251/21 SdKfz 251/21 Ausf. D Drilling MG151 – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

“Past Revisited” episode three …..lol

251/21 Drilling ….. I did a few 251s in the past, must count em up one day. I’ve always wanted to do a “late” SPW company, the whole thing but with a few mods. The standard 251s would all be 251/23s, with the 20mm armoured car turret. 251/21 Drillings and 251/22 Pak40s would be in the heavy platoon. One day maybe ………


G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p01

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p02

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p03

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p04

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p05

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p06

G32 SdKfz251-21 Drilling p07

Fire Team – 28mm Modern Skirmish rules

Recently we dusted of some of our in-house rules sets . . .

and realised that it wouldn’t take much to bring them up to date as we’ve been using most of the rules mechanisms for quite some time and they play pretty smoothly. As with all out rules we’re always streamlining them but the overall concept is for them to play as a sort of amalgam of all the books we read, with the emphasis on “feeling” right for the period. With our interest (and about 1000hrs of U-Tube Afghanistan doco watching under our belts) we decided to tackle our Modern Skirmish rule set first – Fire Team.

* Note in due course our WW2 Skirmish, WW2 Company, Modern Company, Project ’46 Alternate War and Infected Survival Rules, Knights of the Sky WW1 Aero and Rodger Young (Sci-Fi Starship combat) will all be tarted up and hopefully made available for free / donation.

Soooo while my brother was ripping into some of the nice new Empress Miniatures 28mm modern figs my task was to tackle the vehicles and as one of the first I chose to build a USMC M1A1.

While we’re confessing things I’m also at a bit of a crossroads in deciding how to model it. I’m getting the impressive resin 1/48th Gasoline M1A2 kit. Now the only M1s in Afghanistan were the M1A1s of the Marine 1st Battalion. To depect one of these tanks properly I’d have to backdate the Gasoline kit, then partially upgrade it with selected TUSK1 components.

Further complication things is that we plan to make a HMMMWV unit later in the year. Given that it will be based on the Tamiya 1/48th kits and the upgrade armour and weapons turrets commonly seen on Afghanistan deployed vehicles aren’t available for them, it would make more sense to finish both the M1 and the Hummers as vehicles from the second Iraq War.

At the moment I’m undecided. I guess when the Abrams turns up (it’s on order at the moment) I’ll have a look at it and work out how much work is involved in converting it to the later USMC Afghanistan standard.


.My loose plan is to depict a heavily used vehicle and use it as a chance to go to town with contrasts and weathering. My reference pic below is this tasty looking USMC vehicle pictured from the Iraqi conflict though current Afghanistan deployed vehicles have been upgrade with newer equipment.
Some of the upgrades applied to the Abrams include SEP (Systems Enhancement Programme) and TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit) which include the following components, a Thermal Imaging sight for the loader, CROWs remote weapons station for the tank commander, Armoured Gun shield for the loader, rear mounted Tank/Infantry telephone and an improved armour kit comprising reactive armour tiles and rear mounted slats. Recently DUKE anti IED jammers have also been fitted to the service fleet. Note I don’t intend to add all this stuff . . . . though I might . . . . add . . . . some . . . . .

OIF Abrams

Abrams Tusk upgrades

Well that’s all for now apart from waiting for the bits to arrive. Feel free to comment on the build once I get going and ask any questions which I’ll be glad to try and answer (except the dumb ones you’re thinking up Craig!)

Aka Queeg

3.7cm FlaK Mobelwagen – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

Another from the “Past Revisited” series. Sounds like something you’d find on the History channel doesn’t it …

Anyway, thought I’d make a luchtime post while I take a break and have some sammies and a cuppa.

To use its official designation it’s a ;
3.7cm FlaK auf Fahrgestell PanzerkampfwagenIV SdKfz 161/3 Mobelwagen (Furniturevan), from Cromwells 1/76th Combat Ready range.

I just love the original German descriptions for afvs and weapons, soooooo technical sounding lol


G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p01

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p02

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p03

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p04

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p05

G21 37mm Flak Mobelwagon p06

Airfix 1/48th Warrior – build log 10

Detailing basically completed over the weekend ……..

