A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip13

Getting there ……

Some progress from the last few days, a bunch of stuff is almost at the final weathering stage. Not much to say, shaded mostly with oils (using some WnN oils that are about due for replacement being about 30years old) and the usual GW acrylics.

Also managed to get some decals on – firstly splashed some Humbrol satin varnish onto the areas where the decals were going. Then wet the area with some Microscale Micro-sol and poked them into place. To be fair the Warlord decals are surprisingly good quality with a thin backing and almost no silvering. After patting them dry they got a coat of Microscale Micro-set ….

After decaling I tried out some new matt varnish on the M13/40 and the two Warlord 251/1Cs – rattlecan Tamiya Flat Clear. Pretty pleased with the result to be honest, I’d say a little more matt and slightly better coverage (dulling of the satin varnished decal areas) than the Dullcoat I normally use.

Enough faffing about …. pics to enjoy ….


bft - 251 116-3 grp 1250

bft - 251 115 grp 1020

bft - luchs 100-2 1020

bft - luchs 102-2 1020

bft - luchs 101-2 1020

bft - 250 110 grp 1400

bft - 250 111 grp 1400

m13-40 - 060 grp  900


7 comments on “A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip13

    • Matt varnish is a perennial problem. I used to use Moana but it was too toxic and they stopped making it, but damn it was good. I could spray at 2.00am on a rainy night and it would never haze or spot, and was flat flat to boot.

      So since then I’ve been using Dullcoat but with slightly mixed results. It’s ok, as in I don’t seem to have the problems others have with it, it’s just not quite flat enough … the Tamiya is looking promising though.

      I should really get a cheapo airbrush just for varnishing as I’ve heard that Vallejo Matt is the dogs …..


      • I sometimes wish we could just go back to the pre-matte days when everything was just super-shiny-gloss and that’s just how it was.Still I shouldn’t complain really most varnish issues can be dealt with…

      • hahaa you sound like my brother 🙂 He’s got a thing for the classic “toy soldiers” ….

        And yeah, it’s funny to think I played with all my old 1/72nd stuff, vehicles and figs growing up with not a thought to varnish, and funnily enough the paint hasn’t rubbed off ….

      • Yeah all the Warhammer stuff (plastics) I painted back in 1993 and not varnished at all has been chucked in a box and thrown around for the last 20+ years and none of the (sadly awful) paint has been disturbed in any way at all.

        However very finely painted recent models, which have never been gamed with and have spent their whole lives in a display case, encased in thick varnish, inexplicably have chips and rubbing all over. Explain that!

  1. Wow they look great Brent – having seen what they looked like in the raw resin these things have come up a treat. That Italian tank is frightening I can’t believe the brave sods that would have gotten in to it. It was clearly a different time!

    • Yeah some of the castings were less than promising ….. A bit of paint really does help! You can hardly see those huge 3D lines on the Blitzkrieg 250’s and you don’t really notice the odd shapes of the Warlord ones.

      It’d be nice to get some of the newer Warlord plastics and Rubicons to throw some paint on, they’re much better looking vehicles .

      And I’m pretty happy with the M13/40, the camo worked out and definitely makes it look better 🙂

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