FIRE TEAM – 28mm Modern Skirmish wargaming – Rules testing 2

Rules testing . . .

Oddly although this is titled “rules testing2” it’s actually the first part of the game that I managed to get a few pictures from (see the US pics in an earlier post). And of course we’ve played a few more than 2 games 🙂

Anyway the game went as follows,

A British section (2 Fire Teams plus command) went on a routine village foot patrol unaware that the villagers had fled and the insurgents moved in in some strength. The first few turns were patrolling for the Brits with the Insurgent commander rushing on off table fighting groups to strengthen their hold on compound 67 in the town centre.

The insurgent commander brought in some (admittedly largely inaccurate) harassing mortar fire to suppress and force the Brits to go to ground while he positioned his forces. After a turn recovering (straight-forward with no casualties to complicate things) the UK infantry teams worked forward taking the insurgent positions under fire. Again the results were largely suppressive but it allowed the Fire Teams to close up into assault positions while hastily called in support (A Warrior MIFV) arrived.

The Warrior moved up and opened fire but after causing one observed insurgent casualty it’s fire was unable to breach the thick compound walls. The insurgents then unleashed a hail of RPG fire causing the Warrior to first button up and then neutralising it with several hits (2 direct hits which luckily failed to penetrate). The harassed British then called in the local US heavy force (with a Marine Abrams to breach the compound) and withdrew to seal off the perimeter of the village.


The UK Infantry start enter the edge of the village for a “routine” foot patrol ….

ft uk atc 200

ft uk atc 201

The Insurgent Commander observes the Brits and orders up his reserves by cell phone, then calls some harassing fire from an old soviet mortar. Widely inaccurate (or just unlucky depending on who was rolling the dice) the crew blamed their lack of success on rusty ammo.

ft uk atc 210

ft uk atc 211

ft uk atc 212

ft uk atc 214

ft uk atc 215

An old WW2 era Soviet 82-PM-43 mortar is called in to suppress the UK Infantry

ft uk atc 216

ft uk atc 217

The Brits call up some fire support in the shape of a Warrior and work their way forward, suppressing and pinning the insurgent firing positions.

ft uk atc 219

ft uk atc 220

ft uk atc 221

ft uk atc 222-2

ft uk atc 223

The Insurgent Commander orders his fighting teams to drive back the steel beast with RPG fire. Two misses and 2 non-penetrating hits cause the Brits to call in heavier support before they retire, sealing in the perimeter and closing in the insurgent escape routes.

ft uk atc 232

ft uk atc 231

ft uk atc 233

A Bridge Too Far – Warlord Games, Blitzkrieg Miniatures and JTFM 28mm Bolt Action project wip4

Assembly finished . . .

I also managed a little more progress on the Bolt Action project. It’s surprising sometimes what you can get done with a couple of 2 or 3 hour sessions, mostly it feels like nothing it getting done then all of a sudden you can step back and “see” a block of progress. This was a little like that. being sick and sitting at the modelling desk felt a little like a chore but it is nice to actually see some forward progress being made for the effort and time . . .

Anyway enough modelling philosophy, the Hohenstaufen Recce Abt, well the Bolt Action version at least, is finally assembled and primed with most of the detailing completed also. There’s still small stuff to be added after most of the painting of course (there always is lol) but it’s looking reasonably impressive in the group shot I think.




bft - 031 1500 bft - 041 1250 bft - 043 1024 bft - 044 1024 bft - 042 1024 bft - 045 1024



Ersatz M10 Panzer Brigade 150 – Dragon 1/72nd Panther D and Cpl Overby conversions wip2

Ersatz M10 progress . . .

Managed recently to make a little progress on the 1/72nd Dragon/Overby Ersatz M10. It’s now been primed and waiting on a decision as to which colour green to paint it. While it’s often reported they were painted with stocks of captured US Olive Drab personally I think that was a little unlikely as the captured vehicles required by Panzer Brigade 150 couldn’t be forwarded or made ready in time it’s unlikely the supply of paint would get much priority.

Anyway I’ve added a little detail to the front drives and radio operator hatches and fitted the deck screens in place (using the Excellent Voyager set). I have a little more research to do on the locking mechanism for the inside of the open TC hatches yet and will definitely add some sort of gizmology. In time (after most of the painting is completed) it’ll get the bow MG added, front headlight and cable, aerials, tow cable and a suitable German/US command figure.


EM10 w 031 1024

EM10 w 033 1024

EM10 w 034 1024

Extended Illness Absence

Hi all,

Just a short note to say that I’ve been absent from my blog here and forums I follow and post on for some time now as I’ve been fighting a nasty series of uro/renal infections that still haven’t completely been defeated. A couple of times we thought we’d won but it’s dug in and recurring.

The upshot is I’ve really been unable to sit at the table to model in any capacity until very recently where I’ve been able to manage a couple of hours in the last few days. Things are getting better slowly (that’s been said before lol) but as a consequence my projects, and more importantly the commissions I have here, are way behind schedule and I do apologise for that. I do have a few pics (real models and not medical humour) to post later today of a little progress but thank you all for your understanding.









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