Pre Heresy Space Marines – Metallic finish

My painting experiments in trying to simulate a Pre-Heresy metalic finish on my Space Marines ……..

A long while back I had been searching for a different style of finish for my own Space Marines. The Horus Heresy books all seemed to stress a highly polished finish to the Pre-Heresy armours but trying to simulate that with NMM painting was (and is) way beyond both my ability and patience. So I started experimenting with thin glazes over a silver base and came up with a finish I was happy with ………


GM marines 02 1250

GM marines 01 1250




BA shiney -w12

BA shiney -w13

BA shiney -w11


IF group-1


9 comments on “Pre Heresy Space Marines – Metallic finish

    • For the green I used thinned (with a little Tamiya X20A and water) Dark Angels green and applied it over the silver base. Move it around with the brush so that it doesnt pool. Once each player is dry you can add another. The key is to lay on a very thin amount at each time ……

  1. I love the metallic – if I was in space I’d like a shiny suit! None of this naff NMM stuff either – brilliant. I cannot decode which colour I like the most which is a good sign that they all work really well.

  2. Hey mate, I know this is a very old article but could you write up a little tutorial about the imperial fists you made here? These are among the best I’ve ever seen and there aren’t many good IF-tuts out there, most of them drift to a very orange or brownish look. But your Fists are cold-yellow and they rock!!!

    • Hi matey, thanks for looking in, glad to see the older stuff is still getting looked at!

      If you flick me an email (the gmail addy in the contact details page) I’ll try to point you in the right direction …


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