Pretty much as the can says, added the final details. There’s still more I could do but have to draw the line somewhere.

And while we’re talking about detailing I thought it might be interesting to add a list of the additions made to the basic kit ;

From the Airfix PE set
Replaced the front and rear fenders,
Upper hull and rear air-con unit grills,
Turret vison blocks
Turret sight grills and window wipers
Driver hatch windows
Turret and upper hatch handles
Rear ecm/aerial plate mountings
Fire extinguisher clamps and frames
Front hull tool rack and fittings
Gun mantlet spent round ejection port cover
Gun mantlet mounting brackets (honestly no idea what they’re for lol)
Brackets on the headlight clusters used for fitting drivers mirrors
Headlight and taillight cluster brush guards

Scratch additons
Replace kit hatch handles with wire (20)
Added rain covers to driver hatch viewing ports
Turret spent round deflection plate
Turret lifting lugs (5)
Replaced all kit aerials with various sized wire
Added wiring to the rear mounted ECM/Sat nav/Bowman coms aerials
Fitted stowage rolls and made tie down straps and hooks
Added turret mounted side stowage box
Made a Kinetic tow rope (old IPod cable)
Added towing shackles (none supplied with the kit)
Thinned the slat armour with scalpel and file (not really an addition but loads of work)
Fitted RHS drivers aid/width indicator pole
Added detailling to the front mounted IED jammers.
Thinned (didn’t replace with PE as its too thin) the three wire cutter/deflector bars

Lol … I think that’s about it ……..


Warrior w090  1100

Warrior w091  1100

Warrior w092  1100

Warrior w093  1100

Warrior w094  1100

251/8 Krankenpanzerwagen – Cromwell Models 1/76th 20mm

This is the first of a series of revisits to some of my older completed stuff ……

One of the original ideas behind posting my older stuff was for me to have another back up somewhere, after suffering through a loss of data a while back there’s a little voice that keeps reminding me to look after what I managed to recover.

Anyway here’s the first one, a 251/8 Ambulance from the Crowmell Combat Ready range.


251 group 11

251 group 10

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p05

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p03

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p04

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p02

G41 Sdkfz 2518 AMBULANCE  p01

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 9

The last build log entry before final details, weathering and the final money shot pics …..

Yup, it’s all over and done. Well its at about 85-90% but the assembly and basic paint part of the build is all complete. Still have some details to add, stowage, tow cabels and hooks, crew, ECM and SAT nav aerials and the wiring for them. I also have a few broken small parts to re-fit, the mudflap and some door handles. Then it’s final weathering and it’s ready for the all important finished money shots …..


Warrior w080 1250

Warrior w081 1250

Warrior w082 1250

Warrior w083 1250

Warrior w084 1250

Warrior w085 1250

Warrior w086 1250

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 8

Made a start on fitting the slat armour ……

I decided to try and scratch build the rear panel as I need the practise (my scratch skills are average) and to see how long it would take and thus if scratching the whole lot was practical.

Using the kit part as a guide it was a basic if time-consuming process. First I cut the outer frame and drilled and fitted the three-wire upright supports. Then cut and drilled the slats, fitting them down over the wires and superglued them in place.

If I’d made a jig to cut things square and to the same length it would have been even easier but I wanted to see the result first. To make matters harder I broke the drill of choice and had to use a slightly larger one for the holes in the slats, this made if a nightmare to get them secured with glue. Possibly my superglue is past it’s best also and takes a while to set off. Anyway all done and about 2hours work. It would be less with a jig but it’s still tedious and a mental strain.

I think it looks good (read – more in scale) and I managed to replicate the ragged look most slats carry after a little service. I’d definitely do all of it this way if the Warrior was going on a diorama base or in a comp for its hero factor, but for gaming and my sanity I went back to hand thinning the kit pieces with a scalpel and file.


Warrior w070 1250
Warrior slat cu1
Warrior w068 1100
Warrior w069 1100

And with one side fitted ……..
Warrior w067 1250
Warrior w065 1250
Warrior w066 1250

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 7

Big update this, worked on the Warrior all day for the first time this week as unfortunately we’ve had a family bereavment to start 2014 off with …… (thinking of you Gary)

Anyway laid on the base coat and lightened it. Put on the initial pin washes and some shading. Kept it minimal at this stage as I’ll wait for the slat armour to go on before I can get a decent feel for how the whole thing ties together. I still might yet add a filter to change the overall base colour shade a little which is still bothering me, not sure.

