Oshkosh M-ATVs – Empress Miniatures 28mm buld log 1

The first of a few moderns on the project bench, a pair of M-ATVs from Empress Miniatures.

Assembled a pair of M-ATVs from Empress to go with our moderns and to be used with our in-house modern skirmish rule-set, Fire Team. The first thing that needs to be said is that these boys are big units. The only way to hide these things would be to find a building and drive into it for cover, and it’d have to be an American sized building at that, they stand over the Abrams and dwarf the British Jackals, which I thought were pretty big vehicles anyway. I must admit I’m unconvinced of their use outside of patrolling a tertiary warzone or policing duties but I guess time and combat success will tell the tale ….

And the models ….. they comprise 15 resin and 15 white metal parts. The resin is impressive, being very crisply moulded with very little clean up required to get the major parts flush and aligned. There were a couple of minor issues, while filing I did “break” through the resin surface and exposed a couple of sinkholes but a little Tamiya epoxy putty should fix them ok and one of my turrets was close to being a miscast. It looks like the moulds shifted during pouring with the top being off centre to the base and one side pretty roughly cast, although after some clean up and paint I suspect only I’ll notice. The white metal parts are ok and typical quality for mixed media wargaming kits.

I made a couple of detail changes, drilling and filling out the armoured glass windows on the turrets and pre-drilling holes for aerials and some wiring to be added later. There’s a few extra details I’ll add after basic painting too, just the usual stuff, tow shackles, some chain, mirrors, front grill mesh, rear mudguards, step ladder and spare wheel bracket, the aerials and wiring for them and the ECM gear, and some mesh and stowage to the rear storage cages …… at some stage I might try making a CROWs remote weapons system mount as seen on the current vehicles, which should be just a plug in swap for the manned armoured weapon station.


A few ref pics filched from the web to whet the appetite ………

Oshkosh M-ATV  0002

Oshkosh M-ATV  0001

Oshkosh M-ATV  00011

Oshkosh M-ATV  0003

Oshkosh M-ATV  0004

The kit and basic assembly ……….

MATV 000 1200

MATV 001 1000

MATV 002 900

MATV 012

MATV 013

MATV 014

MATV 016

Assembled vehicles ………

MATV 020

MATV 022

MATV 023

MATV 024

Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm p2

Got behind a bit on the project updates so here’s the first of some catch up posts, a bit more progress on the !S-4.

Added a few extra details, turret mounted IR searchlight, bore fume excavator and reworked the Dishka HMG a little. Finally got all the camo laid in so it’s ready for the panel lining and pin washes as the next step.


IS-4 w36

IS-4 w37

IS-4 w41

IS-4 w42

IS-4 w44

And a group shot with the IS-4 camo finished and next to the T29 and Bar30cm which have also both had some work done ……

Cromwell Superheavies1 - 1300