Cold War REFORGER “Team Yankee” 20mm battlegroup

About 99% finished now, just gotta sort out some decent crews, probably Presier US tank crews off Ebay. Also waiting to finalise a few markings as I really need some custom bumper codes to properly represent the teams units, TF-1-78 mech and attached 1-4 armd. As mentioned before the LAV doesn’t really fit in but it’s grown on me somewhat, so much so that I might make up a ficticous Marine group of Lav25s and ITs to replace the Battalions forward Cavalry screening force.



M1 Abrams REFORGER – Hasegawa 1/72nd

Woot, almost finshed my first “modern”. Ok it still needs crew and final bumper codes, and maybe tac codes but I can’t do much else in the way of weathering until I have varnish. Apart from that I’m pretty happy with it …. just need 5 more now : )


Merdec and Nato 3-colour camoflage – Cold War 20mm moderns

Base painting on the moderns, my approximations of Merdec Winter Verdant and standard Nato 3 colour camoflage. I didn’t have good/clear 3 views of all the vehicles, so I had to make a few guesstimations based on as many photos (inc model pics) as I could find. I’m always wary using models as references as you never know how much compromise has already been used, so the bits I couldn’t find references for are “averages” of what pictures I could get.