This has also been a departure for me as the base colours were Humbrol Enamel this time instead of GW acrylics. I’ve still used acrylic in places for detialing but my stock of the old style GWs is dwindling fast and the new paint is shite compared to the old stuff. It has the consistancy of housepaint and I just can’t get a feel for it yet, not on tanks anyway.

I also sealed the base enamel with varnish and have used old school oils for the pin washes. Again mostly because my stock of GW Chestnut Ink has almost run out and I’m trying to settle on alternatives that match my painting style ….. Yoda forsees much trickiness and gnashing of teeth ahead …….


Pin washed and ready for the slat armour to go on ….
Warrior w061 1250
Warrior w062 1250
Warrior w063 1250
Warrior w064 1250

Base coat and hightlighting completed …….
Warrior w050 grp 1250
Warrior w056 1350
Warrior w058 1350
Warrior w060 1350

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 6

Primed and ready for finishing paint …..

Finished the grab handles and hatches today then primed it with Tamiya enamel (TS-3 from a rattlecan). I’m hping to paint and finish the hull before fitting the hull slat armour. Also after most of the painting is completed it’ll get the last of the details including, some stowage – packs and boxes, towing shackles and tow cables, a spare roadwheel or two if I can find something close enough to the corret size in the spares box.


Warrior w042
Warrior w044-2

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 5

Getting closer to painting ……..

Almost all the PE is on now. Got to add the turret hatches (the filler on the ejector pin holes, which were huge, is still drying) and to make and fit the grab handles, about 20 in all. Some of the PE won’t be able to go on until after painting, the headlight, tail ight and turret IR sensor bin brush guards will all have to wait. Also glass has to be be added to the turret crew add on armour last after final varnishing.

Same goes for the the ECM and sat nav package aerials. They will get in the way of handling during painting so they’ll also be a late addition. I’m also not even sure if I’ll be able to mount them sercurely to the PE plates yet so might have to revert to the kit platic offerings yet, we’ll see ……


Warrior w036

Warrior w037

Warrior w038

Warrior w039

Warrior w040

Slat Armour

I attempted to thin down the kit plastic slat armour a little also. Managed to get it clsoe to half the thickness of the original. Still way overscale but a bit better at least. It would have been nice if the Airfix PE set had included slats or even if they had made it available as an additional PE set …..

Warrior w041 slat armour

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 4

It’s starting to look like a Warrior now ….

Cut out the hole for the top PE vent and added the top deck grills. Finally attached the upper hull permantly then added the the side armour and fitted the ECM and nav suite electrical cables. No issues with this stage as the fit of parts overall is very good.

One PE grill, the one immediately in front of the turret on the left upper hull, didn’t quite fit as it’s supplied angles didn’t quite match the plastic vent. I just filled the small gaps with thin CA. Fingers crossed this part stays attached during painting as it small and doesn’t have a lot of contact area. Fishing it out of the hull with it buttoned up will be a mission. If I’d thought about I could have blocked off the underside of the vent with plasticard ……..


Warrior w0315

Warrior w032

Warrior w033

Warrior w034

Warrior w035 cu1

Warrior w035 cu2

Project ’46 IS-4M 122mm Heavy Tank – Cromwell Models 20mm

A nice big piece of Soviet kit for a change, the IS-4M Heavy Tank.

The model is from the Cromwell Combat72 range. Assembly is pretty straight forward and the only things I’ve added are the descent grab rails and replacing the turret lifting lugs beacuse 1 had broken off. I’ll probably add a tow cable and maybe an IR searchlight …..


46sovr IS-4

IS-4 Heavy Tank

IS-4 w022

IS-4 w021

IS-4 w25

IS-4 w28

IS-4 w32

IS-4 w33

Airfix 1/48th Supercat HMT600 Coyote TSV – wip

Posting catch up pics of the Coyote 6×6 Tactical Support Vehicle build.

