A Bridge Too Far – Warlord Games, Blitzkrieg Miniatures and JTFM 28mm Bolt Action project wip6

More wips …..

Working on getting the base camouflage worked up. One of the challenges on this project is that by request the camo all has to be variations of yellow/green so that means no tri colour schemes. So the trick is to come up with enough variations (tones and patterns) to cover the large number of vehicles ….


Opel Blitz, 251SPW and 250/8 SPG with their base camo laid on ….

bft - 80 grp

A couple of wip shots of the camo going on the SdKfz231 8-rad to show that there’s no real trick to brush painting the patterns. First a lighter base colour is laid on followed by a darker overlay, sometimes using a couple of layers depending on the shade and density I’m after.

bft - 71 1100

bft - 70 1100


9 comments on “A Bridge Too Far – Warlord Games, Blitzkrieg Miniatures and JTFM 28mm Bolt Action project wip6

  1. Ah – can’t beat a Queegy tutorial! I must have read your technique for this dozens of times over the years, but the result still blows me away.
    Airbrush meltdown at this end has pushed me back to the hairy brushes again 😦

    • Hey Keith – how’s tricks? 🙂

      Hardly a tutorial though, a couple of snapshots lol. As I mentioned I should/will take some extra pics and try to show things (at least the way I do it) in better detail. It aint hard however I guess I’ve been doing it for some time now ….

      Anyway what happened to the airbrushing, your results were looking pretty good?

      • Howdy. I need to reconfigure my airbrush setup to handle the humidity and temperatures here in Malta. Wider nozzles, different thinners etc. It’s been a stop-start frustration to get consistent results.

        It’s not all bad though :-). Painting more than ever and working on a wider selection of stuff than I have for years, so actually dead happy with it all. Focusing on figure painting for a while has been useful. Tanks are slipping back into the queue though …

        Super glad to see you back up and at it!

      • God I haven’t painted a serious figure for ages, a few vehicles crews but nothing proper. Might end up painting the Empress Insurgents fig sets as my part of Fire Team, luckily Craig’s been churning out the bulk of the figs for that while I faff about with the vehicles.

        And yeah, I’m just enjoying being able to sit and work … I’m sure the novelty will wear off quickly enough though !!!

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