Commissions ……. and Cancer 2

Update …..

A bit of an update from the last month. Leias had a difficult time with the initial treatment going pretty well but only having 2 days at home before developing both pneumonia and a very serious lung infection which required being isolated in ICU for a week. Partially recovered she had another trip up to Starship for more Lumbar Chemo and Bone Marrow tests. And upon returning shes fighting another infection in her good lung. As can be imagined she is very tired and weakened but fighting to improve.

Through all of this Leia has been a real trooper, remaining very positive and coping in a way well beyond her year and we are all very very proud of her !!!!

Finally a shout out to the Hastings Childrens Ward staff, Starship Childrens Hospital staff and Ambulance and Air Ambulance staff and finally CCF and Canteen who have been so helpful and supportive towards Leia – we are and continue to be very grateful.

Brent and Family (mum Cherrie, Jarrod, Chani and cats Ozzy, Zazz and Leias new kitten Midge)

Leias Cancer beads of Courage …. she gets one per procedure or special event.

Leia in ICU …… Doc Dad and Nurse Chani plus The Hair Must Go

Air Ambulance Transfers …. with Air medic Kelvin and Pilot Sam

Starship Childrens Hospital ….. View plus Leias Gift Quilt from the Childrens Cancer Foundation (CCF) and her Angry Kat Pillow πŸ™‚

A Final Word from Kermit
… snapped at Auckland Zoo during a day out before starting chemotherapy for the first time

Packaging AFV models for Shipping

Packaging fun ….

So while shipping off several large commission vehicle groups recently I thought it might be interesting and/or useful to show how I go about packaging up my vehicles for shipping.

Anyone purchasing a made up or completed kit has two things they should consider, firstly they have a right to expect their purchase to arrive well packaged, safe and undamaged, secondly what they’ve purchased is a fragile item and incredibly difficult to package to achieve the first requirement.

For the sender the issues include how to physically pack the item safely but also the realisation that they have absolutely no control over the handling during the delivery process, and this is the major point for all to accept, both customer and sender have zero control over how the item is handled during shipping.

While most parts of the mailing/postal process is designed for reasonable care and most individuals involved are very helpful and as careful as time allows, we’ve all seen Utube vidoes of parcels being tossed about like footballs in the rain. Also while applying “this way up” and “fragile” labels might give some peace of mind there is no requirement in the industry to follow such labels, as stacking density is the primary goal of shipment.

So for myself I package my vehicles based on the assumptions that the package will be knocked, dropped and shipped upside down. Another side issue many purchasers might not realise is the time and process involved in packing up, with a large order regularly taking 3 or more hours to completely pack and this time and materials often aren’t charged for as part of the job. All of this is done to the best of my ability but even then the shipping part of a commission is usually the part with the most worry involved as the full combined time, effort and value of the project is now passed on and transits completely out of your control.

Basic process

The vehicle is protected with foam where small projections such as MGs require it and wrapped with layers of tissue. Sometimes items such as turrets are removed are packaged separately.

Sub package
The wrapped vehicles are secured to a foam-core base and fixed down with double sided tape. At this stage the wrapped vehicles can be tipped and shaken and still remain fixed in their wrapping and to the base.

Box fill
Although secured to the base the vehicles are covered with foam beads (bean bag fill). Vertical foam-core risers create compartments and provide protection against top crushing. The compartments and beads work to prevent the vehicles from coming loose if the package is shipped upside down.

Most packages receive a top layer of foam-core and sometimes either interior side or external side cladding is also added to provide extra stiffness if the main box requires it. The box is completely taped to waterproof it and printed labels attached and sealed under tape.


28mm Vehicle Packaging










Land Raider Packaging





20mm Vehicle Packaging







Cat Help ….. not !


Updated …. Modern Transport Box.
Not permanent transport case as it was just for a one-off transport to a convention. The foam-core insert comes out and the vehicles sit into recesses that stop them sliding around. With better sides and top the base would work to transport vehicles around as long as they aren’t tipped up over about 30o.



Commissions ……. and Cancer

Two C words …..

It is with some regret that I have to announce that after I finish the current few commissions I won’t be taking on any more for the foreseeable future. I will be maintaining the blog and still modelling but due to a bunch of reasons, some me and some out of my control, I am unable to concentrate enough to finish commission work in the timely and professional manner they deserve.

