Deathwing Land Raider MkIIIC and Rhino Razorback FSV

GW 40k heavy armoured support ……

At last another post! Been pretty busy on a slew of projects plus home stuff but I’m back on top now and have time to finally process a few piccies.

First up is a Deathwing Land Raider and Dark Angels Razorback fire support Rhino. Both have modded weapon systems but apart from that are straight OOB builds ….. keep an eye out as I’ve got a few more pics to add to this set but it’s taking a while to clean up the images for posting as the lighting was a little off when I snapped the pics..


MkIII LR 000 1200

MkIII LR 001

MkIII LR 002

MkIII LR 003

MkIII LR 004

MkIII LR 005

MkIII LR 008

MkIII LR 0011

MkIII LR 00010

And now the Rhino pics …………

RB 001 1100

RB 002 1100

RB 003 1100

RB 004 1100

RB 005 1100

RB 007 1100

RB 006 1100


4 comments on “Deathwing Land Raider MkIIIC and Rhino Razorback FSV

  1. Nice work!

    I don’t how long the radar dish on the Razorback would last though; it seems to be right in the firing line of the heavy bolters! πŸ™‚

    These look great though.

  2. They are awesome… I like the clean but still dirty look. I really don’t need any space temptations at the moment, but I can see my Afghan terrain being perfect for space!

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