M26E4 Super Pershing – Tamiya conversion for Bolt Action

Super Pershing finished …

Got a few finished pics to post over the next day or so and here’s the first of them – the 1/48th Super Pershing Tamiya conversion. Pretty happy with how it finished up, damn difficult to photograph though with that bloody great gun! 🙂

And a bit of spiel, Tamiya base kit, Blackdog stowage, scratch built gun and armour package. The stowage was nestled down onto the back deck (a pet hate is “floating” resin stowage) using the Dremel and a layer of greeenstuff. The amour plate was guesstimated using ref pics of both the real thing and other models and the gun was made using a piece of sprue, trimmed to length and with a tapered breech end piece and the original Tamiya muzzle brake at the business end. Finished as usual mostly with GW acrylics over an enamel primer base. The big star on the turret is handpainted and the rest of the markings (ficticous) are from the Tamiya kit.

It’s now on it’s way to it’s new home and should make an appearance in a tournament game of Bolt Action over Easter weekend.


SP cvr 000  1600

SP 148 095  1500 2

SP 148 091  1500 2

SP 148 088  1600 2

SP 148 093  1600 2

SP 148 092  1600 2

SP 148 089  1500 2

SP 148 092  1020 cu 2

SP 148 089  900cu2

SP 148 094  1500 2


11 comments on “M26E4 Super Pershing – Tamiya conversion for Bolt Action

    • Thanks Pete! It actually looks a little better IRL. Some of the low angle oblique pics look cool but darken up a lot of the tonal variations …. ahh first world problems eh 🙂

      After all the work I hope it manages to blow up someones Tiger II next weekend …..


    • Thanks matey, appreciate you looking in. The kicker is now I want to make one for myself!

      We’re a tier lower in WT so haven’t faced it yet, only had the H Tiger for about a week and almost unlocked the Panther …..


  1. That looks brilliant. I’ve seen a few things along the way I might steal 😉
    Forgive my stupidity – especially if you have mentioned it already – but what are the tubes mounted on top of the turret?

  2. Looks great Brent. Yep I think we need a couple of these. I love the back section of the track which makes it look quite racy.

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