Why? Well for many years I have had a series of health issues including the ups and downs of dealing with depression. Last year I got a very serious infection and this took most of the year to control and get on top of. As I’ve dealt with my own issues commissions have been delayed, far more than they should have and this is unacceptable going forward, mentally for me but more importantly for my long suffering customers, many of whom are friends. More relevant and serious than my minor problems however is the recent diagnosis of my 12 year old daughter Leia with Cancer. She has been ill for some time and it has taken the better part of 5 months to get the health department here in NZ to take it seriously enough and get specialists involved, fortunately (hopefully not too late) things have moved very fast ever since.

I don’t wax on about personal life much (if at all) here on the blog or in any public forum but I feel Leia deserves to know how much we love and support her – she’s been a real trooper and dealt with the situation and possible outcomes in a much better way than I have or would. So my decision, a difficult one in some ways would you believe, is to be there to give her (and with the rest of the tribe) the extra time and support she deserves ….. Lele this is for you babe πŸ™‚

Q – Brent

Off to Starship Childrens Hospital …. look out staff !!!!



Empress Miniatures – T90A conversion wip15 and Navy Combat Divers

A little more …

Small steps closer to finishing. Base weathering started and crews greenstuffed and base painted.


And a bit of fun. As a change from basic black I decided to paint the Empress Navy Divers up as French Commandos from Operation Pork Pie. So officially they are French Commandos, disguised as Navy Seals, disguised as retro French Oceanographers, and all to try and fool the NZ Police Force (which they failed at by the way). Now I need a few 28mm Zodiacs ….





My Love Hate relationship with “Modelling” forums ….

Yeah, yeah …. I know, first world problems …

Grrrr just a rant that’s been building for some time so feel free to ignore and look at the nice pictures. My New Years resolution was also not to suffer fools by staying silent when someone’s trolling an audience by sounding all experty n stuff because if no one speaks their view the rubbish being put forward becomes internet and RL fact. By the way I will ramble to so if you read on prepare to be obfuscated and confused.

Forums. Firstly I know you have no control over them and sometimes as little control over your own responses in them when irritated. And forums have a cycle of topics and posters, stay around in your favourite ones long enough and you’ll see things get loved and bashed and then loved again. I have three or four forums I frequent, that to be fair to them I do know cater 99% to modellers or shelf kit builders as I term them. So I shouldn’t get my back up when Wargamers get tarred for crap kits, the rise of 1946 over genuine subjects and the Reichstag Fire. I also go through periods where I lurk, don’t post or comment and my personal reason for this is pretty much that I often don’t feel I have much to contribute or to drive either technical discussions or the forums forward. I don’t do months of deep or primary research, I don’t correct an 18 bolt wheel to a 16 bolt one, I don’t correct a 52o slope to the correct 56o one and I don’t do dioramas.

So why do you to them go I can hear you screaming now. A couple of reasons. Firstly the forums I’ve stuck with are generally the ones I started posting on when I first ventured out into the modelling interweb and so feel they deserve a bit of support, even if it’s only through traffic. And I do annoy the regulars occasionally by posting my gaming tat if I think it’s good enough. Actually I feel for all the work in detailing I can generally produce something with my paint that more often than not gives an equal or sometimes more favourable overall impression of the subject than having the correct tool box locks on a build will.

Secondly there are some great and generous people to that I’ve met through forums, in fact the majority try to get along or are at least reasonable when voicing opinions and “assistance”. This can make forums a fun and worthwhile experience.

Lastly I do really enjoy seeing the detail builds, technical discussions and superb ideas and paintwork. I learn from them and despite what “real” modellers” think, do try to incorporate as much improvement in my work as practical, given the budget, end use and probably most significant – the time constraints. The consensus term is rivet counters for the detail obsessed but that isn’t fair or accurate. Sometimes a person has a singular in depth knowledge of a particular subject, that’s fantastic but I don’t have the time or reference material to specialise in that way, nor to be honest the inclination. My interests are way too varied but I can learn and take what I can from their far better knowledge or experience. I’ve also seen detailers (how’s that for a PC and Friendly SJW term) getting an uncalled for bashing for their approach (without which we often wouldn’t know when things are wrong or how to improve them) and a stouch then inevitably breaks out between them and the OOB/fun building crowd, with each not able to appreciate what the other brings to the hobby.

