Project ’46 Saracen FV603c British APC – JB Models 1/76th

An oldie which needs a little updating which it will get as finish the platoon later this year.

At present this is the APC our Project ’46 Brits use in the Armoured Infantry Battalion which is directly attached to each Armoured Brigade. In this case it’s from the 8th Motor Battalion – The Rifle Brigade.

I’ve current got enough Saracens to have 4 APCs (1 a platoon commnad vehicle), a 120mm mortar and a company command APC. The plan is to make the platoon commanders vehicle a FV604 ACV with the roof mounted stowage bins and to convert at least one apc to a .50cal larger turret version. The company commander will ride in a converted RA command post FV610, the version with the tall extended roof. At some stage I’d like to add at least another mortar carrier and an RCL mounted antitank support version to the unit.

As mentioned it needs some tidying up with the main issue to fix up being the oversize aerials ….


Saracen APC header 1300px

Saracen 052 1000px
Saracen 054 1000px
Saracen 055 1000px
Saracen 051 1000px
Saracen 050 1000px
Saracen 053 1000px
Saracen 057 1000px
Saracen 058 1000px
Saracen 059 1000px

The unit so far …….

Saracen plt w030 - 1000

Project ’46 Grill30 – 30.5cm L/16 Morser ‘Bar’ (Bear) – Cromwell Models wip1

One of a few catch up post as we’ve been dealing with a serious family illness over the xmas break.

I’ve had the Bar on the bench for a while and I got a little stuck with it. I wasn’t sure about the scheme as it’s such a big vehilce. Well I’m back on track now after deciding to add a few things, details similar to the E-75 to busy it up a little and a rear spade and lifting jib to take care of ammo loading and recoil.

The build was pretty easy as the parts count is low with most of teh kit being taken uop with the bulk of the main hull and tracks. I gave the gun working elevation by clamping it in place and and drilling through the whole assembly. I put in a pin and sealed and filled each end hole.


30-5cm Bar Morser 000
Bar30 w010
Bar30 w050 camo

Base paint going on

Bar30 w020
Bar30 w030
Bar30 w040

Basic paint completed

Bar30 w050
Bar30 w051

Lifting jib and rear spade – workable! Still got to add chains and hook.

Bar30 w061
Bar30 w062
Bar30 w060

Project ’46 E-75 mit 12.8cm KwK80 L/55 – Cromwell Models Combat72

Finally finished this yesterday after progress has slowed a bit due to some family stuff.

Destined for our Project ’46 wargaming collection this is an E-75 12.8cm from the Cromwell Models Combat72 range. I’ve added a few extra details cause that’s what I like to do and which include;

– gun cleaning rod tube
– jack and wooden jack block
– track guard hull bolt mounts
– aerials for the FuG8 and FuG5 radios
– gun manlet armoured cover
– gun mantlet lifting block
– pioneer tools (axe, sledge hammer, fire extinguisher and pry bar)
– IR solution B suite (commander/gunners slaved viewer and projector plus drivers unit)
– engine deck ventilation screens
– turret mounted temporary foliage mounting kit (studs and fixing wires)
– tow cables and towing eyes
– rear mounted IR slave battery box

Anyway, now on to the next couple …… the Grille30 and the PaK44.


E-75 header 000 px1200

E-75 071 1100
E-75 072 1100
E-75 074 1100
E-75 073 1100
E-75 075 1200
E-75 077 1400
E-75 075  1400

E-75 080 cu

E-75 075cu

E-75 Project ’46 wip3 – Cromwell 20mm

Got my small drills yesterday so I could start adding details to some of the things in the queue.
Added electrical cables to the IR gear and the mounting studs and wires for the temporary foliage camouflage system on the turret. Also added tac number decals and painted temporary campaign markings on the barrel. A bit of tidying up and then it should be ready for some final pics ….


E-75 w67 1100
E-75 w68 1100

Project ’46 wip – Entwicklung E-75 12.8cm Heavy Tank “TigerIII”

I’m currently working through some long term wips including a couple of my 20mm Project ’46 tanks.
Been making pretty good progess on my Cromwell Models E-75. It didn’t start too well though as I’ve repainted it a couple fo times as firstly the camo went wrong and secondly I wasn’t happy with the colours I used for the red-oxide.

Not happy with it I put it to one side and the other day I accidentally came across some pics of a 1/35th E-75 by Adam Wilder.
So I went back to basics got the base colour right and went from there ….

It’s now about 3/4 done I guess. I’m waiting for some superfine drills to be delivered as I broke my last one. Then I can add the power cables for the IR viewers and some foliage attachment studs and wiring to the turret. Some markings, weathering and pigments and then its ready for the table ……


E-75 128mm w60 1100
E-75 128mm w61 1100
E-75 128mm w62 1100
E-75 128mm w63 1100
E-75 128mm w64 1100

E-75 128mm w66 cu900

Some of the wip pics ….. as you can see I had to add a few details (couldn’t help myself lol).

