A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip14

Battlegroup progress …..

Following on from the Super Pershing I’ve been making decent progress on the Arnhem project and a couple of weeks should see it finished too.

The SdKfz250s (2x Warlord and 2x Blitzkrieg) have had width indicators and aerials added, decals and some blending done. They’re ready for final running gear pigments and QC.

The Luchs has had detailing and a tow cable added. The cables oversized ( from the JTFM stowage pack) but still looks ok I think. Again it’s ready for the track pigments.

The three Warlord SdKfz251s have had the same treatment but the pigments splashed on. Just some QC tidying and these guys are done.

Finally the 232 and 222 armoured cars (Blitzkrieg and Warlord) and the JTFM 251/7 have had the first runs of blending layered on and progress should be quick on these guys from now on.


bft - luchs 115-7 1000

bft - 250 120-9 grp 1000

bft - luchs 110-7 1000

bft - 251 125-5 grp 1000

bft - 251 126-3 grp 1000

bft - 222 232 110-2 grp 1100

bft - 250 125-3 grp 1000


4 comments on “A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip14

    • Yeah it’s my fav too! I just wish it had the “waffle” plate wheel castings as they’re so distinctive on the Luchs, but then I’m picky. I almost made some but then common sense prevailed …. 🙂

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