So what’s pushed my rant button then? As I mentioned it’s been building. The last 2 years probably I’ve found the web forums a far less friendly and generally more polarised place than previously. People are tense and ready to diss others views at the drop of a pin, don’t know whether it’s more life pressures recently or people getting older and crotchier but “go time” is set to “on” and just waiting for a manufacturers release to set two sides up for a handbag throwing debate. And this in a time where there’s so many new kits and of niche subjects that I really can’t understand how manufacturers are making money on some releases but I do know we should be at least partly grateful for the bounty.

Anyway my back is getting bent firstly by the “hate and don’t understand” 1946 modelling crowd. Ok also some 1946 supporters too, both sides seems to bring out a red rag instead of an “oh that’s nice” or an ignore. Bring up a new 46 release and those who hate it just can’t help themselves and stay out of the thread. Likewise get Panzer 46 and Fantasy 46 mixed up and you’re likely to become banished to glueless modelling limbo, shunned by both real prototype and real 46 modellers. Ignore if you don’t like the subject, comment if you do. Geeze such a simple formula you’d think, just like all baby food. I did think about waging a crusade of hate against Tankettes. I mean they’re like 46 models right? They don’t really make any sense in the real world? Or Thornycroft pre ’39 Lorries. What’s modelling those about then, why release a kit of that when another perfectly serviceable kit of a Tiger or Panther could be made – good point right? Bollocks it is. For me anyone that’s likes a subject should just have fun and/or get some enjoyment and satisfaction out of it. I can appreciate well built Tankettes or lorries, even if they aren’t my subject of choice. But do you think they could ignore ’46 stuff … it would appear not.

Then there’s the “Real” and “Serious” modellers versus Wargaming Children. Yup, this has been trotted out several times over the last year and it just won’t die. It seems that Wargamers are to blame for the rise of tatty quick build kits and any shortcomings a company likes to push is because it must beΒ aimed at the Wargaming crowd. Hmmmm ….. No. But let me work this one over a bit. There are companies that cater mostly if not entirely to Wargamers. Great, I buy occasionally from them if the subject is good enough or unique. They don’t hide who their market is, nor do they try to appeal overly to shelf builders, except maybe again if the unique category gets ticked. But to compare their stuff to, and then get ticked off when it isn’t up to shelf building standard, is like me complaining about a rugby ball having two pointed ends when I only play soccer. WTF?

The fall of Dragon is one of my … not beefs, but definite disappointments and is related. Going from genuine “Armour Pro” releases to simplified mouldings, one piece track and wheel assemblies is definitely a direction I don’t like. But as an aside to that, a recent “discussion” from “Real” modellers asserted that that approach was ok as long as the base vehicle shape was good. Real modellers were always going to replace the tracks anyway and apparently always correct everything, so to expect a kit to be detailed and serviceable out of the box was a bit to much to be asking. This was their argued viewpoint, seems oddly opposite to what you’d think their view would be right?. Also said view was snidely backed up in several subsequent threads whenever the opportunity presented itself too. Funny men. Now however a Wargaming Kit producer has released a quick build that must be a subject that was badly wanted in kit form due to the spotlight threads it has received. Admittedly I think the company took a few accuracy liberties. Ok they were lazy and didn’t bother to get some of general shapes or details right. And apparently expert help has been offered before and cheerfully ignored as a matter of course. So who cares right. Well apparently “real” modellers. Because the gaming kit company was lazy it’s the fault of Wargamers that their product isn’t up to snuff. Because we don’t give a toss what things look like. A truck that has a cross on it is good enough to be a German one to all Wargamers – apparently. Well not apparently, they were stated “facts” about Wargamers as well as them being like children. It’s Wargamers fault that kit release standards are slipping, Just so you know.

