T28 105mm GMC – Project ’46 X-tanks size comparison

I’ve been asked by a few people as to the size of the recently posted T28 GMC so I’ve taken a comparison group pic of some of our 1/72nd “X-Tanks”.

From left to right they are; M51B SuperSherman a Ken Overby conversion for the Dragon M4A3E8 kit, T28 105mm GMC from Cromwell Models, T29E3 Super Heavy Tank from Cromwell Models, TigerIIF self conversion of the Dragon TigerII and the E-100 Krokodil which is again another Cromwell Models vehicle.


And just for the fun of it ….. a few winter tankies.

T28 / T95 GMC Super Heavy Tank – 1/72nd kit from Cromwell Models

Been working on several wip projects over the last week, still having much of my progress slowed by a lack of varnish. The local shop can’t get what I need without being charged a ridiculous courier charge as spray cans have to be transported by a registered chemical courier and can no longer be shipped by regular post …. fun fun fun. Anyway, I see the new 1/35th Dragon release of the T28 US Super Heavy Tank is now on sale at Hobbyeasy … and while we wait to get one it seemed like a good time to post up our 20mm wargaming kit, which was supplied by Cromwell.


Project ’46 1/35th Alpine crew (Panther crew set 35132) – 2

Ok, had to carry on until I finished. So here’s the t/c finished, or at least as finished as I’m capable of. Added headset leads but adding the throat mics are a bit beyond my ability unfortunately.

Also I wanted a greenish hue to the base uniform material but I’ll have to wait until daylight tomorrow to make a descision on whether it stays as it is or gets a filter to tone it down a bit as the night lighting is making it look a little garish …


Project ’46 20mm wippery – 1

A bit of a fill in post to break the monotony of all the 1/35th kit progress posts. Dug around in whats left of my storage drive and found a few pics of some of our 20mm projects, there’s even a few Brit suijects in there!


8.8cm FlakZwilling on a Ferdinand chassis.

British 5.5inch SPG on modified Cromwell chassis with Stalwart load carrier.

Tiger “Bruckenlager” bridgelayer. A complete faff up and I’m going to build another. Assembled the lower hull when I was really sick and managed to get the track guild links on the outside of the roadwheels ….

US Superheavys, Boarhound, Black Prince and ’46 Shermans …

British and German battlegroups ….

Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 Zerstorer 3cm M.K.103 Zwilling – 6

Made a start on the lower hull, then tracks and base winter wash. I’m going to fix the tracks in place next so it’s fingers crossed nothng goes wrong ….


Whitewash ……………….

For comparison heres my 1/72nd Hummel SPW at the same whitewash stage, just for a mental check to make sure things are heading in the right direction ….

Project ’46 – Infrarot-Scheinwerfer FG 1250 & Bildwandler (Infrared spolight and image converter)

Last bit of faffing around completed, tie down straps and pin for the tow cabel and the IR detailed. The IR unit (the AEG FG1250 infrared spolight and Bildwandler image converter) is the Great Wall Hobby set and contains enough parts for an (almost) complete “solution B” system, which provides spotlights and imaging for driver and commander/gunner.


Weathered and chipped ……

Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 Zerstorer 3cm M.K.103 Zwilling – 5

Finished the detailing today ….. only two minor things left, the electrical leads for the IR gear and a couple of tie down straps to fix the tow rope to the camo/stowage rings. Now to cross fingers and hope I don’t wreck it when I add paint ….


Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 Zerstorer 3cm M.K.103 Zwilling – 4

Started tonight by making up a PE Rommelkiste or rear stowage bin, as a test piece before tackling the ones on the Jadgpanther. Well things got out of hand and I ended up pretty much finsihing it! There’s only a few minor details left, tow ropes and some weld beads to add being the main things left to add. So basically I’m calling it done and ready for paint ……


Project ’46 Spade Ace Models Panzer III/IV Ostketten workable metal tracks – 2

Well things went a little better today. As I’m still waiting for my varnish to arrive I thought I would press on and finish the tracks while there was still some amusment left in the assembly job. The good news is it went a little faster today, probably about 5 hours, and I didn’t cut myself once. However I did find that stabbing yourself with the track-pin wire while assembling the links was almost as painful. No I lie – much more painful. When I stabbed one of the places I cut last night ….. it quickly bought on a little moment of quiet instrospection, followed by a long session where I babbled incoherently inventing new words until the pain subsided enough to swear in a manly fashion.

So tracks are done and dusted, might have to remove a link from the RHS but apart from that they look damn good I think …..


Project ’46 Spade Ace Models Panzer III/IV Ostketten workable metal tracks – 1

Oh the joys of new bitz and brotherly comraderie, shiney new stuff brought for me by my brother purely out of the kindess in his heart …. yeah right! He’ll extract his pound of flesh in due course, in the meantime though I have some metal workable tracks to build ……


Despite the coolness of this package I’m beginning to have my doubts. All those tiny PE bits and I have no soldering iron …. and those tracks …. I feel pain coming on.

I so feel pain coming on ……. literally, an hour in and I’ve hardly made a dent in them, although I’ve cut my finger twice and bled about a litre of valuable life blood all over these damn things. Having to scrape the flash off the tracks with a scalpel blade is actually quite dangerous ….. not to mention the metal filings that have gotten into the cuts. Haven’t had this much fun filing metal since, well, never.

10.30pm and I’m about four hours in, if there was anything decent on TV I’d throw the towel in for the night and curl up and cry. No one told me metal tracks were a three day task.

2.30am and I’ve completed one run of track, roughly 8 hours work give or take. Despite the friggin difficulty of it all, I must admit they do look pretty swisho, my first girlfriend looked the same, delicious but eventually the novelty wears off. AND NO way is it fun modelling, must be one of those life lesson thingies where all the hard work pays off in the end …. yeah thats it …. it’s a life lesson.