Basically the Coyote is essentially the same kit as the Jackal but with an extra drive transfer case and wheels and a longer supply deck. As such the build comments made for the Jackal assembly hold true for the Coyote. The rear deck fit is more positive than the Jackals however due to the extra frame req for the second set of drive wheels. Once built however it’s got a real heft and presense to it. It would look awesome loaded down with gear and supplies …….


coyote wip020

coyote wip030

coyote wip024

coyote wip050 1100

coyote wip051 1100

Airfix group wip 050 1100

Krupp 12.8cm L/55 PaK44 (Panzerabwehrkanone) – Cromwell Models

Always thought this was one of the best looking AT guns ever made …..

Krupp Pak44

Another model I’ve had waiting to be finished for too long. A little more delicate than the simpler resin tanks this needs carefule clean up and assembly to ensure everythings straight and level.

There was a problem with the the hydraulic recoil buffers being being a little too short to line up with the top and bottom mountings. I’m not sure if this was something I did or a feature or it being a pre-release moulding (I’ve had it a while – the shame!). Anyway I added some rod and it was a pretty easy fix – just something to watch for.

Anyway after a little extra detailing, I added wheel jack handles, botton trunnion plates, shield stays amd a few linkages to the gun sight, it’s ready for it’s final weathering ……..


12-8cm Pak44 r1

Buffer problems and fix

PaK44 buffer
PaK44 buffer extension2

Assembled and basecoated

PaK44 w13
PaK44 w11
PaK44 w20PaK44 w21

Base camouflage added

PaK44 w040
PaK44 w041
PaK44 w042

Extra detailing

PaK44 w045
PaK44 w046
PaK44 w047

Part two of the build/paint is here …… https://houseofqueeg.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/krupp-12-8cm-l55-pak44-panzerabwehrkanone-cromwell-models-p2/

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 3

Almost finised ….

Assembled and prepainted the interior today. I kept it pretty simple as the rear door will be closed and with only the top infantry fighting hatch to look through you can’t see much inside anyway. It’s was pretty hard to find interior pics so in the end I went with colours of an earlier Batus machine pictured on Primeportal. All the interior appears to be base coated in Nato (British) green with electrical boxes and elcectronics being a mix of black and white. There appears to be foam cladding on the roof and around the central turret drive mechanism box, in some ref pics this is cream coloured and on other vehicles it appears very pale blue. The walls also have light blue panels attached over the green framework.

I added the PE checker plate floor but left the other interior details off as none of it can be seen. One mod I did do was to convert the single seat on the left hand side into what it actually is ….. a combat khazi or loo.

The turret interior was also painted in green as per the ref pics. I didn’t add any of the missing radios and sighting gear as I intend to add crew into the hatches at a later date and it will largely be invisable.

Got a little more PE to add then I can button up the top hull and it’s almost ready for paint.


modukr  warrior int1
modukr  warrior int2

Warrior w029 1100
Warrior w030 1100
Warrior w031 1100

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 2

Got most of the lower hull assembly completed today …..

In general it was a pretty straight forward build with no major fit issues. There’s a tiny amount of flash on some parts but it’s an easy cleanup. I differed from the assembly instruction order by first glueing the road wheels together to let them set up while I assembled the hull. The Airfix order fits the smaller subassemblies to the hull floor first but I like to make sure the floor and sides are square and tight before adding any smaller parts.

After the main hull I attached the torsion bar swing arms. A neat touch is that Airfix supplies an assembly jig to set the arms into the correct alignment and ride height. I attached the front and rear arms first and cleaned up a few other parts while they set. Then I attached the middle arms and sat the vehicle down on a glass sheet to ensure that they all were the same height. The instructions want the inner side of the two piece road wheels attached to the swing arms first and then the outer wheel fitted. To me this is allowing too much chance of misalignment which is why I assembled my wheels first. Working quickly I attached all the road wheels and again sat the vehicle down on the flat sheet and let the glue harden.

The tracks are a little tricky. The sprockets and rear idler are not interchangable from side to side so make sure you have the correct ones and get the track direction correct. The links around the drive and idler spokect are the worst feature of the track and so far the kit itself. The joins are much wider than the gap between the moulded links and there is no easy way to correct this as cutting and tightening the links would shorten the track too much to get a join. I’m hoping the joins will be disguised when the track guards and slat armour is fitted.