German E-75 r1

E-75 128mm w31 900
E-75 128mm w51 900
E-75 128mm w52 900
E-75 128mm w53 900

T29E2 Super Heavy Tank – Project 46′ 1/72nd kit from Cromwell Models

Another from our Project 46′ collection, this time a bit of allied heavy firepower, a T29E3 from Cromwell Models. Concieved in 1944 the T29 heavy tank was proposed to provide overwatch fire to the T26 mediums and as a direct counter the German and Soviet super heavy project tanks. The T29E3 variant fitted the 105mm T5E1 main gun and used the massive 274cm T31E1 rangefinder.

I finished this a while back but as usual is it ever finished? Well, no lol. I still have to add crew and some small details such as brush guards for the periscopes and lights. It’s intended to be part of a rapid deployment Marine Task Force and will have modified LVTs attached as APCs. Ok, I admit I’m not sure exactly how rapidly a 70t heavy battle tank could be deployed but I’m sure if the situation was desperate enough ways would be found ……..


T29E3 Header 1200px
T29E3 h2 1200
T29E3 w97s 1100
T29E3 w94s 1100
T29E3  1100px1
T29E3 w985s 900
cu T29E3 w984CU 800
cu T29E3 w986s 800

Wips and progress shots ………

T29s w64s 900
T29s w234s 900
T29s w122s 900

Resin kit as supplied ………..

US T29E3 Heavy Tank r1 900

Project ’46 – M4A1E8HV-B Sherman VIII 20mm Dragon/Cpl Overby M51 conversion

More 20mm project ’46 stuff, this time an M51 Sherman in British service. Made with the Cpl Overby M51 late resin conversion set which is made to use with Dragon 1/72nd HVSS Sherman suspension and detail parts. Three of them provide overwatch/long range fire support in our Type 1 ’46 british armoured squadron. Finished in brush painted GW acrylics with the green being a custom blend of Catachan Green and Desert Yellow. Crew figs are from AB Miniatures.


M51B main 2
M51B 2 1100
M51B 5 1100
M51B 4 1100
M51B 6 1100M51B 7 1100
M51B 3 1100
M51B 8 1100

M51B cu2 800
M51B cu1 800
M51B cu3 800

A few wip shots ……….

46 brits wip2
46 shermans2
M51B wip2
M51B wip3

World of Tanks – Project ’46 20mm Cromwell models US Super Heavy T29

Hahahahaaaaaaaa ……. I guess imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery!!!

Was giving the googlfu a run out the other day looking for a picture of the T29 engine decking in the images section. Of course now days if you search for any sort of tank info you get about 1 real entry and spammed with 100 World of Tanks entries.

So giving in to temptation, in due course I clicked on a link for the T29. Imagine my surprise when instead of being redirected to Japanese manga porn (like I was secretely hoping for), I stumbled across a pic that looked suspiciously like a colour scheme I put on one of my Cromwell T29s a few years ago. In fact I’d say it’s pretty much an exact copy! Woot! I’m famous ….. guess I should finish the T29 though as it’s still languishing on the shelf as a wip …. 🙂


My Original T29

US Super Heavies
US T29

The World of Tanks skin copy

Queeg wot t30 skin 1200
Queeg wot t30 skin 2 1200

Tiger II Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 1/48 Tamiya conversion

Current wip of my 1/48th version of the TigerIID. Added details include MR-Models IR System – drivers and commander/gunners slaved IR sight and rear battery box, tool clamps, tow cable mounts, additional armoured radio pod for the Panzerbefehlswagen (command tank) upgrade, turret track mounts (early 2 link track), rear engine decking splinter armour, fuel tank breathers/overflow pipes, turret hatch handles and pistol port chain, exhaust flammenvernichters and top mounted deflectors. I also added a gun breach from an old Bandai Elefant, pretty rough and just something to see through the hatch. If I’d had access to some 88 shells I’d have knocked up some racks to fill the rear of the turret. Anyway it now awaits it’s camo ……


T2D 48w10 1100
T2D 48w14 1100
T2D 48w13 1100
T2D 48w15 1100T2D 48w16 1100
T2D 48w17 1100

TigerII Ausf.D Nachtjager – Project ’46 conversion

An oldie but a goodie. Thought I’d post this up for inspiration as I’m using it as a basis for my 1/48th version currently under construction. It represents an interim version of Tiger development utilising a stereoscopic rangefinder and limited nightfighting capability. It’s a 1/72nd conversion of the Dragon TigerII and uses Milicast supplied IR gear.


TigerIID main-1 1200
TigerIID 02 1200
TigerIID 03 1200
TigerIID 04 1200
TigerIID 05 1200TigerIID 07 1200
TigerIID 06 1200

And heres a few project wips just to show what the brush painting looks like before the weathering processes. There’s also a pic of the ill fated Tiger bridglayer which I’ll get around to building again at some stage ….

