A Bridge Too Far – 28mm Bolt Action project wip9

Pin wash lining …

More vehicles have been pin washed/lined and now I think there’s only 3 more to go before I go back over with the depth shading. All lining was done using very thinned oils, various shade mixes of Burnt and Raw Umber, Brown Madder and Lamp Black.

The advantage of using oils are that they are a little more controllable than acrylic pin washes in that any excess or mistakes are easily mopped up with a clean brush and clean thinners. Acrylics tend to bind and dry on the surface very quickly and while achieving the same result are much less forgiving.

Being so thin the oils dry pretty quickly and the vehicles can be handled again in 15mins or so and I use Odourless spirit which gets around the strong smell associated with thinners.


bft - 086 grp 1400

bft - luchs 050 900

bft - luchs 051 900

bft - 251-7 051 900

bft - 251-7 050 900

bft - 251-v2 050 900

bft - 251-v2 051 900

bft - 250-v2 050 900

bft - 250-v2 051 900

bft - 222 051 900

bft - 222 050 900

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