All this would be just wind and pee but the number of Wargamers that build kitsets in “20mm” 1/76th, OO/HO or 1/72nd isn’t that great. They exist sure and I know some avid 20mm gamers and collectors, but are they enough to make shelf kit manufacturers decline their quality and production standards? Are they battering down the doors of kit manufacturers, organising petitions and causing market paradigm shifts demanding pre-builds, die-casts and any kit – just get it out quick sharp? This with their mega dollars of hobby kitset expenditure …. ?

Um. Only in unicorn land I’m afraid ….

So will I continue to forum? Yeah sure. For the positive reasons I stated above, and yeah, there were some, go back and read it again πŸ™‚Β  What I’m making a conscious effort to do thoughΒ is to call BS and not back off, why should I when others won’t. And I’m not posting my Project ’46 stuff (or Wargaming dross) up on one forum in particular, maybe a few others too. I can’t be bothered ignoring the back handed snickering for one thing. Plus when I started my own Project ’46 about 10 or 11 years back it was to have an interest that “detailers” (see there’s that neat SJW term for them again) or shelf builders couldn’t call out as being inaccurate. It was stressless imaginerring for me and until recently many others seemed to appreciate it for what it was. But now as WOT has popularised “Paper Panzers” and “What if” 46 stuff it seems that we get a little more release anger spinoff each time a manufacturer wastes their time making 46 junk no one wants or understands when what they should really be doing is making Tankettes or Lorries ……

Rant over, resuming model building and enjoyment mode ……


ps If this doesn’t make any sense, it’s not my fault. Well it is, I’m blaming my lack of focus and education however and I did warn you I’d ramble πŸ™‚

Xmas and New Years Wishes – plus bonus E75 and T90 wip pics :)

Xmas and New Years Wishes ….

Firstly Xmas and New Years Wishes to both regular visitors and those who occasionally drop in or stumble in here by accident! I’d like to especially thank those who took the time to comment, I know it’s not easy to do so when browsing blogs and time is short but I do really appreciate it. Have fun over the next couple of weeks and equally importantly – stay safe, wherever you are located and especially if you are in harms way somewhere.

And yeah, same I guess to the ones I can’t shake off (family, friends close enough to insult me, pets and the Spawn of Flick (my kids) etc etc ).

It’s kinda fitting that the couple of pics posted are both Project ’46, which is a real passion that unfortunately I didn’t devote enough time to this year and 28mm Combined Arms Moderns, which has taken us in a new direction and at speed. The E-75 has had a few more details blue-tacked on and I crayoned some tac numbers onto the T90, both as a little xmas pressie to myself today.

Both of these projects should get a decent push next year along with some overdue customer stuff that my health very regrettably delayed for far too long and not to forget hopefully a few new/interesting projects thrown in also. So looking ahead 2017 should have a little something for everyone to look fwd too ……. have fun, stay safe and like and subscribe … oh wait … that’s utube ….

Brent / Q





HOQ Rule sets – Fire Team, Oscar Mike, World at War and SABOT

In-house rule sets and much more (well a little bit more) …..

Over the last few years we’ve slowly (very) been working on tidying up our various in-house rule sets. It started as a project to update them for ourselves but we also decided that if they tarted up ok we’d eventually make them all available to other gamers free (ie a donation if you feel like it). Recently while working with Empress on a Modern Battlegroup set (Oscar Mike) and totally unplanned, we snaked our way back to first principles gaming (ie no dice or tables games). The result was we ended up revising our core play combat systems. Very much for the better as it turns out as it’s really given our gaming and hobby a new impetus. Sooooo what are we working on …..?


Fire Team and Oscar Mike. Fire Team is our own set of 8-20 man modern skirmish rules with a dose of RPG elements thrown in (that’s Role Playing Game not Rocket Propelled Grenade!). It was basically finished and had been pretty well tested but is now being re-vamped with our new combat system which greatly simplifies things but still allows for detail where it’s wanted. That and the lure of making a “Syrian-Modern” style destroyed city terrain board has generated some excitement again.

