Empress Miniatures – Modern Vehicles

Modern battlegroup project ….

The start of what will probably an on-going period or project for us, large scale moderns. We have the troops (gee almost 200 or so Empress Modern Infantry from various nations), we have the rules (almost anyway, the set is currently being worked on in collaboration with the Empress Ladz) and now we have the tanks, or at least some of them!

We put together what is basically a “starter” set of vehicles for both the Russians and Americans to fight out some “what-if” conflicts on the table. We’ll probably push the numbers up to correct platoon establishments as both time and more importantly funds, allow. For now though we have 2x M1A2 Abrams and 2x Bradley IFVs for the Americans, and 3x T90s and 2x BMP3 IFVs for the Russians.

The bulk of these will be modified in some way as you should now expect 🙂 For the Russians I’m toying with updating a T90 into a T90A with the later welded turret and maybe even taking another a step further to try a T90MS, although I’m not sure about that one. The BMP3s will pretty much be a straight paint although they will probably get a few small details added such as added grab handles etc.

The American vehicles will both be updated to the present armour and equipment standard with the Abrams getting a TUSK II or III outfit including side ERA blocks and probably a CROWs remote weapon station and the Bradleys will get the same, ERA, CITV etc. I’d like to do one with the rear air conditioning units but they wouldn’t be on Europeans Bradleys, although maybe one could have been “transferred” from hotter climes and the units not removed …..


emptks 010 cvr 1450

emp t90 010 cvr 1250

emp bmp3 010 cvr 1250

emp m1a2 010 cvr 1250

emp brad 010 cvr 1250


6 comments on “Empress Miniatures – Modern Vehicles

    • Well it should be interesting, there’s some pretty serious resin surgery being planned for the T90s …… once the grinding starts there’s no going back!

      As for price, it isn’t too bad considering the size of the vehicles, most of these are bigger or comparable to a Tiger2 in size and priced the same or cheaper than the Warlord T2 for example. I’ve just got a bunch of Perry WW2 desert vehicles for a job and they are tiny by comparison so the price is largely tied to size/resin volume.

      Of course for most games you only need a couple so the sting is relative, it’s when you go to platoon sizes that it scales up fast. I used to have this discussion with friends that are hard-core horse’n’musket guys. The way I look at it a vehicle is roughly equivalent in purchase cost to a battalion (24man) of Napoleonics and much less if you’re paying to get it painted. They think nothing of 10-15 battalions a side minimum …… but they would never pay the raw price or painting cost for a vehicle 🙂

      • That’s all true – food for thought… and the price is prohibitive for someone just thinking of dabbling, but when I tip over into the modern period, no doubt I will picking up a few! ;0)

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