Project ’46 – M4A1E8HV-B Sherman VIII 20mm Dragon/Cpl Overby M51 conversion

More 20mm project ’46 stuff, this time an M51 Sherman in British service. Made with the Cpl Overby M51 late resin conversion set which is made to use with Dragon 1/72nd HVSS Sherman suspension and detail parts. Three of them provide overwatch/long range fire support in our Type 1 ’46 british armoured squadron. Finished in brush painted GW acrylics with the green being a custom blend of Catachan Green and Desert Yellow. Crew figs are from AB Miniatures.


M51B main 2
M51B 2 1100
M51B 5 1100
M51B 4 1100
M51B 6 1100M51B 7 1100
M51B 3 1100
M51B 8 1100

M51B cu2 800
M51B cu1 800
M51B cu3 800

A few wip shots ……….

46 brits wip2
46 shermans2
M51B wip2
M51B wip3

Tiger 1 – 1/48th Skybow (now AFV Club) “Late” Tiger 1

A real oldie here, but I’m reprocessing some pics as a little self inspiration for a bit of a cunning 1/48th Tiger project I hope to start later this year.

Anyway until then here’s the 1/48th late Tiger1 by Skybow, now manufactured and sold by AFV Club. Really a great kit, easy to assemble and with plenty of detail, when it was originally released it was one of the best of the “new” 1/48th kits and even now holds up very well.

Looking at it now there’s things I’d do differently finish wise. Certainly I’d either replace the band tracks, which were the kits only real weak point, or certainly do a better job of mounting them. I’ve adapted/improved the way I fix my tracks now and I was cutting new ground when I built this. Also the overall wash is a little dark for my tastes now. Certainly there’s a current modelling trend to have more contrast and the lighter areas would be more apparent with the techniques I use now.

Anyway, enough blathering, on with the pics already ……


48Tiger1 Main-1 1200
tiger lf1 1200
tiger rf1 1200
tiger lftop1 1200
tiger lf2 1200
tiger lftop2 1200tiger rf2 1200
tiger rr1 1200
rear deck cu1

And a few wip pics …….

wip camo12 900
wip camo17 900
wip filter23 900
0091 Chipping front 1 800
0092 Chipping rear 1 800
wip pigments5 900
wip tracks 5

Project ?????
Milicast Tiger1s - group1200px

Marder III Panzerjager 38(t) 7.62cm(r) – Tamiya 1/48th

Another piece bound for the wargaming table, not ours lol as it’s well on it’s way to it’s new owner. Anyway it’s Tamiya 1/48th early MarderIII fitted with the captured Soviet ZiS-3 76.2mm AT gun. A straight OOB build, a really well detailed and easy to assemble kit. Finished with …. yes … the same as all my other stuff, brush painted GW acyrlics over an enamel base coat.


MarderIII lf01
MarderIII rf02
MarderIII kf03
MarderIII rr04

And a few “wip” pics …..

The base is first sprayed with Tamiya rattlecan yellow. Then it’s brybrushed overall with GW desert yellow (almost a perfect match for Humbrol 83 which is on of the best “Dunkelgelb” shades imo). Panels and edges are lightened with white progressively added to the yellow.

Base camo is stippled on and lightly blended. Tracks and details blocked in.

From then on it’s basic weathering, pin washes, some post shading with thinned GWs and rain streaking. Next is chipping, and decals. I brush on Humbrol gloss where the decals are to go, fit them when dry then the gloss gets toned out when the matt varnish is sprayed on at the last step.

Finally it’s pigments for lower hull and tracks and then spray can varnish.


World of Tanks – Project ’46 20mm Cromwell models US Super Heavy T29

Hahahahaaaaaaaa ……. I guess imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery!!!

Was giving the googlfu a run out the other day looking for a picture of the T29 engine decking in the images section. Of course now days if you search for any sort of tank info you get about 1 real entry and spammed with 100 World of Tanks entries.

