PSC Panzer IVs – Plastic Soldier Company 1/72nd quick builds wip1

PSC PzIVs . . .

Picked these up recently for a build to replace some old Britannia Panzer IVs that unfortunately needed a bit too much work to make the old girls look presentable. These guys are certainly quick, made this one in about an hour, approx the time it took to assemble one Sherman or Pershing suspension set.

I haven’t really done anything to this guy apart from drill out the muzzle brake and thin down the turret shurzen. I’ve got a unit of 6 to make (for an Ozzie friend) and they’ll probably all get slightly different detailing, enough so that they look different but still have that unit feel. Anyway if you’re after any quick wargaming reinforcements (x3 to a box) and don’t like building full kits these guys would fit the bill nicely and as a plus they should take paint nicely …..


ps a shout out to PSCs customer service, these blokes turned up about a week and a half after ordering !!!!

psc pzivh 001 1024

psc pzivh 002 1300

psc pzivh 040 1024

psc pzivh 041 1024