Modelcollect E-75 zug – Project ’46 and SABOT Tank vrs Tank gaming wip2

E-75 build action …

Some actual build progress this time. So what are my impressions? I’d have to say I’m both impressed and a little disappointed. The moulding is high quality and they build easily. The DS tracks are very easy to work with (although mine were a little long and I trimmed off a few links) and the brass gun barrel and PE really adds some bling to the kits. In other areas though they’re sort of an “almost” kit with simplified moulded on details.

The rear deck louvers for example are pretty poor and at odds with the rest of the crisp casting. They are covered by the supplied PE vent grilles however (something all German Tank kit manufacturers should supply) so maybe they cut a few corners thinking they weren’t going to be seen. The 3 access covers over the engine air-cleaners also have incorrectly positioned latches and handles, I think Modelcollect copied someone else’s effort/kit here without understanding how the hatches work lol

The suspension would be a little fiddly and fragile for some builders I suspect. The arms that most manufactures would have moulded solid are separate possibly due to moulding limitations. The weakness isn’t helped by the E75s (and E50s) single roadwheel configuration on the first and last suspension arm stations. One thing that niggles at me is when kit wheels don’t sit flat and pull up because they aren’t strong enough to support the tension of the track. So after building the first chassis I glued scrap sprue “stiffiners” underneath the suspension units making sure the first and last arms were braced. Once set solid they stayed firm when fitting tracks to the other three vehicles ….

All tools including the prominent tow ropes are moulded on. While crisp they are undersized and a but spindly. A slightly thicker moulding would have helped them stand out and allow them to be undercut with a scalpel blade. Basically for me this feature is a no-no and I removed the lot, to be replaced with wire and left overs from other kits. In a similar trend some other features seem a tad undersized but might not be noticeable under paint.

The spare track links for mounting on the turret have good detail on the side which wont be seen. The mounting lugs are moulded into the track link and look … basic. I’m going to try adding an external vertical piece (hard to explain but I’ll show what I mean in the next post) to make them look a little more “separate”. The drivers and radio operators hatches are moulded shut and this is another area where Modelcollect could have scored brownie points as I like ot have the option for open hatches, even if I end up gluing the dang things shut lol

So that’s my view on things. Nice kits which will really look the biz when painted but could have been so much more with just a small extra amount of effort. Oh almost forgot, there were a couple of minor moulding defects. The front edge of the 12.8cm mantle was short shot moulded on three of my four kits so may be quite common and the rear drive wheels on two kits had unusual stress bends which I think came from not ejecting from the mould properly. Minor niggles aside these are a must for any 1946/Paper Panzer builders and I’ll be getting a few more as I’ve a few conversions in mind ……. 🙂


Modelcollect E-75 000  1300 Modelcollect E-75 002 1024 Modelcollect E-75 003 1024 Modelcollect E-75 007 1024 Modelcollect E-75 010 1024 Modelcollect E-75 011 1024 Modelcollect E-75 013 1024 Modelcollect E-75 014 1024 Modelcollect E-75 015 1024 Modelcollect E-75 017 1250
Modelcollect E-75 027 1024

Modelcollect E-75 025 1500 2


8 comments on “Modelcollect E-75 zug – Project ’46 and SABOT Tank vrs Tank gaming wip2

  1. Very intrigued by these and fancy a few for silly paint schemes and pretending to be Adam Wilder.

    The approach looks very similar to the direction Dragon seem to be taking the Armor Pro kits. Somewhere between the older pre-Armor Pro standard (thinking the Panther Ausf F for example) and the best of the newer releases. There’s been a marked shift toward detail simplification on Dragon’s more recent 1/72 releases from around the Churchill/PanzerIV AusfH/LRDG Chevy onwards.

    Turned barrels for the win though. Really like those. These’ll look sexy as hell with a bit of slap on them.

    • Yeah I’d say even more simplified than Dragon. If the suspension arms were moulded solid they’d be quick build kits. You’re right about them being a great paint canvas though lol

      Their very latest modern stuff (have you seen any of them?) is going in the right direction however and is really top looking stuff. We’ve got a few other things to grab first but some ultra moderns to game with is definitely on the cards….

  2. I have – but trying not to get distracted by their great Russian toys. A visit to Alex Clarke’s blog normally does the job in curbing any enthusiasm I might have for going down that route. 🙂

    • Yeah, any moderns we get will be largely OOB. Our rules will work with pretty much any tank so we’re keen to give some moderns a go. As a bonus you can get most 80s plus era tanks in cheap (Trumpeter/Modelcollect/Revel) plastic …..

  3. Good write up; looking forward to seeing more. The turned metal barrel looks the biz, and seeing your mods is interesting. I also like the option to have open hatches even if just to glue them shut!! 🙂 it seems no kit is perfect though….

    • Hey matey, all my builds have the running gear on and painted after assembly.

      It’s probably something I can get away with because I brush paint, I can wriggle and work a brush in there ….

      Can’t really explain how I do it though, I’d probably have to take a video to show someone. I’ve just always done it that way …… 🙂

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