LAH Ardennes Battlegroup – 20mm

Just an oldie as a space filler …..

I’m currently working on an Ardennes LAH vehicle project so thought an old project might make a nice inspirational space filler. It’s an LAH Ardennes themed Battlegroup with no historical specifics, just typical lateish war stuff. There’s a mix of manufacturers represented, Dragon, Hasegawa, Matchbox, Cromwell and Milicast, so it’s also broken the cardinal sin of mixing 1/76th with 1/72nd …. so smack my hand 🙂


Dragon late JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70 (x2)
Dragon mid JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70
Dragon early JgPzIv 7.5cm L/48
Cromwell Tiger II (x2)
Matchbox Wespe (x2)
Milicast StugIIIG (x2)
Dragon 251/10D
Cromwell 251/1D (x3)
Crowmell 251/7D (Engineer)
Cromwell 251/8D (Ambulance)
Cromwell 251/9D 7.5cm SPG (x2)
Cromwell 251/16D (Flame)
Cromwell 251/17D Drilling
Cromwell Mobelwagen 3.7cm SPAA
Hasegawa Ostwind 3.7cm SPAA
Milicast Hetzer


LAH battlegroup  010

Comet and Firefly – Milicast 20mm

!/76th brit tankie goodness from Milicast …

A couple of oldies from my unfinished pile . . . . that might actually get finished soon!!! A34 Comet and Sherman IC Firefly. Usual great casting from Milicast, but the are resin and there’s some cleanup required plus I had to repair a bit of casting damage to the bottom rear track on the Firefly by replacing it with some spare track. Pretty basic stuff though. Final weathering and markings to go ….


M Firefly -w511

M Firefly -w522

M Comet -w53

M Comet -w52

Project ’46 20mm wippery – 1

A bit of a fill in post to break the monotony of all the 1/35th kit progress posts. Dug around in whats left of my storage drive and found a few pics of some of our 20mm projects, there’s even a few Brit suijects in there!


8.8cm FlakZwilling on a Ferdinand chassis.

British 5.5inch SPG on modified Cromwell chassis with Stalwart load carrier.

Tiger “Bruckenlager” bridgelayer. A complete faff up and I’m going to build another. Assembled the lower hull when I was really sick and managed to get the track guild links on the outside of the roadwheels ….

US Superheavys, Boarhound, Black Prince and ’46 Shermans …

British and German battlegroups ….

20mm D-Day Funnies, 79th Armd Division Sherman Crab and Churchill Crocodiles

A pic break is needed I think from all that stressful 1/35th wip. So here’s a bit of past 20mm commission wargaming armour, a Sherman Crab, Churchill Crocodiles and a Petard armed Churchill AVRE, all Milicast resin kits. The Crab has PE flails, AB crewman (actually a Russian but he makes a great British looking officer) and added stowage. The Crocodile fuel trailers were fitted with brass rod so they can be removed and the Churchills used as gun tanks. As usual, all were brush painted with GW acrylics and weathered with home made pigments. Decals are from various bison sets.


20mm Tat

Some of the later, and therefore better (at least that’s my story) of the 20mm stuff I’ve completed for people in the past. The Tigers are Milicast resin and the Panthers are Dragon kits. The 6pdr and Loyd tow carrier are Milicast and the Pak40 is AB as is the fabulous crew figs in both pictures. I (heart) AB figures and wish they had made more ranges. I get stirrings in the depths of my painting shorts thinking about what US paras would look like, or even dare I say it moderns. Yup they’d sell truck loads of modern vehicle crews I reckon …..