1/48th Wargaming Aircraft

Just for a change of pace …..

Must be on some sort of nostalgia trip as I’m trolling through my hard drives sorting out old pics and projects. Here’s a bunch of 1/48th aircraft (20 years old or more) that we use for airwargaming and over table support for our ground games. Due to their age they’ve had some hard use and have the odd bit missing. Like everything else I do they’re brush painted and because back then I knew nothing about laying down decals the edges are a little silvered in places.

However after digging out these pics I must admit I’m feeling the itch to make another aircraft soon ……


Spitfire 485-0

FW 190D-000

ME109F - Priller


ME109 - Galland-1



ME109F - Molders-1

Spitfie V-1

Aziz the Mad Bomber and his Triplane “Kırmızı Seytan” – Pulp Airwargaming

Winged wargaming madness.

The spiffing Red Triplane “Red Devil” piloted by Aziz the Mad Bomber ….. Self proclaimed air ace, Herder of chickens, part-time Dynamite aficionado ….. holder of the Adana Kebabi award for eating while running and most famously known for air dropping a Tajine of bag-cured eels on the British Consulates Roadster during the notorious Bay of Fish incident.

A cheapo Smer 1/48th kit with Reaper pilot finished for air-wargaming with the whole project costing about 15 bucks. The colour scheme is made up and to be honest I don’t really think Aziz is cleared on rotaries.

I have a few pulp style WW1 aircraft built up with air-wargaming in mind that I haven’t posted yet and we {my brother and I) tend not to take these things too seriously – the bonus being that finishing them like this is stress free modelling at its highest.



Aziz -  000

Aziz - 012

Aziz - 010

Aziz - 014

Aziz - 016

Aziz - 018

Aziz - 020

Aziz - 022

Aziz - 024

Aziz mb

Airco DH2 – 1/48th Smer WW1 Airwargaming / Pulp and Victorian Sci-fi

Introducing Major Willy Handcock and his trusty DH2 “Saucy Sally the 3rd”. Victor of 10 aerial jousts, survivor of multiple landing accidents, Hero of the Croydon Ladies Speed Crochet Club and holder of the highly coveted award “Largest Naturally Grown Radish” at the annual Hampton Downs Spring Fete.

It’s an El-Cheapo Smer 1/48th Airco DH2 with Copplestone 28mm pilot built for a bit of fun “pulp style” airwargaming, using our own “Knights of the Sky” rule set.


Airco DH2 test4
dh2-04 1200
dh2-02 1200
dh2-05 1200
dh2-06 1200
dh2-07 1200
dh2-03 1200

And as usual a few wip shots, just to prove that I didn’t buy it at Woolworths.

DH2 w-1
DH2 w-4