Blitzkrieg PanzerIII, 251/1C and 222 – Project DAK wip12

A bit of lining ….

Some base lining and shading in place. Dang hot here the last couple of days and the paint is drying as soon as it’s opened or detubed in the case of the oils 🙂




12 comments on “Blitzkrieg PanzerIII, 251/1C and 222 – Project DAK wip12

  1. Jesus. I wish it was half that warm here. Bloody freezing in England at the moment! They look great Brent. Do you use a mix of oils for the base lining and shading, or is it just something like burnt umber? Presumably, as the oil is very heavily thinned to create a wash, you’d think the white spirit would lift off the acrylic underneath, but apparently not 🙂 I guess you’ve got the technique down to (literally) a fine art.

    • Hey Richard 🙂 Yeah it’s a mix, I usually have Raw Umber, Raw and Burnt Sienna and Lamp Black on a pallet (actually I use old jam jar lids) .

      From that I grab whatever and thin, rolling around until it’s cut enough to capillary draw but still slightly syrupy. Less is more as like all weathering you can always add.

      Takes a little practise but tbh not that long, you’d pick it up in a swish I suspect. Drys really quick too because its so thin, can be layered but also removed, wiped or pushed about to prevent streaks and tide marks.

      God I sound like an oil paint rep, maybe Mig will “send” me some …..

    • Oh forgot, white spirit over acrylic is perfect stable but spirit washes will lift an enamel based coat double quick. It’s why the big boy modellers spray on a barrier coat of gloss future (acrylic floor polish varnish), do all their spirit based heavy washes and filters before matt spraying again. That’s too many steps for me so I’ve done without the heavy future and matt spray steps. Sometimes they’re varnishing 4 – 6 times per models when you add in coats for the decals.

  2. Blimey. What a process! Don’t think I could be arsed with all that… I am minded to have a try at your method one day though, so will bear your advice in mind. Thanks for the tips. Cheers. Richard

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