Commissions ……. and Cancer 2

Update …..

A bit of an update from the last month. Leias had a difficult time with the initial treatment going pretty well but only having 2 days at home before developing both pneumonia and a very serious lung infection which required being isolated in ICU for a week. Partially recovered she had another trip up to Starship for more Lumbar Chemo and Bone Marrow tests. And upon returning shes fighting another infection in her good lung. As can be imagined she is very tired and weakened but fighting to improve.

Through all of this Leia has been a real trooper, remaining very positive and coping in a way well beyond her year and we are all very very proud of her !!!!

Finally a shout out to the Hastings Childrens Ward staff, Starship Childrens Hospital staff and Ambulance and Air Ambulance staff and finally CCF and Canteen who have been so helpful and supportive towards Leia – we are and continue to be very grateful.

Brent and Family (mum Cherrie, Jarrod, Chani and cats Ozzy, Zazz and Leias new kitten Midge)

Leias Cancer beads of Courage …. she gets one per procedure or special event.

Leia in ICU …… Doc Dad and Nurse Chani plus The Hair Must Go

Air Ambulance Transfers …. with Air medic Kelvin and Pilot Sam

Starship Childrens Hospital ….. View plus Leias Gift Quilt from the Childrens Cancer Foundation (CCF) and her Angry Kat Pillow 🙂

A Final Word from Kermit
… snapped at Auckland Zoo during a day out before starting chemotherapy for the first time


16 comments on “Commissions ……. and Cancer 2

  1. Wish Leia all the best from her fan club down here in Wellington.

    As if the poor girl hasn’t got enough to worry about that hair dresser / barber / butcher looks like a walking fashion crime zone! 😃

    von Peter himself

  2. All the very best from rainy old England. Thinking of you guys and hoping you get good news and positive progress from Leia’s treatment. It looks like hell for all you to go through as a family, but if it does the job, it will have been worth it.

    • Hey thanks Richard, raining here too mate!!! And another air ambulance transfer back up to Starship hospital today to try and sort out the on-going lung infection. Showed Leia all the comments and support and it really brightened what was a bit of a rough day ….


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