Project DAK finished – Perry and Blitzkrieg desert theater vehicles

Finished pics ….

Ok, updated with a few group pics and a bit of a re-cap is in order.

The vehicles are ;

Blitzkrieg SdKfz 250/1C
Bliztkrieg SdKfz 222
Blitzkrieg Marder II
Perry SdKfz 250/1
Rubicon SdKfz 250/1
Perry Dingo
Perry Universal Carrier
Blitzkrieg M3 Stuart
Perry Marmon Harrington MkIII

Stowage is a mix of Perry, Rubicon and JTFM, decals used were from Warlord, Rubicon and Tamiya. Everything was given an enamel base/primer coat and all top finishing was brushed acrylics using GW and Vallejo. Final weathering was mostly Windsor and Newton oils with some homemade acrylic washes and finished with Mig and homemade pigment powders.












16 comments on “Project DAK finished – Perry and Blitzkrieg desert theater vehicles

      • Hey Will, yeah all 28mm. A mix of Perry and Blitzkrieg vehicles, all available from the Perrys.

        The wire is just stuff purchased from a model/hobby shop. I think this is .35mm and I have some even thinner (about .25mm) that I use for my 20mm stuff. Oddly (being a fan of thin aerials) the thinnest stuff looked a little too thin on these guys 🙂


    • Cheers Big K 🙂 Found myself looking at bits and wanting to touch this up, add to that ect ect. Finally managed to curb the OCD and call them done.

      Not pleased with the decals though overall. The Brit AOS and DIv ones are Warlord and too small (perfect for 20mm I think).

      The Warlord Germans ones are mixed but err on being a touch big while the Rubicon sheets are beautifully printed but again way too small. Their numbers, div and tac symbols match my Archer and Aleran 20mm ones in size and so didn’t use them at all. In the end most of the German decals are Tamiya as are a couple of the Brits ….tricky stuff!


      • Sadly, even in this new halcyon era of new kits and vastly improved quality, I think decals are going to keep being an issue for 28mm. I must confess it bothers me less than it should.

      • Hahaaa ….. true, tis really a first world problem in the scheme of things, however no one really wants me to return to the days where I thought painting them on was cool …..

    • Thanks Pete! I actually wasn’t going to post a lot of progress/wip pics but I think it’s been nice to see things develop. Even for me each step adding a bit more is interesting to look back on.

  1. It’s been nice for me to watch the progress! 🙂 Thy are utterly superb Brent. I can’t wait to paint and add the crews in the New Year, once they’ve made their way halfway round the world to their new home. One question (and I know you’ll have done it right, but just to satisfy my curiosity… ) The Panzer III doesn’t have German cross markings? Is that right?

    • Hey Richard firstly thanks, and it’s been a great project to work on.

      On the cross it all honesty it’s not as common on AFVs as people think. Photos show few if any on PzIIis and IVs, certainly until the turret shurzen showed up. Not sure why that is apart from there not being much physical room for them, as they are much more common (but not universal) in PzII pics, which is a much smaller vehicle.

      On a similar note another interesting thing is the lack of tac numbers on halftracks, virtually none to be found.

      Markings (in all theaters) and their evolution are an interesting topic, to me anyway, and have been the topic of many thrown handbags on certain forums 🙂


    • Hi, thanks for the comments 🙂

      The pendants are just tissue painted with white glue. Once its almost dry they can be bent into shape and trimmed and when dry are almost solid. The roundel got a light outline in pencil using a template (I think I used a coin) and I did the rest freehand, white, then yellow, the red and blue.


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