FIRE TEAM – Russian Federation Ground Forces Infantry – Empress Miniatures Modern Russians 28mm

Back from the dead …….

It seems like another apology for an unforced absence is in order. 2015 started well but during the later half I struggled with various health issues that made modelling at best uncomfortable and when at worst – impossible. At present I’m back at the table and trying to catch up firstly and most importantly on commissions that are now very delayed and after those then hopefully to get back into some of our own projects.

Fortunately my brothers been picking up some slack on our modern Fire Team project and here’s some of that result, 28mm Russian Federation Infantry from Empress Miniatures, along with a few packs and simple conversions from their older Cold War range. The later figures are in the new Ratnik (Warrior) uniform system featuring new LBE, Coms and Armour Protection systems which have comparable levels of performance to those systems more commonly seen in Western Nations.  After being issued primarily to elite troops for trials the Ratnik system is now being rolled out to first line units with around 80,000 sets having recently been deployed.


RUS01 1000 RUS02 1000 RUS03 1000 RUS04 1000 RUS05 1000 CWR06 1000 CWR07 1000

References and Painting

To go with the latest “Ratnik” uniforms the troops have been painted in the summer variant of the Russian pixelated camouflage. The “digital” style camo system was introduced around 2008 and is known as EMR or unified camo (as used by all armed forces) and the pattern is often called Tsifra, Tetris or “Digital Flora.” The other various colour combinations commonly used include Northern, Winter and Urban patterns.

We painted the figs to get an impression of the pattern rather than detailing the individual dots and used the following colours;

Coat d arms: Russian green for uniform
Coat d arms: Black Green for digital spots
Coat d arms: Panzer grey for weapons, gloves and some(little) for digital spots
GW: Tallarn flesh and elf flesh blend/highlight with gryphone sepia wash for faces
Any yellow paint and several layers of sepia wash for lens of glass goggles
Vallejo: Iraqi sand for drybrush dust – use lightly and very dry…

Useful Ref Pics …….

modru inf 023

modru inf 041

modru inf 025

modru inf 076

8 comments on “FIRE TEAM – Russian Federation Ground Forces Infantry – Empress Miniatures Modern Russians 28mm

    • Thnx matey – much appreciated.

      As for the Russians, they look much better IRL. The green tones being so close together don’t give much contrast for the lighting to work with and for some reason WordPress is acting up and when the clickable pics open up they’re bigger than the upload size and the resolution is mushy, will have to do some faffing around to get to the bottom of that one ….


    • Hey George 🙂

      Yeah I’m feeling much better at the moment although still can only sit at the bench for 4 or 5 hours at a stretch. However I’m working hard at playing catch up and trying to make the most of it while I can …..


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