Kubelwagen and crew – 28mm from Wargames Foundry

Old school goodness ….

28mm Kubelwagen and crew by Wargames Foundry. Just some old school 28mm painting. The Foundry Kubel is a nice little model if a touch on the small side, especially the wheels. However the crew are nice and the whole package has scrubbed up pretty well ….

As usual everything’s brushed mostly with GW acrylics. The colours used on the crews tunics and officers greatcoat however include Vallejo Green Grey (Model Colour 971) which has just a touch of Olive Green added. The pants are GW Space Wolves Grey (old hexagonal). When painting figs I often blend by drybrushing. First I lay in the base colours, then line and shade and next drybrush to blend. That is followed by some highlighting and more manual blending where required.


The Kubel …..

Foundry Kubel 011

Foundry Kubel 030

Foundry Kubel 035

Foundry Kubel 042

The Crew …..

Foundry Kubel 051

Foundry Kubel 052

Foundry Kubel 060 1000

The Boyz and their ride …..

Foundry Kubel 61

Foundry Kubel 62

Foundry Kubel 64

Foundry Kubel 65


4 comments on “Kubelwagen and crew – 28mm from Wargames Foundry

  1. Hello Mr Queeg

    You’ve made a mighty fine job of the Kubelwagen and occupants.

    I’m really not sure how big a Kubelwagen is compared to humans but the chaps from the German Army do seem to be packed tight in there. Not a comfortable driving position at all! 😀

    von Peter himself

    • Ahh the life of a general staff officer and his ….. “batmen” 🙂 All French pastries and double helpings of sauerkraut I suspect.

      That might explain their bulk …. that of most 28mm figs to be honest. I think these guys would look ok/better in a Tamiya 1/48th kubel or schwimmwagen size wise.

  2. Very nice, and very useful – thanks! I have these models myself but I haven’t got around to painting them yet….

    Great job, and as I said on your other post I like the colours used… I have made some notes for when I (eventually) paint mine…

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