So giving in to temptation, in due course I clicked on a link for the T29. Imagine my surprise when instead of being redirected to Japanese manga porn (like I was secretely hoping for), I stumbled across a pic that looked suspiciously like a colour scheme I put on one of my Cromwell T29s a few years ago. In fact I’d say it’s pretty much an exact copy! Woot! I’m famous ….. guess I should finish the T29 though as it’s still languishing on the shelf as a wip …. 🙂


My Original T29

US Super Heavies
US T29

The World of Tanks skin copy

Queeg wot t30 skin 1200
Queeg wot t30 skin 2 1200

Last Stand at Gandamack 1842 – Foundry 28mm

Just to show that I paint other things apart from tanks …. The Last Stand at Gandamack 1842 is a commission piece from a few years back, in fact it was one of the first large commissions I completed as a professional model maker. It uses British and French figs from the Foundry Crimean and Chinese ranges along with several conversions. It still ranks as one of the things I’m most proud of – enjoy.


GM 1 Main 1440
GM 2 1200
GM 3 1200
GM 4 1200
Gm 5 1200
GM 6 1200
GM Dome 01

Tiger II Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 1/48 Tamiya conversion

Current wip of my 1/48th version of the TigerIID. Added details include MR-Models IR System – drivers and commander/gunners slaved IR sight and rear battery box, tool clamps, tow cable mounts, additional armoured radio pod for the Panzerbefehlswagen (command tank) upgrade, turret track mounts (early 2 link track), rear engine decking splinter armour, fuel tank breathers/overflow pipes, turret hatch handles and pistol port chain, exhaust flammenvernichters and top mounted deflectors. I also added a gun breach from an old Bandai Elefant, pretty rough and just something to see through the hatch. If I’d had access to some 88 shells I’d have knocked up some racks to fill the rear of the turret. Anyway it now awaits it’s camo ……


T2D 48w10 1100
T2D 48w14 1100
T2D 48w13 1100
T2D 48w15 1100T2D 48w16 1100
T2D 48w17 1100

TigerII Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 conversion

An oldie but a goodie. Thought I’d post this up for inspiration as I’m using it as a basis for my 1/48th version currently under construction. It represents an interim version of Tiger development utilising a stereoscopic rangefinder and limited nightfighting capability. It’s a 1/72nd conversion of the Dragon TigerII and uses Milicast supplied IR gear.


TigerIID main-1 1200
TigerIID 02 1200
TigerIID 03 1200
TigerIID 04 1200
TigerIID 05 1200TigerIID 07 1200
TigerIID 06 1200

And heres a few project wips just to show what the brush painting looks like before the weathering processes. There’s also a pic of the ill fated Tiger bridglayer which I’ll get around to building again at some stage ….

T2 wip1
T2D wip2
Tiger B-Lager -4
T2D wip3

Terminators – 40k Deathwing

Yes, Heresy you cry! Blasphemy you shout! Old school metal Terminators! sPACE mARINES ™ in Tactiacal Dreanought Armour! Some of the good things to come out of the evil empire were the metal Terminators and Space Hulk game. Just posting these cause I like em ….. and it makes a change to show some figures intsead of all that armour 🙂


DW terms f2 1200
DW terms f1 1200
DW terms f5 900px
DW terms f4 900px
DW terms f8 900px
SIG-term1 900px
SIG-term2 900px
Y Terms 1 900px
Y Terms 2 900
Y Terms 3 900px

SdKfz 222 – Tamiya 1/48th

Part of a few other commission vehicles finished over xmas, this is the Tamiya/ICM 1/48th SdKfz222 A/c. Built OOB except for the tow rope and aerial. The commander figure is from the Tamiya Panzer Grenadier boxed set. Brush finished with GW acrylics over enamel primer and detailed with both MIG and homemade pigments. A nice simple kit which would detail up nicely with a little work, in particular the vision blocks are very poor and really should be replaced. Throw on the Blackdog stowage set though and it’d look pretty swish …….


222 main-01

222-48-12 1100


222-48-15 1100

Trainspotting – Workbench Chaos

Time for a little trainspotting game …. who can identify the kits hidden in this picture? WARNING, parental guidance, an anorak and history of glue sniffing is required to complete this test. God I really neeeeeed to have a clean up!


workbench feb013-2

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