Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part8

Almost there …….

Completed the basic shading on these guys and they’re starting to look the part. Only final detailing, AOS markings and some selective chipping to go now. Oh, and aerials with flags. The British desert forces loved aerials with pennant flags on them, all very boys own !!!!




A progression/SBS pic. Hopefully this gives some idea of how the layers of paint build up from the starting block colours to the final shading …


6 comments on “Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part8

    • Hey Chris, thanks for posting the link, very useful and great blog too!

      I still wished I’d gone a touch greyer but they’re such tricky colours to photograph. The Silver Grey in particular still went blue when I lightened it (similar to reports of it sometimes fading to a bueish tint so that’s funny in itself) but not as blue IRL as it looks here. Close enough for Gov’t work though πŸ™‚


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