Project ’46 E-75 mit 12.8cm KwK80 L/55 – Cromwell Models Combat72

Finally finished this yesterday after progress has slowed a bit due to some family stuff.

Destined for our Project ’46 wargaming collection this is an E-75 12.8cm from the Cromwell Models Combat72 range. I’ve added a few extra details cause that’s what I like to do and which include;

– gun cleaning rod tube
– jack and wooden jack block
– track guard hull bolt mounts
– aerials for the FuG8 and FuG5 radios
– gun manlet armoured cover
– gun mantlet lifting block
– pioneer tools (axe, sledge hammer, fire extinguisher and pry bar)
– IR solution B suite (commander/gunners slaved viewer and projector plus drivers unit)
– engine deck ventilation screens
– turret mounted temporary foliage mounting kit (studs and fixing wires)
– tow cables and towing eyes
– rear mounted IR slave battery box

Anyway, now on to the next couple …… the Grille30 and the PaK44.


E-75 header 000 px1200

E-75 071 1100
E-75 072 1100
E-75 074 1100
E-75 073 1100
E-75 075 1200
E-75 077 1400
E-75 075  1400

E-75 080 cu

E-75 075cu

E-75 Project ’46 wip3 – Cromwell 20mm

Got my small drills yesterday so I could start adding details to some of the things in the queue.
Added electrical cables to the IR gear and the mounting studs and wires for the temporary foliage camouflage system on the turret. Also added tac number decals and painted temporary campaign markings on the barrel. A bit of tidying up and then it should be ready for some final pics ….


E-75 w67 1100
E-75 w68 1100

Airfix 1/48th Land Rover Snatch – wip2

More progress with the Land Rover …..

Primed as normal with rattlecan Tamiya Enamel (XF-3) and basecoated with my current Desert British acrylic paint mix.
Lightened it by adding a little tan and white to the desert yellow and blending the up surfaces and centres of panels.

Looked up the internets for references. There aren’t alot but enough to get siome idea of possible variations in the colours of wheel guards, front grill, window surrounds and small parts. All in service photos show attached Barracude camo netting on the main body and doors but like zimmeritt on most WW2 german tanks kits, you’ll have to add your own (i’m not going to on this build).

It’ll get shading, weathering and decals before adding the window glass …. which has to be masked off before matt varnishing.


Snatch 020
Snatch 031
Snatch 040
Snatch 041

And like magic … it got shading, decals, light fading and dusting. Also added the aerial and ECM suite.
Finally sprayed with matt varnish and then fitted the glass which got a light dusting.
Finished and ready for some decent pics ……

Snatch 060
Snatch 061

Airfix 1/48th Land Rover Snatch – wip1

Built up most of the Land Rover Snatch today. The roof and doors will be left off until the interior has been painted and detailed with the glass going in last.

Pretty nice build and no issues apart from a bit of flash to clean up. This was the first kit Airfix released in the Operation Herric series and the mould is already starting to show a little wear resulting in the flash.

However this is still a very tidy little kit and I’m surprised it hasn’t made more of an impact with modellers. It’s a great base for extra detailling, perhaps it’s only the lack of aftermarket 1/48th figures that is holding it back. It has optional open rear, side doors and bonnet with a reasonable engine to display and some rear compartment interior detail.


Snatch 010
Snatch 012
Snatch 014
Snatch 016
Snatch 018

Desert DPM – Airfix 1/48 Operation Herrick vehicle crew

Didn’t make a lot of progress today but managed a start on painting the Jackal crew.
It’s my first shot at painting modern desert DPM, or any modern uniform cam for that matter.

Took a bit of mixing to get the colours right but I’m pretty happy with it as a base for shading over.
On the next crew set I might try one in the new multicam uniform and maybe one with a mix of desert and woodland DPM.
Just for fun ……..


Airfix Jackal Crew w25
Airfix Jackal Crew w26
Airfix Jackal Crew w27

Fitting Airfix 1/48th Modern Crew figures to the Supercat Jackal

Ok, didn’t assemble vehicles today. I decided I’d have a stab at fitting the new Airfix vehicle crew into the Jackal. Straight forward enough task I thought, after all, they’re made specifically for them right?

Well …… the day turned into a battle of Queeg vrs Airfix. It was a nasty battle, full of cunning tricks and surprising traps that the Airfix design team had hidden in the crew box disguised as being suitable for ages 14 and above.

I suppose I made things more difficult for myself by doing some improvements to the figures by scribing undercuts around the web gear and cuffs, basically anywhere that would improve the sharpness of the mouldings. I also pinned the heads.

After scribing I assembled the driver and placed him in his seat, the seat that was faithfully glued into position following the instructions and using the thoughtfully provided location tab and slot. Good one Airfix – you got me. First blood to them as I fell for their trap. The driver doesn’t fit. His feet won’t touch the pedals, his hands won’t touch the steering wheel, not even close.

