French Hussar Trumpeter – Perry 40mm

Napoleonic madness …..

40mm Perry French Hussar Trumpeter. Gotta give these guys props for their uniforms. About 95% finished as the plan was to make some decals for the sabretache and bed roll, maybe one day. Also there’s a little “Queeg” interpretation of some colours because that’s how I roll.

Also included a pic of a few other random 40mm Perrys from the Queegs long-stalled 40mm skirmish project …. that’s another “maybe one day” thing.


Hussar Trumpeter 078 800

Hussar Trumpeter 077 800

Hussar Trumpeter 080 800

Hussar Trumpeter 83 800

Nap Group 012 1250

8 comments on “French Hussar Trumpeter – Perry 40mm

    • Yeah they can be a little tricky, as in lots of details and the moulding sometimes isn’t as crisp as they look but they are full of what I think is the “look” you get in contemporary plates. Get some and have fun ! πŸ™‚


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