Empress Miniatures – BMP3 wip

BMP3 progress ….

Fortunately not much to do to these boys compared to the Bradley and T90 although I may add some side ERA to the third vehicle when that arrives later to make the numbers up to a platoon. Add ons are just really cosmetic goodness, front MG brush guards, a few grab handles, wiring for the turret laser and searchlight and thickening up the hatches which are quite a bit more prominent on the real vehicle.


emp bmp3 021-2 1020

emp bmp3 025 1020

emp bmp3 023 1020

And some final detailing on the T90 and Bradley which are now pretty much ready to undercoat. The remaining final detailing will be added after most of the painting is completed …

emp grp 040 1400

emp m2a3brad 080 800

emp t90 061 900


7 comments on “Empress Miniatures – BMP3 wip

    • Thanks big K 🙂 We’ll have to chat about the casting thing sometime …. they really need to be made in subassemblies to cast properly I think, even the T90 turret would need work, blocking off holes/undercuts etc

      Once I’ve made enough for our battlegroup the best bet would be to make some specifically with casting in mind ….

      • Sounds like a plan. Agreed sub-assemblies are the key (look at the M-ATV) but possibly less so than you’d think.
        I’m having slight fears for your sanity though … a battlegroup’s worth?!?!?

      • No need to panic, just threes of everything, Rodina loves threes …. already have the other T90 turrets ground off and almost ready for plasticard.

        The other Bradley and Abrams/s are just waiting for some new ERA blocks to be cut and I just finished our second BMP3 (of course we need one more … to make three :))

        The real insanity is the other projects I’ve been amassing refs for. Just ordered some wheels so I can have a go at making a couple of Bumerang 8×8 APCs, I wanna have a stab at a couple of Bradley AMPVs for our US command group and I’m pretty sure I can make a BMP-T Terminator on a T90 hull.

        Then there’s a LAVIII using a Stryker and LAV for bits, a stretched Oz M113AS4, Bradley SPAA, M163 and Hummer/Stinger …. and … and

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