Empress Miniatures – T90A conversion wip2

T90 conversion progress ….

The T90A (welded turret) conversion is almost ready for paint. A raft of small changes have been made in addition to the major part of the job the welded turret itself. The welded turret sides were built up using 2mm styrene. Gaps were filled with Milliput and smoothed off before adding the Kontakt ERA blocks from 1.5mm sheet.


emp t90 032 800

emp t90 0229 800

emp t90 031 cl 800

emp t90 030 800

Some useful T90A reference pics from the internets (from open web sources) and included for discussion purposes only.

ref t90a 22

ref t90a 20



ref t90a 23

ref t90a 26

ref t90a t72 28

ref t90a 30

And the latest progress. Almost finished and ready for paint. Still a few very minor things to add (springs for the front mudflaps, port for the loaders hatch, unditching log and inner ring / second breather hose and cover flap for the fuel tanks …. I might still try and correct the road wheel spokes too but I’m not so sure about that yet.

emp t90 050 1020

emp t90 054 1020-0

emp t90 052 1020

emp t90 054 1020


7 comments on “Empress Miniatures – T90A conversion wip2

  1. Brilliant work. Really nice work. I’ve just finished a 40k chimera conversion with some minor cutting and rebuilding so I really appreciate the level of skill going into what you’ve done. And the road wheels; that way madness lies!! πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ Waaaaaay too late to worry bout madness !

      And yeah I honestly don’t know. They keep annoying me every time I look at them. I think if I don’t at least try then it’ll nag me till the end of the project …..

      • I tried a 1/35 M113 for a rhino but it was way too big! No one seems to make one in 1/48th… There are a few resin versions now in 1/56th but they’re a bit pricey.
        I should have a post with my chimera in the next week or two. It’s the first real sort of tank conversion with plasticard that I’ve tried. I need a lot more practice!

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