Perry Morris CS8 AT-Portee – Project DAK finished

Perry AT-Portee finished ….

Finished the Perry Morris CS8 Bofors AT-Portee. Kept the finish plain as the vehicle is pretty busy anyway and Caunter would have been a bit tricky to pull off, plus most pics of Portee conversions show a basic sand finish. All in all a very attractive model and should look even better when the new owner add the crew ….






And the build wips pics. I added the white styrene mudguards and rebuilt the supports for the overhead stowage rack.


13 comments on “Perry Morris CS8 AT-Portee – Project DAK finished

  1. Brilliant, that looks very nice. Great work on the front mudguards, I find it very difficult to work with styrene and get good results. Even if I managed one, I would never be able to get the other one to match!!

    • That’s mate! Yeah I didn’t do the front guards by choice, in fact I put it off more than I should as I was worried it would look naff 🙂 (and many thanks to Richard for outing up with the delay).

      On the actual curves, I found heating it in boiling water and setting the shape in iced water helped, and I also drew the curve on a bit of card so I had something to work/bend to …

  2. You have done a brilliant job making good from a model with missing parts, Brent. Looks a treat. As soon as they come to me, I’ll be pushing on and painting the crews and tank commanders for this collection. Cheers. Richard

    • Thanks Richard 🙂 Despite taking longer than promised I’ve really enjoyed building them I’m pretty happy with how the two sides each has it’s own look, with individual looking vehicles but still tied together. Hope you get plenty of enjoyment from them !


  3. A little beauty.
    I’ve stalled with finishing the crew on mine.

    A quick query, but do you have any good ref for markings on these? I’m going from a few black and white photos and there’s a fair bit of interpretation required.

    • Nope, I found a 1/35th model for refs and despite searching found very little easy to access info for what units had them. I just went with an RA unit as I couldn’t find the correct AT Regt info.

      Even Desert Campaign markings in general, some info for tanks but not much else … and my ref book collection is very very weak on good desert info.

      ps the lights and bumper set up on the front aren’t the best work and it needed lights on the guards …. ran out of steam and time a bit tbh

      • Not surprised tbh. I’ve more of these Morris trucks to do, but have rather set out my stall by rebuilding all of the business at the front. It’s turned a nice half hour build into something a lot more involved. I’ll wrap up the portee crew and see how I feel about doing another. The radio truck is looking very tempting, especially after seeing your whole project together.

      • Yeah you can always do more with your own projects … but there’s still a limit somewhere if you want to make forward progress. Been wrestling with this concept for a while now …. trying to find a limit with the modern project at the moment although it’s probably already passed that point 🙂

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