Perry Morris CS8 AT-Portee – Project DAK finished

Perry AT-Portee finished ….

Finished the Perry Morris CS8 Bofors AT-Portee. Kept the finish plain as the vehicle is pretty busy anyway and Caunter would have been a bit tricky to pull off, plus most pics of Portee conversions show a basic sand finish. All in all a very attractive model and should look even better when the new owner add the crew ….






And the build wips pics. I added the white styrene mudguards and rebuilt the supports for the overhead stowage rack.


JTFM Tortoise, Boarhound and Staghound – wip2

Base primer ….

Been battling with the Ersatz M10 project (having problems with bubbles and fit) so splashed some primer on a few things for a break. The JTFM vehicles are part of a 1946 themed project and are in the very early stages of the builds. Primered with Humbrol, the next step is to work on some detailing. Also going to replace the wheels on the Staghound with a set off the Boarhound to improve it’s look and sit. I may also adjust the gun lengths a bit too, while I like big guns as much as the next person the 17pdr on the Boarhound is bigger than the 32pdr on the Tortoise. Early days ….



Project DAK finished – Perry and Blitzkrieg desert theater vehicles

Finished pics ….

Ok, updated with a few group pics and a bit of a re-cap is in order.

The vehicles are ;

Blitzkrieg SdKfz 250/1C
Bliztkrieg SdKfz 222
Blitzkrieg Marder II
Perry SdKfz 250/1
Rubicon SdKfz 250/1
Perry Dingo
Perry Universal Carrier
Blitzkrieg M3 Stuart
Perry Marmon Harrington MkIII

Stowage is a mix of Perry, Rubicon and JTFM, decals used were from Warlord, Rubicon and Tamiya. Everything was given an enamel base/primer coat and all top finishing was brushed acrylics using GW and Vallejo. Final weathering was mostly Windsor and Newton oils with some homemade acrylic washes and finished with Mig and homemade pigment powders.












Perry Dingo – Project DAK wip11

Dingo …..

Perry Dingo Scout Car. Picked a different camo for some contrast. Nice simple and attractive model, just needing decals and flags, which should go on this week as the plan is to wrap up everything except the Perry AT-Portee by the weekend.



Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part8

Almost there …….

Completed the basic shading on these guys and they’re starting to look the part. Only final detailing, AOS markings and some selective chipping to go now. Oh, and aerials with flags. The British desert forces loved aerials with pennant flags on them, all very boys own !!!!




A progression/SBS pic. Hopefully this gives some idea of how the layers of paint build up from the starting block colours to the final shading …


Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part7

Even more Caunter progress ……

Ok, it might not look like it but I recoloured the Silver Grey hue to make it “Greyer”. Why, because I’m odd like that, little things annoy me. So I fixed it. In my happy place now so I painted on some markings. All very British looking 🙂




Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part5

Perry Marmon-Herrington MkIII, Bliztkrieg M3 Honey, Perry Universal-Carrier MkI ….

The mysterious Caunter Scheme 3colour Disruptive camouflage pattern takes shape. The base scheme is on the first three brit vehicles using HOQ paint renditions of Portland Stone, Slate and Silver Grey. All colours are base solids and will get lightened considerably, especially the Slate (which is a green – dark grey) and Silver Grey (which is a pea green – grey).

Should be interesting to see how they work out …..




A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip12

A little more progress …..

As it says on the tin, a little more progress with the base colours on the Warlord British and some more detailed finishing shading on the Arnhem Warlord 251/1C. All shading so far is using oils over the acrylic base paint and camouflage.


bft - 251-1 C1 094 grp 800

Britz - 037 grp 1020

Bonus attached pic of the M13/40 wip camo …..

m13-40 - 040 740

A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip11

A little progress ….

Started the post shading and almost finished the Warlord 251/8. Still have the front mudguard width indicators to add and to weather/pigment the running gear and lower hull.

bft - 251-8 093 grp

Also got the base colours corrected and painted on the Warlord British project that’s running at the same time …

Britz - 030 1250

Britz - 032 1000


And a small progress update (easier than a complete post for 1 pic lol)

Britz - 035 quad 740

Comet and Firefly – Milicast 20mm

!/76th brit tankie goodness from Milicast …

A couple of oldies from my unfinished pile . . . . that might actually get finished soon!!! A34 Comet and Sherman IC Firefly. Usual great casting from Milicast, but the are resin and there’s some cleanup required plus I had to repair a bit of casting damage to the bottom rear track on the Firefly by replacing it with some spare track. Pretty basic stuff though. Final weathering and markings to go ….


M Firefly -w511

M Firefly -w522

M Comet -w53

M Comet -w52

Staghound Mk1 armoured cars – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

“Past Revisited” episode 6

Cromwell Staghounds which came as a pack of three individually stowed vehicles, ready to paint and game. The barrels were replaced by brass ones and crew added but that’s all … oh and a bit of paint. Completed as a commission and some of my favourites, I’d love a unit of these for myself!


