Sturmgeschutz Ausf.G – Tamiya 1/48th Stug III

Starting to catch up with the pic processing of things I’ve finished over xmas now that I have a working pc again. So heres a couple of wargaming Tamiya Stugs built OOB except for the addition of Black Dog stowage, some MGs from the Tamiya Panzer Grenadier figure boxed set and a little fender and side skirt damage. Brush painted with GW acylics over an enamel primer.


st grp2
st grp1
st grp3




Mayan Apocalypse . . . NZ style.

Well no Mayan Apocalypse as predicted …. and I know why. Because over xmas we took one for the team here in NZ. Yes, so you all could enjoy your pink gins and cucumber sammies we suffered through our own mini version of the apocalypse, so that no one else had to. At least that’s my story anyway. Here’s a sampling of the fun times we’ve had down here at Queeg HQ.

December 12 : Washing machine suffers catastrophic control system meltdown, much smoke, screeching and water leakage. Clothing is washed in the bath for a few days as a replacement is sourced and credit accounts emptied. On a plus note the new machine is quite shiny and makes a lot less smoke and noise than the old one.

December 16 : House PC makes crunching sounds and fails to boot up. A little disappointing as all my HOQ-biz pictures and contact info is on it. Not a total loss however as cunningly I have a backup pc out in the painting studio. The plan “B” is to temporarily move that inside until I can steal money to fix the main pc.

December 17 : Backup pc fails to start. I suffer my first minor doubts over plan “B” and spend an hour or two crying in the garden. Kicking the machine fails to help and I now begin to think it’s mocking me in it’s silence. It’s official, I hate PC’s.

December 21 : Mayan end of the world date. Yup, I should have stayed in bed and sat this day out. Stumbled out to the kitchen to make my wake up coffee. Standing at the bench in that half-aware morning funk, it took me some time to realise that my bunny slippers were getting wet. Looking down expecting to see the cats water dish overturned, the amount of water flooding the kitchen floor gave me a new insight into why Noah made his ark. An hour of sopping up later it appeared that my 42 year old hot water cylinder had finally given up the will to live and dropped it’s arse out all over my kitchen floor. I suppose it’s demise was inevitable, but it’s timing could have been a little better. On the bright side the bank agreed to fund a replacement if I promised to sign over my soul and lie about my ability to repay the mortgage extension, and the new cylinder is very shiny and warm and leaks a lot less water than the old one …..

And now I have a temporary pc so the xmas disasters are almost all forgotten. Being plugged back into the net again is almost like winning the lottery and so while I’m still flushed with the excitement of partially working technology I think I better make a few “make up” posts ……. got a few forums to catch up on too if I can remember the logon passwords : )


A few project piccies, more detailed posts to follow soon ……

Foundry Russians

Foundry Napoleonic British artillery crew

Tamiya 1/48th Stugs

48 group2
Tamiya 1/48th SdKfz222, SdKfz250/3, MarderIII and PzIII

Project ’46 stuff – Tamiya 1/48th TigerII and Dragon 1/72nd PantherF

Revell 1/35th Jagdpanzer IV

Deathwing Landraider

1/16 Maybach HL230 P45 (Tiger to follow lol)

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