Cold War REFORGER “Team Yankee” 20mm battlegroup

About 99% finished now, just gotta sort out some decent crews, probably Presier US tank crews off Ebay. Also waiting to finalise a few markings as I really need some custom bumper codes to properly represent the teams units, TF-1-78 mech and attached 1-4 armd. As mentioned before the LAV doesn’t really fit in but it’s grown on me somewhat, so much so that I might make up a ficticous Marine group of Lav25s and ITs to replace the Battalions forward Cavalry screening force.


M1 Abrams REFORGER – Hasegawa 1/72nd

Woot, almost finshed my first “modern”. Ok it still needs crew and final bumper codes, and maybe tac codes but I can’t do much else in the way of weathering until I have varnish. Apart from that I’m pretty happy with it …. just need 5 more now : )


Merdec and Nato 3-colour camoflage – Cold War 20mm moderns

Base painting on the moderns, my approximations of Merdec Winter Verdant and standard Nato 3 colour camoflage. I didn’t have good/clear 3 views of all the vehicles, so I had to make a few guesstimations based on as many photos (inc model pics) as I could find. I’m always wary using models as references as you never know how much compromise has already been used, so the bits I couldn’t find references for are “averages” of what pictures I could get.


M113 reference pics

A pic or two for Danl …… M113’s with the trim vanes extended and being used for stowage, these are the best I have but I do have others also. Out of interest on my M113s I chucked on a couple of other common US battlefield mods too. Forward facing exhausts which were used to keep the rear compartment clear of fumes when running with it open and with a smoke grenade tied to it or placed in it, it was used to pop smoke in dense bush. Added road wheels as applique armour but more interestingly specifically over the gas tank on the left rear hull, reading a bit I found that the left mounted gas tank was one reason for commonly mounting RCLs on the right hand side too …. and finally dirt filled boxes on the rear decks to give a bit of extra cover to the troopers.


“C” Company, 5/60th Inf, 9th ID

M106 mortar track 2/47th Infantry “Black Panthers” 9th ID

And two both with extnded vanes, 3/5th cavalry “Black Knights” 9th ID on a sweep out of FSB Bastogne.

Cold War 20mm US armor

A rush project for my brother, well mostly anyway : ))) Some 1/72nd cold war US armor, Hasegawa M1A1, Revell Bradley M2A2, ACE Lav-ITV and a couple of Italeri M113A1 ACAVs. I’d like to pick up a couple more Abrams and some M113 ITV’s at some stage for a Team Yankee themed battlegroup, so they’ll be finished as lateish ’80s Reforger type vehicles …. now to find some decent crews …. and some opposition.