B21-3 Staghounds p06

B21-3 Staghounds p05

B21-3 Staghounds p04

B21-3 Staghounds p03

B21-3 Staghounds p07

B21-3 Staghounds p08

B21-3 Staghounds p01

B21-3 Staghounds p02

Airfix Warrior – Crew fitting 2

Airfix Warrior crew finished ……

Finally got these guys finsihed and in the Warrior for a few pics. I haven’t decided yet if they’ll be fixed in place permantly but at the moment they’re removeable so that I can do the final finishing on the Warrior. A lot of work to get ’em up to model standard but I’m pretty happy with how they look in place ……


Warrior crew w055 900

Warrior crew w056 900

Warrior crew w060 1200

Warrior crew w061 1200

Warrior crew w062 1200

Warrior crew w064 1200

Warrior crew w064  1200

Airfix Warrior – Modern British MTP uniform 2

MTP test fig finished ………..

Well I finished the test trooper in MTP. Improved the detail on the Helmet by adding a replacement NVG mounting strap and clips. While painting I realised I should have replaced the platoon comms microphone. I’d previously replaced the ones on the turret TC and Gunner, figuring the crew headsets and mics were more prominent. I should have done the troopers too in hindsight, too late for this guy but I’ll track the others down and fix em …….

Anyway the paint went on ok. I decided to paint the body armour, knapsack and some of the pouches in plain DDPM to add some contrast to the camoflage. As Keith mentions in a comment on the first MTP installment, when painting modern camo especially, the packs and details can get lost in the camo. While that may be the idea (lol) it doesn’t make for a very visual figure. So the plain webbing helps and I also spent a bit of extra time working on the shading / shadows.

All in all and while it’s taken some effort, I think the plain and soft Airfix figures can scrub up pretty well. Which is just as well as there aren’t any other options available in 1/48th yet …….


Warrior crew w0400

Warrior crew w042

Warrior crew w046

Warrior crew w049

Warrior crew w044

I’m often asked about the colours I use. Well I usually mix my paint and current use mostly last generation (out of production) GW acrylics. This makes it really a moot point to try and detail the ratios of each colour used. Instead I’ve been producing colour swatches of paints as I mix them. That means when I come to re-mix a batch, even using a different paint system, I can faff about with my alchemaic blending until I have a pretty close match to my favourite colour.

Below are the primary colours I settled on for my MTP camo test.

Pea Green base – the whole uniform gets this as a base colour
Mid Green diruptor – this goes on next, covering roughly 25% of the uniform
Dark Earth disuptor – the third colour added to cover roughly 25% of the uniform
Desert DDPM base – my base colour for DDPM. Used as an light accent colour at roughly 5% or less
Dark Chocolate Brown (not shown) – the final dark accent colour, apply sparingly at around 5% or less

MTP Pal-1

Airfix Warrior – Modern British MTP uniform 1

Mini update ………

Or to use it’s official designation;

Multi Terrain Pattern Personal Clothing System Combat Uniform (MTP PCS CU) which started entering service in 2011 replacing the old Combat Soldier ’95 system which had a vareity of uniforms for different situations. Personally after looking at many ref pics I think the MTP does a great job in both desert and temperate surroundings. It just looks tricky to paint lol

So, I started experimenting with painting the current uniform MTP (also sometimes called multicam) on one of the troopers. In theatre pics often show a mix of uniform types so I was thinking of painting the two troopers in MTP and the vehicle crew in the earlier desert pattern DPM figuring the groundpunders would be the first to get the newer issued uniforms. Interestingly the US also adopted multicam after first rejecting it and now having largely abandoned their “digital” pattern experiment …….

Anyway I had to mix all the colours to match the reference pics, in which the shades often appear quite pale and subdued.

I’ve attached some assorted MTP pics below showing how variations in lighting (and probably fading esp in the Afghanistan pic) effect the colour hues.

Multicam 12

Multicam 16

Multicam 18


And here’s my first attempt. I’m pretty happy with it so I’ll carry on and complete both of the troopers who will be standing in the fighting hatch.

Warrior crew  w034

Airfix 1/48th Warrior – build log 10

Detailing basically completed over the weekend ……..

Pretty much as the can says, added the final details. There’s still more I could do but have to draw the line somewhere.