Oscar Mike is a Battlegroup sized rule set we’re working on with the Lads at Empress and is aimed at 1-2 platoons and 6-8 vehicles a side, although it scales up and down easily. As this is a collaborative set it, and any supplements, will eventually be available (hopefully middish 2017) from Empress Miniatures once play-testing is complete and assuming it’s successful too …. πŸ™‚



World at War (working title lol) is a Platoon-Company sized WW2 game. Originally just set in Western Europe we’ve been using and tweaking our WW2 rules for over 30years of gameplay. Oddly this was our rule set we were most happy with as it always matched up to the thousands of books and combat accounts digested. However the new combat system plays so well that even this has gotten a re-write to use that as it’s core. The equipment lists are currently being expanded to cover most of the middle to late war.

Sabot is our Tank vrs Tank tabletop RPG game. Again this is getting a dose of the new combat system and a focus on making the gameplay a little easier (some features were nice but needed tech to speed up the play which is beyond our resources) and with more focus on crew development and skills progression.

We’ll probably convert Fire Team to the WW2 setting as well so allowing a man focused small WW2 skirmish game in the style of the Commando comics we loved so much.


Sci-fi Fantasy

Just pure funsies here. We grew up playing Space Opera and Traveller and have a deep love of sci-fi. Upon hitting upon our new combat system it’s opened up Sci-fi gaming for us again as being able to be both simple but with depth, so it’s all ahead with the rules. The front end is done and allows any type of sci-fi troop type you can think of to be easily created with simple and relative stats. Races that can be created include from a few base values include Hordes (Tyranid, Alien and Arachnid types) creatures, Warrior races (think Klingons, Proxims and Krogans), Alphans, Human Planetary Forces, Heinlein inspired Power-Armoured Assault Troopers (gee I wonder were the idea for “space-marines and terminators came from”) and Robots. While not laser-locked on our Radar as being urgent, it’s hard not to feel the liberating freedom of being able to game anything you’ve ever read or watched in the Genre with one base system and not requiring to buy every specific rule set or kickstarter ….

Survival Horror. Bit of a touchy one this one. It’s been on our “to game” list for almost 20years now so it’s definitely not a fad but we have had a couple of souring experiences that have pushed this back into the dark for a while. Long story short, imagine some naive kiwi lads (then part of another rules company) talking with a major gaming and miniatures company and their partnered publishing house about a rule set (none of their games or books had any “Z” related stuff in their published collections at that stage). After taking a copy of said rule set, offered in good faith of an agreed working relationship, but professing no real interest at all in that type of thing (“but we’ll see what marketing says”) it was exciting to see who ended up recently releasing a fully fledged Survival Horror game heavily using the rules concepts and systems my brother wrote most of – lesson, don’t trust big companies where profit, ideas and small developers are concerned. Tossers already had a line on procuring another manufactures “infected and survivors” miniatures we suspect, but didn’t have a rule set so were being total cynical cxxxs in pretending to have no interest. Either way producing this would be the second time we’ve re-written a Horror set but unfortunately now have most of our enthusiasm for the project sapped, so probably only the WW2 based set is ever likely to see the light of day fitted with the new combat system.


Of course we could always just batten down the hatches and dig out our WW1 Air Wargaming rules or Starship Battles sets and play with those for the next few years, such is the fickle directionless life of a tumbleweed in the wind ….. πŸ˜‰


A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip9

Pin wash lining …

More vehicles have been pin washed/lined and now I think there’s only 3 more to go before I go back over with the depth shading. All lining was done using very thinned oils, various shade mixes of Burnt and Raw Umber, Brown Madder and Lamp Black.

The advantage of using oils are that they are a little more controllable than acrylic pin washes in that any excess or mistakes are easily mopped up with a clean brush and clean thinners. Acrylics tend to bind and dry on the surface very quickly and while achieving the same result are much less forgiving.

Being so thin the oils dry pretty quickly and the vehicles can be handled again in 15mins or so and I use Odourless spirit which gets around the strong smell associated with thinners.


bft - 086 grp 1400

bft - luchs 050 900

bft - luchs 051 900

bft - 251-7 051 900

bft - 251-7 050 900

bft - 251-v2 050 900

bft - 251-v2 051 900

bft - 250-v2 050 900

bft - 250-v2 051 900

bft - 222 051 900

bft - 222 050 900

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Extended Illness Absence

Hi all,

Just a short note to say that I’ve been absent from my blog here and forums I follow and post on for some time now as I’ve been fighting a nasty series of uro/renal infections that still haven’t completely been defeated. A couple of times we thought we’d won but it’s dug in and recurring.

