E-75 12.8cm from the Cromwell Models Combat72 range. I’ve added a few extra details cause that’s what I like to do and which include;

– gun cleaning rod tube
– jack and wooden jack block
– track guard hull bolt mounts
– aerials for the FuG8 and FuG5 radios
– gun manlet armoured cover
– gun mantlet lifting block
– pioneer tools (axe, sledge hammer, fire extinguisher and pry bar)
– IR solution B suite (commander/gunners slaved viewer and projector plus drivers unit)
– engine deck ventilation screens
– turret mounted temporary foliage mounting kit (studs and fixing wires)
– tow cables and towing eyes
– rear mounted IR slave battery box

Anyway, now on to the next couple …… the Grille30 and the PaK44.


E-75 header 000 px1200

E-75 071 1100
E-75 072 1100
E-75 074 1100
E-75 073 1100
E-75 075 1200
E-75 077 1400
E-75 075  1400

E-75 080 cu

E-75 075cu

E-75 Project ’46 wip3 – Cromwell 20mm

Got my small drills yesterday so I could start adding details to some of the things in the queue.
Added electrical cables to the IR gear and the mounting studs and wires for the temporary foliage camouflage system on the turret. Also added tac number decals and painted temporary campaign markings on the barrel. A bit of tidying up and then it should be ready for some final pics ….


E-75 w67 1100
E-75 w68 1100