LAH Ardennes Battlegroup – 20mm

Just an oldie as a space filler …..

I’m currently working on an Ardennes LAH vehicle project so thought an old project might make a nice inspirational space filler. It’s an LAH Ardennes themed Battlegroup with no historical specifics, just typical lateish war stuff. There’s a mix of manufacturers represented, Dragon, Hasegawa, Matchbox, Cromwell and Milicast, so it’s also broken the cardinal sin of mixing 1/76th with 1/72nd …. so smack my hand 🙂


Dragon late JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70 (x2)
Dragon mid JgPzIV 7.5cm L/70
Dragon early JgPzIv 7.5cm L/48
Cromwell Tiger II (x2)
Matchbox Wespe (x2)
Milicast StugIIIG (x2)
Dragon 251/10D
Cromwell 251/1D (x3)
Crowmell 251/7D (Engineer)
Cromwell 251/8D (Ambulance)
Cromwell 251/9D 7.5cm SPG (x2)
Cromwell 251/16D (Flame)
Cromwell 251/17D Drilling
Cromwell Mobelwagen 3.7cm SPAA
Hasegawa Ostwind 3.7cm SPAA
Milicast Hetzer


LAH battlegroup  010