Score : Airfix 1 – Queeg 0

Drivers position as supplied …..

Airfix Jackal Crew w11
Airfix Jackal Crew w12

Now I’m used to problems fitting crew figures into vehicles but these things were designed by the same company to work together. They’re not some brand-x aftermarket set. Bad Airfix – shame on you.

The fix, rip out the seat using needle-nose pliers. I glued the driver to the seat so I had a fixed datum point and and temporarily fitted the front bumper and steering wheel. I put a piece of bluetack under the seat and simultaneously juggled his position, the angle of the steering wheel and the angle of his arms. Tricky, but the good news is that you can get him to fit. I’ll paint the driver in his seat out of the Jackal and when I do the final fitting I’ll use a greenstuff block under the seat so that I can fine tune it and when happy with it just leave it to set. You won’t be able to see it so it’s a good option for allowing fine tuning.

Score : Airfix 1 – Queeg 1

A close fought battle but I got a result in the end. Looking at reference pictures of the Jackal The seats look much lower. I suspect that like all car seats, there’s an amount of vertical and horizontal adjustment in them to allow for different sized drivers. Airfix may have used drawings with the seats im max back “stored” or the factory assembled position.

Here’s the new drivers position ……

Airfix Jackal Crew w13

Next up was the gunner. Ripping out the seat was the first step. I assembled the gunner and fitted his machine gun and swinging arm mount to the bumper so I could test the fit. He’s posed with his right arm resting draped over the stock of the mg. Fine in theory but the heights dont work. To get the MG butt under his arm you have to angle the gun up. The mount only allows horizontal adjustment though, if you glue it level it’s way too high. So I bent the mount down a little. Now the butt goes under his arm but there’s a huge air gap under the gunners armpit. It looks unnatural and uncomfortable.

Score : Airfix 2 – Queeg 1

So I loosened everthing up and twisted and juggled. The mount came off, the gun came off, I got steadily more pissed off. The problem is that you can’t really fix the gun until you’re sure of the position. And then it sags when you move it because it’s not glued properly. Basically trial fit, rinse and repeat until you’re close. Even now there’s still some tuning to do which I’m hoping I can do using the greenstuff block when the gunner gets his final fitting after painting. It’s not perfect but it is a wargaming vehicle and not a static display model. If it was I’d have to up my game a little more.

Score : Airfix 2 – Queeg 2

Final (more or less) driver and gunner positions ….

Airfix Jackal Crew w14

Airfix Jackal Crew w15

Airfix Jackal Crew w16

Lastly I tackled the top turret gunner. A quick test fit showed a few issues, he’s either a little short for the weapon mount or the weapon mount is too high. Also the gun but is right in his face and I mean right in there, touching. There’s a couple of possible fixes. The gunners legs a quite splayed, narrowing his stance would raise him a little or you could lower the weapon mount a fraction. I did the latter and it’s barely noticable. I also cut off the rear optical gun sight and moved it forward giving him some breathing space. Not major issues granted but still a little annoying. I’ll change both gunners arms next time as I’m not really happy with either pose ….. and for a little needed variety.

So final score? A draw in the end ….. more work than I’d like or there should be but they look quite good in place.

Score : Airfix 3 – Queeg 3

Airfix Jackal Crew w17
Airfix Jackal Crew w18

Airfix 1/48th Supercat HMT400 Jackal – wip1

Started production of the Airfix moderns on my to do list today.
Didn’t really intend to build one, just make a start. That was the plan ………

Anyway it started going together easily so I pressed on. 3 and a half hours later I had a 90% finished Jackel. The front bumper/cabin and rear aerial mount are removeable for painting (and to properly fit the crew which must be done before fitting the roll cage) and I wont add the weapons either until it’s finished.

So basically 1 down and 3 to go.

As for the build itself, it started easily. the Airfix plastic is soft whcih makes it easy to remove the fine parts without breakage (unlike Dragons fine parts which snap while looking at them) and there’s no flash on the mouldings. There’s a lot of fairly fine parts though so if you want any of these kits get some and stash em away now, as when the moulds wear a little any flash will make them a bear to clean up. There are some ejector pin holes too, but they are reasonably fine and easy to remove, the hardest part is remembering to chack for them.

As the build got to the rear of the vehicle things got more tricky. Some of the parts require careful alignment and checking to get everything squared up. Not hard but it’s not a kit for a complete beginner either …..

Easy to work plastic, crisp moulding with no flash. Pretty good detail as supplied, Really looks the part.

Fit a little vague in places esp when fitting the rear half of the vehicle, a few fine parts to be careful with, moulded on net is stupid looking, weapons are ok at best and some ammo boxes have sink marks, no stowage provided.