The upshot is I’ve really been unable to sit at the table to model in any capacity until very recently where I’ve been able to manage a couple of hours in the last few days. Things are getting better slowly (that’s been said before lol) but as a consequence my projects, and more importantly the commissions I have here, are way behind schedule and I do apologise for that. I do have a few pics (real models and not medical humour) to post later today of a little progress but thank you all for your understanding.









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Military Madness – Spotlight No3

A little something to celebrate getting 100K site visits a little while back ….

Some things just can’t be rationally explained especially when the military mind is allowed full reign to express itself. The result is weird costumes, unusual camouflage and completely impractical vehicles. Just for funsies I thought I’d post a few pics from my web collection of military weirdness of the highest order ….


VWW Prototype, as the marketing pamphlet says, “not just an amphibious car but a unidirectional amphibious car!” No orders were placed …..

VWV prototype

A chronic shortage of imported silk fuelled this design from ill-fated Soviet aeronaut Sergi Stupoiovich, seen here preparing for his first, and last, test flight of the assualt manbatwing.

Soviet manbat

The 1940 German Albert Canal swim team seen here in a secret training session.

German Albert Canal swim team

The famous ‘Wake Island TD” often thought to be a military urban legend until this recent archival photographic discovery.

Wake Island TD

Wash day during the phoney war Sitzkrieg of 1939.

Wash day Ziegfiedline

2 man Northrop-Grumman 75 Gallon Droptank cycle.


Elvis ….. the man is everywhere. Nuff said.

Elvix Wunschley Jnr

Dave goes undercover. Superb costume partially let down by his failure to find a suitable Bear cavalry unit to blend with.

Max goes undercover

No idea. So it must be something to do with excessive schnapps consumption. Obvious really.

Its all better with schnapps

ICP European fun tour ’42.

ICP '43

The famous British stiff upper lip and disdain for danger is evident in this picture of a tank crew fortified with cucumber sandwiches, gin and pipe tobacco ….

British Aplomb

Top secret War Dept field testing picture of the Vickers-Armstrongs “Cateye” image enlarging bifocals seen here attached to a “volunteer”.


Focke-Wulf Kradschutzenskooter parked outside a coffeehaus and being admired by envious footsloggers.

FW Kradschutzenskooter

Dave undercover again, this time spotted here trying to infiltrate the temporary field HQ of OKW East during Operation Caseblue (Fall Blau).

Dave infiltrates OKW

Oddballs design for a co-axial Thompson (Pat:Pending). Limited ammunition capacity caused this promising weapon to be relegated to rear area and training units only.

Kelleys coax

The infamous “Bambookatana” one man attack boat was fuelled by 100 octane av-gas. First Lt Hiro on the other hand is seen here running on 40 proof Sake …..

Lt Hiro and one man Katanajunk

Experimental Soviet VVS attack-tricycle.

Soviet assualtcycle

Norwegian entry into the 1932 Eurotank (single man, powered) open class category competition.

Norwiegan fast attach vehicle

A7V Funtserwagen. The plan to equip a parent “carrier” A7V with 6 of these small lightweight attack vehicles was abandoned when the vehicles were found to lack a serious trench crossing ability.

A7V funsterwagen

After a hearty breakfast 266 Squadron prepares for the “Boche” ….

266 Squadron

Recent budgetary cuts to the USCG saw this entry gain favour for the potential “lightweight nominal footprint” High Speed Patrol Vessel.

HSPV trials

A unit with a sense of priority ensures that their Bierhanger is securely fastened to the towing clevis.


Bag End invaded. France surrenders. Nuff said.

French Surrender - again

And the last word must go to Spock …….

The Logic of Spock

LAH Kampfgruppe – wip3 painting Factory 3 colour, Dot and Disc camouflage

Late camouflage madness ….

Three different types of late factory camouflage were required for this project. Normally I freeform my camouflage using a variation of greens and browns over the traditional Dunkelgelb or “mustard yellow” base however for this project I decided to have a stab at “proper” late war camouflage and in particular those associated with late ’44 production Panthers.


