Rubicon 250/1, Blitzkrieg MarderII and Perry 250/1 – DAK Project part1 finished

Rubicon SdKfz250/1, Blitzkrieg MarderII, Perry SdKfz250/1 …..

Finished the first three vehicles. Well sort of, still got the width indicators and aerials to add but embarrassingly I seem to have run out of suitable wire …..














11 comments on “Rubicon 250/1, Blitzkrieg MarderII and Perry 250/1 – DAK Project part1 finished

    • Cheers Keith! Yeah the Rubicon is very good, can’t wait for the upgrade kits and the Neu due out soon.

      The Perry is odd, as a few of their kits are. Considering they’re fairly new releases (comparatively) the standard is way off next to their figures …. it’s about the best I could do though.

      • I think it’s the result of using several pattern makers.People also seem to be confused by the Blitzkrieg thing too which I believe the Perrys aren’t particularly involved in and who’s accuracy is another bugbear.

        A number of the earlier WW2 Perry kits were done by the fellow who does the artillery pieces etc. for the other ranges (which is a very different discipline tbh) or the Perrys themselves and neither are particularly accurate with slightly wooly and undisciplined lines. Latterly there are some other guys who’s work is often tighter but scale can still be a bit random. Overall the range has suffered from some inconsistency with a lot of model makers. At it’s best it’s brilliant (love the Italian trucks for example), but at it’s worst it all gets a bit BMW R75 🙂

        The figures are, as always, great in my opinion and scale really well with 1/56th vehicles in a way which we all rather ignore with other ranges.

      • Pretty much it in a nutshell. Their Marmon Herrington (which I’ve just laid the base Caunter on) is lovely, the 37mm Portee looks nice but the upper stowage deck wont fit without all new legs and they didn’t supply the bumper and lights which I’m going to have to scratch. Blitzkrieg is disappointing if I’m being honest. From the web pics I thought they be a winner but the 3d master lines are a rear bear, I can’t shift them without sanding everything flat and remaking the detail and I’m over that for a job.

        As for the Perrys, yeah they might have been thinking about desert for a while but we were there when they said yeah, we should do this (or rather they were discussing Craigs Sangin table and WW2 rules with us). They pushed go pretty quickly and couldn’t get the vehicles they wanted, hence as you say different sculptors and widely varying quality. I just thought they’d move heaven und earth to get the best to go with their figs, its not like they cant afford it. Especially after being involved in the Pete Jackson money is no object project where quality was the goal …

  1. Hah – just finishing the portee myself.

    I managed to centre the stowage deck ok, with a bit of compromise (happy enough with a slight step as long as it was consistent on both sides). Completely rebuilt the bumper. lights and front tow-bars etc. I can see why they did it the way they have for strength, but the bumpers connecting to the sides of the bonnet were a no go for me. It’s actually a really complex bit of engineering on the real thing. Also had to extend the front wheel arches by about 4mm on each side in order to add the cross bar connecting the two across the radiator grille (relocating the lights at the same time).

    I still love the kit though and the crew are ace.

    I can email you a picture of those changes if it’s any use?

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