T2 wip1
T2D wip2
Tiger B-Lager -4
T2D wip3

Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod

Wipped up another new 20mm tank as mental therapy. The Panther F has now replaced the PzIV as the standard medium battle tank pending final design approval of the PantherII. As an attempt to provide a heavier armed and amoured version to fufill an overwatch role in the medium tank companies, MAN provided a set of mix’n’match field modification kits to be added by the workshops as required. Although effective and able to engage and hit targets with accuracy out to 3km, the added weight taxed the chassis above it’s limit and reliability suffered acordingly. The vehicle shown, designated Panther Ausf.F R/6, has the full range of field mods fitted, which include the standard Henschel 8.8cm Kwk43 heavy turret, a Zeis 1.75m stereoscopic rangfinder, 60mm spaced armour and 2x 150ltr armoured “wing” tanks …..

Mashed together with the hull of a 1/72nd Dragon PantherF, a TigerII turret and some plasticard.


T28 105mm GMC – Project ’46 X-tanks size comparison

I’ve been asked by a few people as to the size of the recently posted T28 GMC so I’ve taken a comparison group pic of some of our 1/72nd “X-Tanks”.

From left to right they are; M51B SuperSherman a Ken Overby conversion for the Dragon M4A3E8 kit, T28 105mm GMC from Cromwell Models, T29E3 Super Heavy Tank from Cromwell Models, TigerIIF self conversion of the Dragon TigerII and the E-100 Krokodil which is again another Cromwell Models vehicle.


And just for the fun of it ….. a few winter tankies.

T28 / T95 GMC Super Heavy Tank – 1/72nd kit from Cromwell Models

Been working on several wip projects over the last week, still having much of my progress slowed by a lack of varnish. The local shop can’t get what I need without being charged a ridiculous courier charge as spray cans have to be transported by a registered chemical courier and can no longer be shipped by regular post …. fun fun fun. Anyway, I see the new 1/35th Dragon release of the T28 US Super Heavy Tank is now on sale at Hobbyeasy … and while we wait to get one it seemed like a good time to post up our 20mm wargaming kit, which was supplied by Cromwell.


Project ’46 20mm wippery – 1

A bit of a fill in post to break the monotony of all the 1/35th kit progress posts. Dug around in whats left of my storage drive and found a few pics of some of our 20mm projects, there’s even a few Brit suijects in there!


8.8cm FlakZwilling on a Ferdinand chassis.

British 5.5inch SPG on modified Cromwell chassis with Stalwart load carrier.

Tiger “Bruckenlager” bridgelayer. A complete faff up and I’m going to build another. Assembled the lower hull when I was really sick and managed to get the track guild links on the outside of the roadwheels ….

US Superheavys, Boarhound, Black Prince and ’46 Shermans …

British and German battlegroups ….

Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 Zerstorer 3cm M.K.103 Zwilling – 6

Made a start on the lower hull, then tracks and base winter wash. I’m going to fix the tracks in place next so it’s fingers crossed nothng goes wrong ….


Whitewash ……………….

For comparison heres my 1/72nd Hummel SPW at the same whitewash stage, just for a mental check to make sure things are heading in the right direction ….

Project ’46 – Infrarot-Scheinwerfer FG 1250 & Bildwandler (Infrared spolight and image converter)

Last bit of faffing around completed, tie down straps and pin for the tow cabel and the IR detailed. The IR unit (the AEG FG1250 infrared spolight and Bildwandler image converter) is the Great Wall Hobby set and contains enough parts for an (almost) complete “solution B” system, which provides spotlights and imaging for driver and commander/gunner.


Weathered and chipped ……

Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 Zerstorer 3cm M.K.103 Zwilling – 5

Finished the detailing today ….. only two minor things left, the electrical leads for the IR gear and a couple of tie down straps to fix the tow rope to the camo/stowage rings. Now to cross fingers and hope I don’t wreck it when I add paint ….


Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 Zerstorer 3cm M.K.103 Zwilling – 4

Started tonight by making up a PE Rommelkiste or rear stowage bin, as a test piece before tackling the ones on the Jadgpanther. Well things got out of hand and I ended up pretty much finsihing it! There’s only a few minor details left, tow ropes and some weld beads to add being the main things left to add. So basically I’m calling it done and ready for paint ……


Project ’46 Spade Ace Models Panzer III/IV Ostketten workable metal tracks – 2

Well things went a little better today. As I’m still waiting for my varnish to arrive I thought I would press on and finish the tracks while there was still some amusment left in the assembly job. The good news is it went a little faster today, probably about 5 hours, and I didn’t cut myself once. However I did find that stabbing yourself with the track-pin wire while assembling the links was almost as painful. No I lie – much more painful. When I stabbed one of the places I cut last night ….. it quickly bought on a little moment of quiet instrospection, followed by a long session where I babbled incoherently inventing new words until the pain subsided enough to swear in a manly fashion.

So tracks are done and dusted, might have to remove a link from the RHS but apart from that they look damn good I think …..