Around August ’44 Panther factories received a general instruction that all machines were to be finished in a standardised camouflage scheme prior to shipment from the factory. The various plants involved in Panther manufacture (DB, M.A.N. and M.N.H.) all produced schemes with variations based on differing interpretations of this order which also included two well known but short-lived variants, the dot (otherwise known as the “ambush comouflage” or “Hinterhalt-Tarnung”) scheme and the disc scheme. Also around this time (although officially from November ’44) all machines were to receive a base colour of Olivgrun, replacing the Dunkelgelb used since early 1943.

My sources for the camouflage I selected were based on those in the excellent Duel in the Mist volume 1 book. While many black and white pics abound on the web and it’s easy to search and find various modellers interpretations, the Duel in the Mist books (4 volumes) combine detailed and meticulous research with invaluable colour plates. I’ve included some of the plates I used here (for discussion purposes only) and highly recommend purchasing the books to anyone with an interest in the Ardennes battles.

And so on to my attempts at late camo ……

Late Factory

PBG - 051 1024

PBG - 053 1024

PBG - 054 1024

Ref from Duel in the Mist (copyright here for discussion only)

MAN late 3 colour 211

Variations even existed in machines produced from the same factory. Here 2 M.A.N. Panthers, 327 and 154 of SS.Pz.Rgt12 knocked out near Krinkelt-Rocherath, show similar but subtly different applications of the scheme.

237 and 154 MAN late camo SS PzRgt 12

Dot Camouflage (Ambush or Hinterhalt)

A variation of the “std” factory Panther camouflage was produced by Daimler-Benz and consisted of dots of contrasting paint within the broader disruptive patterns of Olivegrun, Dunkelgelb and Rotbraun. It is a shortlived pattern however it can be seen on other armoured vehicles, most famously TigerBs.

PBG - 043 1024

PBG - 046 1024

PBG - 047 1024

PBG - 048 1024

PBG - 049 1024

Ref from Duel in the Mist (copyright here for discussion only)

DB Ambush camo p1

Famous pic of an IR test Panther in Dot camouflage (source Panzer Tracts 5-3, here for discussion only)

IR test vehicle PAnzertracts 5-3

Disc Camouflage

And finally the disc camouflage which is a variation used by M.A.N. at the same time as DB used the Dot scheme. It is produced by a stencil overlay which uses approx. 6 different sized discs with the interlocking sections cut out. The pattern is then lain over the standard factory scheme and a lighter contrasting colour (probably dunkelgelb) is then sprayed or applied with a roller.

As you can imagine trying to replicate this while brush painting had some challenges!! I tried several methods including stamping and when that didn’t work, painting the cut out sections. Both looked naff so I resorted to brush painting the discs and then joining up the outer pattern. Surprisingly it was relatively easy, and pretty tedious!

PBG - 065 disc camo 950

PBG - 066 1024

PBG - 068 1024

PBG - 069 1024

Ref from Duel in the Mist (copyright here for discussion only)

MAN disc camo p1

Panther 131 of Oscha. Thoma knocked out by air attack near Cheneux. Notice the clearly visable disc pattern. (source Axis History Forums, here for discussion only)

131 Disc bulge

Comet and Firefly – Milicast 20mm

!/76th brit tankie goodness from Milicast …

A couple of oldies from my unfinished pile . . . . that might actually get finished soon!!! A34 Comet and Sherman IC Firefly. Usual great casting from Milicast, but the are resin and there’s some cleanup required plus I had to repair a bit of casting damage to the bottom rear track on the Firefly by replacing it with some spare track. Pretty basic stuff though. Final weathering and markings to go ….


M Firefly -w511

M Firefly -w522

M Comet -w53

M Comet -w52

Afghanistan Battlegroup – Fire Team Modern Skirmish

Sneek peek ……

Only one pic, haven’t got any time for anything else as I’m packing for a weekend of beers with some gaming thrown in during the recovery periods. Managed to get everything finished late last night and ready for transport down to Wellington. They’re posing for pictures later next week and I’ll have to travel back down to Welly after that to collect them and back home here for packing and then shipping on to their new homes.