Airfix Moderns - wip000Airfix Jackel1 w010
Airfix Jackel1 w011
Airfix Jackel1 w012
Airfix Jackel1 w013
Airfix Jackel1 w021
Airfix Jackel1 w022
Airfix Jackel1 w023

M2A2 Bradley IFV – 1/50th Empress Miniatures

Finally finished this up today …… the 28mm Empress Miniatures (ex Imprint Models) Bradley.

Ok the actual scale is 1/50th, probably chosen by teh manufacturer to fit in the the diecast gaming vehicles of Solido and Dinky. But as it’s in between 1/46th and 1/56th its usable with figures and vehicles of both scales.

A few extra details were added (wip pics in an earlier post) and it took me some time to get the colour right as this is my first large scale US modern. While still missing a few things and being a little soft on detail in places it still scrubbed up quite well and looks superb on the gaming table. Also gotta admit that the more moderns I do the more I enjoy them. Probably a large touch of nostalgia as our first 2 complete wargame armies were ’90s GHQ modern micro armour, US and Warpact. Geee I wish we still had those ……..

Anyway brush painted with GW acrylics over enamel primer as usual. Decals came from a 1/35th Academy M113 (danger – mini rant – wish manufacturers of gaming vehicles would stock/supply decals for their vehicles). Troops are modern Kiwis from the Skirmish Sangin range, not painted by me unfortunately, I just have them on hand to take pics of them for their website.

As an aside I’m just about to start a stash of Airfix British modern vehicles for the owner of the Bradley who’s gonna be using all this stuff with our tidied-up (ie spelling mistakes fixed and coffee stained pages reprinted) in-house Fire Team Skirmish rules. So more moderns on the way ……….


EMP Bradley - 000 1250px

Empress M3A2 Bradley - 10 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 11 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 12 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 13 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 14 1100px
Empress M3A2 Bradley - 15 1100px

Project ’46 wip – Entwicklung E-75 12.8cm Heavy Tank “TigerIII”

I’m currently working through some long term wips including a couple of my 20mm Project ’46 tanks.
Been making pretty good progess on my Cromwell Models E-75. It didn’t start too well though as I’ve repainted it a couple fo times as firstly the camo went wrong and secondly I wasn’t happy with the colours I used for the red-oxide.

Not happy with it I put it to one side and the other day I accidentally came across some pics of a 1/35th E-75 by Adam Wilder.
So I went back to basics got the base colour right and went from there ….

It’s now about 3/4 done I guess. I’m waiting for some superfine drills to be delivered as I broke my last one. Then I can add the power cables for the IR viewers and some foliage attachment studs and wiring to the turret. Some markings, weathering and pigments and then its ready for the table ……


E-75 128mm w60 1100
E-75 128mm w61 1100
E-75 128mm w62 1100
E-75 128mm w63 1100
E-75 128mm w64 1100

E-75 128mm w66 cu900

Some of the wip pics ….. as you can see I had to add a few details (couldn’t help myself lol).

German E-75 r1

E-75 128mm w31 900
E-75 128mm w51 900
E-75 128mm w52 900
E-75 128mm w53 900

Empress Miniatures Bradley, Chieftain Models Scimitar and Cromwell Challenger – Modern wips

Working on a few moderns at the moment, 2x 1/56th – an Empress Miniatures M3A2 Bradley plus a Chietain Models Scimitar and a 1/72nd Cromwell Challenger 1 (ODS).

Matching the modern desert colours has proved an interesting challenge to say the leaat.
The US and UK colours have distinct shades but vary widley in reference photos depending on the ambient light.
There are also obvious factory applied colours difference between the different vehicle types.
The upshot is I repainted the Bradley and Scimiatr three times until I got shades I was happy with …….


Progress so far ……….

mod mx w010
mod mx w012
mod mx w022
mod mx w020

Empress Bradley ……

emp brad 020
emp brad 022
emp brad 032
emp brad 030
emp brad 042
emp brad 040

Warlord Games 1/56th Cromwell MkIV

Recently finished wargaming vehicle, a 1/56th resin and white metal Cromwell MkIV from Warlord Games.

Pretty straightforward build (theres only 14 parts) although I did have to dremel some material out from inside the tracks guards. It was way too high as supplied so removed material to get the tracks up inside the guards and it sitting closer to the height show in photos and profile drawings.

It’s brush painted as usual, undercoat being Humbrol green and the finshing coats and weathering done with GW acrylics.
I hand painted the allied stars but robbed a Tamiya Cromwell for the tac codes and unit markings. I do wish wargaming kits would come with decals included ……. worthwile paying a few extra bucks for as you have to source them from elsewhere and pay anyway!


WG Crowmell 000 1100

Wg cr210 1000
Wg cr212 1000
Wg cr213 1000
Wg cr214 1000
Wg cr215 1000

And a few wips ………..

WG Cromwell w010
WG Cromwell w040
WG Cromwell w060
WG Cromwell w070