Commissions ……. and Cancer 2

Update …..

A bit of an update from the last month. Leias had a difficult time with the initial treatment going pretty well but only having 2 days at home before developing both pneumonia and a very serious lung infection which required being isolated in ICU for a week. Partially recovered she had another trip up to Starship for more Lumbar Chemo and Bone Marrow tests. And upon returning shes fighting another infection in her good lung. As can be imagined she is very tired and weakened but fighting to improve.

Through all of this Leia has been a real trooper, remaining very positive and coping in a way well beyond her year and we are all very very proud of her !!!!

Finally a shout out to the Hastings Childrens Ward staff, Starship Childrens Hospital staff and Ambulance and Air Ambulance staff and finally CCF and Canteen who have been so helpful and supportive towards Leia – we are and continue to be very grateful.

Brent and Family (mum Cherrie, Jarrod, Chani and cats Ozzy, Zazz and Leias new kitten Midge)

Leias Cancer beads of Courage …. she gets one per procedure or special event.

Leia in ICU …… Doc Dad and Nurse Chani plus The Hair Must Go

Air Ambulance Transfers …. with Air medic Kelvin and Pilot Sam

Starship Childrens Hospital ….. View plus Leias Gift Quilt from the Childrens Cancer Foundation (CCF) and her Angry Kat Pillow 🙂

A Final Word from Kermit
… snapped at Auckland Zoo during a day out before starting chemotherapy for the first time

Commissions ……. and Cancer

Two C words …..

It is with some regret that I have to announce that after I finish the current few commissions I won’t be taking on any more for the foreseeable future. I will be maintaining the blog and still modelling but due to a bunch of reasons, some me and some out of my control, I am unable to concentrate enough to finish commission work in the timely and professional manner they deserve.

Why? Well for many years I have had a series of health issues including the ups and downs of dealing with depression. Last year I got a very serious infection and this took most of the year to control and get on top of. As I’ve dealt with my own issues commissions have been delayed, far more than they should have and this is unacceptable going forward, mentally for me but more importantly for my long suffering customers, many of whom are friends. More relevant and serious than my minor problems however is the recent diagnosis of my 12 year old daughter Leia with Cancer. She has been ill for some time and it has taken the better part of 5 months to get the health department here in NZ to take it seriously enough and get specialists involved, fortunately (hopefully not too late) things have moved very fast ever since.

I don’t wax on about personal life much (if at all) here on the blog or in any public forum but I feel Leia deserves to know how much we love and support her – she’s been a real trooper and dealt with the situation and possible outcomes in a much better way than I have or would. So my decision, a difficult one in some ways would you believe, is to be there to give her (and with the rest of the tribe) the extra time and support she deserves ….. Lele this is for you babe 🙂

Q – Brent

Off to Starship Childrens Hospital …. look out staff !!!!