And while we’re talking about detailing I thought it might be interesting to add a list of the additions made to the basic kit ;

From the Airfix PE set
Replaced the front and rear fenders,
Upper hull and rear air-con unit grills,
Turret vison blocks
Turret sight grills and window wipers
Driver hatch windows
Turret and upper hatch handles
Rear ecm/aerial plate mountings
Fire extinguisher clamps and frames
Front hull tool rack and fittings
Gun mantlet spent round ejection port cover
Gun mantlet mounting brackets (honestly no idea what they’re for lol)
Brackets on the headlight clusters used for fitting drivers mirrors
Headlight and taillight cluster brush guards

Scratch additons
Replace kit hatch handles with wire (20)
Added rain covers to driver hatch viewing ports
Turret spent round deflection plate
Turret lifting lugs (5)
Replaced all kit aerials with various sized wire
Added wiring to the rear mounted ECM/Sat nav/Bowman coms aerials
Fitted stowage rolls and made tie down straps and hooks
Added turret mounted side stowage box
Made a Kinetic tow rope (old IPod cable)
Added towing shackles (none supplied with the kit)
Thinned the slat armour with scalpel and file (not really an addition but loads of work)
Fitted RHS drivers aid/width indicator pole
Added detailling to the front mounted IED jammers.
Thinned (didn’t replace with PE as its too thin) the three wire cutter/deflector bars

Lol … I think that’s about it ……..


Warrior w090  1100

Warrior w091  1100

Warrior w092  1100

Warrior w093  1100

Warrior w094  1100

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 9

The last build log entry before final details, weathering and the final money shot pics …..

Yup, it’s all over and done. Well its at about 85-90% but the assembly and basic paint part of the build is all complete. Still have some details to add, stowage, tow cabels and hooks, crew, ECM and SAT nav aerials and the wiring for them. I also have a few broken small parts to re-fit, the mudflap and some door handles. Then it’s final weathering and it’s ready for the all important finished money shots …..


Warrior w080 1250

Warrior w081 1250

Warrior w082 1250

Warrior w083 1250

Warrior w084 1250

Warrior w085 1250

Warrior w086 1250

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 8

Made a start on fitting the slat armour ……

I decided to try and scratch build the rear panel as I need the practise (my scratch skills are average) and to see how long it would take and thus if scratching the whole lot was practical.

Using the kit part as a guide it was a basic if time-consuming process. First I cut the outer frame and drilled and fitted the three-wire upright supports. Then cut and drilled the slats, fitting them down over the wires and superglued them in place.

If I’d made a jig to cut things square and to the same length it would have been even easier but I wanted to see the result first. To make matters harder I broke the drill of choice and had to use a slightly larger one for the holes in the slats, this made if a nightmare to get them secured with glue. Possibly my superglue is past it’s best also and takes a while to set off. Anyway all done and about 2hours work. It would be less with a jig but it’s still tedious and a mental strain.

I think it looks good (read – more in scale) and I managed to replicate the ragged look most slats carry after a little service. I’d definitely do all of it this way if the Warrior was going on a diorama base or in a comp for its hero factor, but for gaming and my sanity I went back to hand thinning the kit pieces with a scalpel and file.


Warrior w070 1250
Warrior slat cu1
Warrior w068 1100
Warrior w069 1100

And with one side fitted ……..
Warrior w067 1250
Warrior w065 1250
Warrior w066 1250

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 7

Big update this, worked on the Warrior all day for the first time this week as unfortunately we’ve had a family bereavment to start 2014 off with …… (thinking of you Gary)

Anyway laid on the base coat and lightened it. Put on the initial pin washes and some shading. Kept it minimal at this stage as I’ll wait for the slat armour to go on before I can get a decent feel for how the whole thing ties together. I still might yet add a filter to change the overall base colour shade a little which is still bothering me, not sure.

This has also been a departure for me as the base colours were Humbrol Enamel this time instead of GW acrylics. I’ve still used acrylic in places for detialing but my stock of the old style GWs is dwindling fast and the new paint is shite compared to the old stuff. It has the consistancy of housepaint and I just can’t get a feel for it yet, not on tanks anyway.

I also sealed the base enamel with varnish and have used old school oils for the pin washes. Again mostly because my stock of GW Chestnut Ink has almost run out and I’m trying to settle on alternatives that match my painting style ….. Yoda forsees much trickiness and gnashing of teeth ahead …….


Pin washed and ready for the slat armour to go on ….
Warrior w061 1250
Warrior w062 1250
Warrior w063 1250
Warrior w064 1250

Base coat and hightlighting completed …….
Warrior w050 grp 1250
Warrior w056 1350
Warrior w058 1350
Warrior w060 1350

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 6

Primed and ready for finishing paint …..

Finished the grab handles and hatches today then primed it with Tamiya enamel (TS-3 from a rattlecan). I’m hping to paint and finish the hull before fitting the hull slat armour. Also after most of the painting is completed it’ll get the last of the details including, some stowage – packs and boxes, towing shackles and tow cables, a spare roadwheel or two if I can find something close enough to the corret size in the spares box.


Warrior w042
Warrior w044-2