SABOT – Fur Gaming table

Teddy Bear Fur Gaming Table ….

SABOT 000 Table  1600

As mentioned several times in posts about our gaming we recently picked up the fur we’ve been looking for to upgrade our gaming table. Craig (my brother and partner in gaming madness) managed to scam some time off work and as I’m still been too sick to do any sort of modelling, came up to stay and under my direction trimmed and joined our fur, managing to create both a useful gaming faux grass matt and a large family sized throw rug.

First steps involved trimming the fur down, removing the artsie-white bleached ends and getting it down to more of a scale length. For the trimming we used a trusty Wahl Chrome Pro (TM) hair trimmer which I must say performed the task admirably. The fur was trimmed roughly in one direction then cross cut and scummbled in the opposite direction to remove both the residual white and any pattern shaved into the surface. A vacuum was used to pull the trimmings off the blade as it cut and frequent stops were made to oil, clean the blade and cool the motor down. We were so impressed with the cutters performance that we contacted Wahl with a glowing testimonial to use in their advertising in exchange for some gaming sponsorship funds but so far haven’t had a reply. Joking aside it has ground, self sharpening blades and a heavy duty motor, both features that I suspect kept it cutting over the 4 days of shaving and from bursting into bright and hot flame ….

SABOT Fur trimming 001 1300

SABOT Fur trimming 002 1350

There’s still some touching up of the join area required and I may yet still cut some random sections down a little lower to add some more variety but basically we’re pretty happy with the result. Of note also during the project we pioneered a new system of extremely useful and versatile measurement, the Craig. We measured the length of the fur mat and indeed our cutting progress in “Craigs”, with approx 7m being equal to 3-3/4 Craigs. Imagine our quiet surprise when we realised that the “Craig” can be used to measure everything from the height of rooms to the length of the driveway – all very useful for planning future home improvement projects.

The “Craig” (pat pending) measurement system in action …

SABOT Fur trimming 003 1500


New Gaming Table goodness …….

SABOT Table  002 2 1600

SABOT Table  003 2 1600

SABOT Table  004 2 1600

SABOT Table  005  2 1600

SABOT Table  007 2 1600

SABOT Table  008 2 1600

SABOT Table 009 3 1600


21 comments on “SABOT – Fur Gaming table

  1. Very snazzy looking, and the terrain is top shelf, where did you get the fur from? I have always been a figure/vehicle guy, I’ve never made terrain before, but am starting to put a table together, was thinking of getting a gaming mat, but prefer the fur, when I have searched for teddy bear fur in the past they all seem to have funky colours and only come in small squares.

    • Hi Dan!

      Yeah we spent a fair bit of time looking for the right stuff. I got some fur many many years ago and trimmed and dyed it, the small pieces I use in some of my posed tank pics. I was looking for something of the same density and the plan was to dye it too.

      However thinking about it, the dying process was going to be a big job – and tricky in table sized pieces so we kept looking for something already green. The stuff we found isn’t quite what I wanted but after trimming it’s pretty dang close.

      I cant help you with what it’s called though, we got it from a fabric wholesalers. They said they basically get to see samples then order bolt sized quantities but are pretty much at the mercy of what the importers bring in and the styles and types are always changing. The bolt we got was 1.6m x 7m and we cut and joined two 3.2m lengths together to cover our hexagonal table using fabric tape and contact adhesive.

      I’ll try and take some better pictures of the old stuff, our small pieces and the new fur so you can get an idea of what to look for. The places we looked included craft emporium type shops (most have fabric sections), the “Spotlight” craft wharehouse and various carpet and fabric wholesalers ….

      Hope this is some help 🙂

  2. Dan,
    Nice work and very creative use of materials. Makes the more common static grass matts look like a bowling green.
    Two days of trimming seems masocistic but I guess your assistant will have reached a Zen like state after 3-4 hours (any prior experience with sheep shearing involved?).
    Kevin C

      • Thanks for the comments Kevin! And don’t worry I figured what you meant, I get post fade sometimes too 🙂

        As for Zen like state, it was a bit hard to tell with Craig as he specialises in odd looks. To me the pained and slightly crazed look on his face meant he was enjoying himself so I supported him with suitably encouraging comments like “faster” and “you’ve missed a bit”. ….

        To be fair trimming over this size and number of days will definately test your gaming will power.


  3. That’s quite the epic undertaking! Excellent results, though. I’ve been tempted to go the teddy bear fur route in the past, and this is doing it again!

    Sorry to hear the health problems continue. Good wishes your way.

    • Yup, this definitely fell into the “big jobs” category. It’s funny because when you start trimming it seems that so much is coming off and it’s all so easy ….. 4 days later not so much 🙂

      Thnx for the kind thoughts on the health too, here’s hoping things sort themselves out soon as I’ve got so much I want to rip into ….

    • Hey Dan, the mat is actually a green base with white dyed tips. The photos taken outside show it as brown but they’re some sort of weird optical illusion as it is definitely green underneath!! The big pics of the gaming table are actually pretty close to the real or eyeball colour once the white has been trimmed off. The lower it’s trimmed the lighter green it gets and it’s also very dependant on which way the pile is brushed, so it’s easy to get lighter and darker variations just by brushing against the pile.

      Personally I want probably trim it a tad lower but it does looks pretty good as is and I’m a bit loath to trim it too far down which may make it harder for the plonk on terrain to blend in …


  4. Howdies your Greater Queegness

    Enough of the health issues please. Full health and creativeness are required el pronto! 😃

    I’m not sure of “the Craig” as a measurement. We suffer enough for our geekness, playing with toy soldiers etc without adding “the Craig” to the mix. Surely the natural laws of nature would prevent such a thing!! 👎 😃

    von Peter himself

    • Same to you 🙂 but yeah you’re right, this is getting a bit on the ridiculous side – I can’t walk at the moment, can’t sit to paint or model, my specialty at present is annoying the family, oh wait, that’s normal !!!!!

  5. I used teddy bear fur after seeing it fo the first time at the Newbury colours show. I used a combination of a large brush and spray to apply the paint colour to it which worked really well. Saying that yours looks excellent.

    • Thanks, we might still try touch bits up with maybe a light spray or brush but given how good it looks with just a trim we might rely solely on the add-on terrain bits to add the variety …


    • Hey thanks Kevin. Yeah sorry I’ve been absent due to being pretty crook and unable to paint or model. Things appear to be improving again and I’ve been able to spend a little time at the workbench recently so I hopefully I should be posting again soon !!


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