Kit/vehicle list;

M1A1 Abrams MBT – 1/48 Gasoline
Bradley M2A2 MICV – 28mm Empress Miniatures
M-ATV MRAP (x2) – 28mm Empress Minatures
BAE Warrior MIFV – 1/48 Airfix
Land Rover Snatch – 1/48 Airfix
Coyote 6×6 TSV – 1/48 Airfix
Jackal 4×4 PSV – 1/48 Airfix


Afghanistan Battlegroup grp 05

Oshkosh M-ATVs – Empress Miniatures 28mm build log4

Base colours laid in ……..

Finished the base painting on the M-ATVs and got most of the details colour blocked in. Panel lining and shading next …. The observant will also notice more progress on the Abrams too, I’m just cleaning up and resizing the pics now for posting that up later.


MATV 055

MATV 052 grp

MATV 053 grp

Trainspotting – Workbench Chaos

Time for a little trainspotting game …. who can identify the kits hidden in this picture? WARNING, parental guidance, an anorak and history of glue sniffing is required to complete this test. God I really neeeeeed to have a clean up!


workbench feb013-2

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Mayan Apocalypse . . . NZ style.

Well no Mayan Apocalypse as predicted …. and I know why. Because over xmas we took one for the team here in NZ. Yes, so you all could enjoy your pink gins and cucumber sammies we suffered through our own mini version of the apocalypse, so that no one else had to. At least that’s my story anyway. Here’s a sampling of the fun times we’ve had down here at Queeg HQ.

December 12 : Washing machine suffers catastrophic control system meltdown, much smoke, screeching and water leakage. Clothing is washed in the bath for a few days as a replacement is sourced and credit accounts emptied. On a plus note the new machine is quite shiny and makes a lot less smoke and noise than the old one.

December 16 : House PC makes crunching sounds and fails to boot up. A little disappointing as all my HOQ-biz pictures and contact info is on it. Not a total loss however as cunningly I have a backup pc out in the painting studio. The plan “B” is to temporarily move that inside until I can steal money to fix the main pc.

December 17 : Backup pc fails to start. I suffer my first minor doubts over plan “B” and spend an hour or two crying in the garden. Kicking the machine fails to help and I now begin to think it’s mocking me in it’s silence. It’s official, I hate PC’s.

December 21 : Mayan end of the world date. Yup, I should have stayed in bed and sat this day out. Stumbled out to the kitchen to make my wake up coffee. Standing at the bench in that half-aware morning funk, it took me some time to realise that my bunny slippers were getting wet. Looking down expecting to see the cats water dish overturned, the amount of water flooding the kitchen floor gave me a new insight into why Noah made his ark. An hour of sopping up later it appeared that my 42 year old hot water cylinder had finally given up the will to live and dropped it’s arse out all over my kitchen floor. I suppose it’s demise was inevitable, but it’s timing could have been a little better. On the bright side the bank agreed to fund a replacement if I promised to sign over my soul and lie about my ability to repay the mortgage extension, and the new cylinder is very shiny and warm and leaks a lot less water than the old one …..

And now I have a temporary pc so the xmas disasters are almost all forgotten. Being plugged back into the net again is almost like winning the lottery and so while I’m still flushed with the excitement of partially working technology I think I better make a few “make up” posts ……. got a few forums to catch up on too if I can remember the logon passwords : )


A few project piccies, more detailed posts to follow soon ……

Foundry Russians

Foundry Napoleonic British artillery crew

Tamiya 1/48th Stugs

48 group2
Tamiya 1/48th SdKfz222, SdKfz250/3, MarderIII and PzIII

Project ’46 stuff – Tamiya 1/48th TigerII and Dragon 1/72nd PantherF

Revell 1/35th Jagdpanzer IV

Deathwing Landraider

1/16 Maybach HL230 P45 (Tiger to follow lol)

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Airfix 1/48 Afghanistan Jackal and Coyote

Spurred on by our recent 28mm Afghanistan game and with the upcoming release of the Airfix 1/48th Afghanistan kit range I went looking on the net for some piccies of them. Woser, they look pretty neat to be honest. Not sure about the quality of the troops or vehicle crews but they should be ok as a starting point. When the are released, I’d be surprised if it didn’t spur some after-market releases of things like crews/weapons/stowage in 48th anyway.

Anyways, I’m looking at this goodness and imaging them in some of my desert paint ……..


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