Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part7

Even more Caunter progress ……

Ok, it might not look like it but I recoloured the Silver Grey hue to make it “Greyer”. Why, because I’m odd like that, little things annoy me. So I fixed it. In my happy place now so I painted on some markings. All very British looking πŸ™‚




4 comments on “Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part7

  1. You’re dead right, Brent. That colour does look better. Great work on the markings too. I’m sure it’s in part down to your artistry – and I appreciate you have all the weathering and detailing to do on the British vehicles – but it’s astonishing how everything about the German AFVs looks angular and intimidating and efficient, whereas the British / Commonwealth armour just looks quaint, old-fashioned, and all a bit Heath-Robinson… Like something someone knocked up in his shed. It really is amazing that the 8th Army did such a good job with such frankly inoffensive looking tools at their disposal… Great work πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Richard – appreciate you looking in πŸ™‚ And yeah, brit stuff, the two sides definitely have a national look to them. I can see why people game the 30s alt UK, it’s because of the lashed up and almost steam-punk look to brit mechanical things of the period. (Didnt they get it soo right post war with their tanks (Centurion, Chieftain, Challenger) though!)

      As an aside but on a similar note I think, dad came from Birmingham and he always had a thing for painting bits on his cars (engine and suspension stuff) silver. I never quite got it until it sunk in that he’d got it from his time in the REME and British tank interiors were silver, in fact they painted everything mechanical that didn’t move silver during repairs and rebuilds lol

      Anyway my hats off too for anyone that had to got to war in this stuff, true bravery.

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