Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part6

Caunter progress ….

First pass of the Caunter shading on and tracks, wheels and a few details blocked in. Still not 100% sure about the grey hued “Silver Grey”. While it looks attractive it tended to go blue when lightening and so I might either put a filter over it or tint it more towards the light-grey spectrum and re-paint.




4 comments on “Caunter Base Paint – DAK Project part6

  1. Great stuff Brent. The caunter colour scheme looks wonderful to me, but I bow to your judgement on all things AFV.
    Just been reading back through the earlier comments here, and your chat with Keith. Sorry to hear the Portee model is not up to scratch and I hope it’s not too much extra hassle to put it together. (If it helps, I’m not massively pernickety about exact historical details – although I know you are!)

    • Hey Richard !!!!

      Yeah the picky bits are more me than anything, I like to keep kit suppliers on their toes. They’re all gonna look the part in the end though – promise.

      On the Portee there’s a little bit to fix on the rack, no worries that’s normal. I did miss the fact that it has some missing bits though, I assumed they were in the bag with the crew, bits n bobs that comes with it and gun. So there’s a little building to go on it, no panic though just requires some thinking about before spilling glue …. πŸ™‚

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