I mounted the gun just because I wanted to see what it looked like but apart from that it’s ready to add the interior and outer hull details. Looking at the PE set there are some parts I wont use and some I’ll repalce by using either wire or plasticard. PE is nice for grills, box structures and plates but the grab handles and turret lifting lugs look way too thin and one dimensional in PE. A couple of the kit moulded plastic grills have to be carefully cut out and some handles scraped away with damaging other panels and engraved lines, so that’s the trick I need to pull off during the next assembly stage ……


Warrior w020 1100
Warrior w021 1100
Warrior w022 1100
Warrior w023 1100
Warrior w024 1100

Warrior w025 900

Warrior w026 1100

Warrior w027 1100

Airfix 1/48th BAE Warrior – build log 1

Can’t get more wippy than this … just opened the box!

Had a xmas care package arrive today, the Airfix Warrior and PE upgrade set.

The Warrior has the new TES(H) (Theater Entry Standard – Herric) improvement kit fitted, the most obvious feature of which is the “slat” armour to us laymen.

And the kit ……. 7 crisply moulded sprues and a very small but adequate decal sheet. The tracks are link and length and acceptable but the slat armour is a little overscale. Not any of Airfix’s fault, more a factor of the limits of moulding in this scale. PE slat armour is bound to surface soon but I’m not waiting as this is a straight box build to see how well she scrubs up for wargaming. No crew is provided, you’re expected to pick up one of Airfix’s crew sets but some specificically posed armoured crews would have been appreciated. Hatches and rear door can all be left open and there is a basic interior, a pleasent surprise as I hadn’t read about that. Anyway should be an interesting build ……. (that’s secret code for other stuff can wait as I’m ripping into this as a feel good xmas pressie to myself)


Airfix Warrior box 1200px

Airfix Warrior sprue set1 1200px

Airfix Warrior sprue set2 1200px

Project ’46 Saracen FV603c British APC – JB Models 1/76th

An oldie which needs a little updating which it will get as finish the platoon later this year.

At present this is the APC our Project ’46 Brits use in the Armoured Infantry Battalion which is directly attached to each Armoured Brigade. In this case it’s from the 8th Motor Battalion – The Rifle Brigade.

I’ve current got enough Saracens to have 4 APCs (1 a platoon commnad vehicle), a 120mm mortar and a company command APC. The plan is to make the platoon commanders vehicle a FV604 ACV with the roof mounted stowage bins and to convert at least one apc to a .50cal larger turret version. The company commander will ride in a converted RA command post FV610, the version with the tall extended roof. At some stage I’d like to add at least another mortar carrier and an RCL mounted antitank support version to the unit.

As mentioned it needs some tidying up with the main issue to fix up being the oversize aerials ….


Saracen APC header 1300px

Saracen 052 1000px
Saracen 054 1000px
Saracen 055 1000px
Saracen 051 1000px
Saracen 050 1000px
Saracen 053 1000px
Saracen 057 1000px
Saracen 058 1000px
Saracen 059 1000px

The unit so far …….

Saracen plt w030 - 1000

Project ’46 Grill30 – 30.5cm L/16 Morser ‘Bar’ (Bear) – Cromwell Models wip1

One of a few catch up post as we’ve been dealing with a serious family illness over the xmas break.

I’ve had the Bar on the bench for a while and I got a little stuck with it. I wasn’t sure about the scheme as it’s such a big vehilce. Well I’m back on track now after deciding to add a few things, details similar to the E-75 to busy it up a little and a rear spade and lifting jib to take care of ammo loading and recoil.

The build was pretty easy as the parts count is low with most of teh kit being taken uop with the bulk of the main hull and tracks. I gave the gun working elevation by clamping it in place and and drilling through the whole assembly. I put in a pin and sealed and filled each end hole.


30-5cm Bar Morser 000
Bar30 w010
Bar30 w050 camo

Base paint going on

Bar30 w020
Bar30 w030
Bar30 w040

Basic paint completed

Bar30 w050
Bar30 w051

Lifting jib and rear spade – workable! Still got to add chains and hook.

Bar30 w061
Bar30 w062
Bar30 w060