JTFM Tortoise, Boarhound and Staghound – wip2

Base primer ….

Been battling with the Ersatz M10 project (having problems with bubbles and fit) so splashed some primer on a few things for a break. The JTFM vehicles are part of a 1946 themed project and are in the very early stages of the builds. Primered with Humbrol, the next step is to work on some detailing. Also going to replace the wheels on the Staghound with a set off the Boarhound to improve it’s look and sit. I may also adjust the gun lengths a bit too, while I like big guns as much as the next person the 17pdr on the Boarhound is bigger than the 32pdr on the Tortoise. Early days ….



6 comments on “JTFM Tortoise, Boarhound and Staghound – wip2

    • Hey Richard,

      yeah I’ve always liked them too. As for background I’ll have to go to my notes to get the exact details but they originally requested as an assault tank to tackle the Siegfried line much the same as the T95 was. As the final collapse in Europe went a bit quicker than expected they weren’t finished in time to see any action. Post war 6ish were finally completed and shipped over for trials by BAOR as late as 47-48 I believe.


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