Hard Men – The Faces of War – Series One

Photo Ref feature ….

A few pictures I find interesting showing a little of the stresses, strains and hardships of war and the men who endured – a tiny view of the human side if you will. And something different from my usual focus of hardware and vehicles ….

The pictures were chosen for several reasons, some are classics such as the British Paras in Arnhem advancing towards the camera through a destroyed ruin and others add in some interesting details such as the pile of spent cartridge belts by the Middlesex Vickers team, the short lived use of the US Leopard camo uniform in Normandy and the bedroll slung under the gun cleaning tube on the Panther to name a few.

What always there, well to me anyway, is an underlying feeling of tension, of things to come, even in the pictures of relative calm like those epic dudes from T Patrol LRDG or the Normandy Commando sniper team waiting to move out …

Anyway I have tons more in my stash and hope to add to this series sometime ….

(all from open web sources and included only for discussion)


ps The pictures open into a gallery and each can also be viewed “full” size from there ..


4 comments on “Hard Men – The Faces of War – Series One

  1. Some really interesting pictures here – I’ve not seen the USMC camouflage in France before, only the Pacific… perhaps I just missed it but interesting nonetheless.

    • Yeah I’ve got a few others, I’ll try and post more. It was withdrawn pretty quickly for obvious reasons, far too similar to the German smocks and patterns and leading to blue on blue stuff.

      The thing I find interesting is how this relates to moderns where almost everyone now is in similar camo ….


    • No Probs – I’ve got lots, 10K or more saved away and thought might as well get some use out of them, the better ones anyway. Will put up some vehicle and uniform ones at some stage too.

      Many are saved just for a specific type of modelling ref detail and are a bit too esoteric for general interest though … 🙂

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