Current Wippery

Some stuff on the workbench at present …….  first up is a pair of 1/48th Tamiya Stugs. OOB except for some polyfilla “concrete” add-on armour and a set of Blackdog stowage.

Next is a Dark Angles Razorback support tank from GW. I modified a few things on this. Changed the front armour and drivers visor and made the twin linked bolters look more like a modern integrated weapons mount by adding a searchlight and missile launcher.

A Deathwing Landraider from GW is next up, this will be my first landraider so here’s hoping it goes gently on me ….. It’s followed by a 5-pk of GW assault terminators and these will end up in my “For Sale” room once completed.

Ooooooo ….. 2 secret projects hiding way down here. A pair of 1/35th tank crew from Alpine who are waiting for the kits to make up into their ride to arrive in the post from Hobbyeasy. The last is even too secret to hint at. A cookie and pint of Emersons for anyone who knows what it is ……


Project ’46

I was having a bath time Epiphany (actually more like wallowing in a drunken stupor) some time back and came to the realisation that I’m much more of a modeller than a gamer. And as I paint for other people, trying to collect and game similar things just wasn’t working for me.

What to do ………..

Well the next day, and with the help of a coffee laced cup of sugar and an HP sauce and bacon sarney, project ’46 was born. I scoured my aging kit collection and cooked up a PzIVF based on an old 1:76th Fujimi IVJ. Suddenly modelling was interesting for me as I could work on something that was for me alone and no one else would have.

Since those days experimental “what-if” kits have almost become common with many manufacturers having offerings in several different scales. As 20mm is my collecting and gaming scale of choice for WW2 my Project ’46 collection now includes kits from Cromwell, Milicast and Dragon alongside my own conversions …..


Foundry Pavlovs



A couple views of a recently completed 32man unit of Pavlovs by Foundry. Nice figs but then I have a soft spot for Foundry and Perry figs in general. Speaking of Perry’s, I plan to pick up a couple of packs of Perry plastic Napoleonic Russian Infantry to complete and put up for sale, so it should be interesting to compare them to these for paintability and looks ….



Yet another blog ………

Welcome to the House of Queeg.  A place for my projects and ideas to live and be shared.

I’ve recently returned to the hobby, and to doing commission work, after a long break for health reasons.

So what do I do? Well, I paint and model, specialising in 20mm and 1/48th with the aim of bringing showcase quality vehicles to the wargaming table, and it’s pleasing to see many of the techniques I introduced into small AFV finishing being used by other wargaming painters. In addition I also occasionally paint Napoleonics, Planes and Sci-fi/40k.

Finally I’m hoping this will also be a place to ramble about projects and cunning plans shared with my brother, he supplies the “cunning” and I the “project” parts of the partnership, well that’s my story anyway.

As I learn the tools available here I hope to categorise my projects for better viewing and soon add a “for sale” section …..

Anyway, enough blathering, I’m off to organise my first posts.

Happy glueing everyone …..

Please contact me with comments or commission/sale inquiries at