Extended Illness Absence

Hi all,

Just a short note to say that I’ve been absent from my blog here and forums I follow and post on for some time now as I’ve been fighting a nasty series of uro/renal infections that still haven’t completely been defeated. A couple of times we thought we’d won but it’s dug in and recurring.

The upshot is I’ve really been unable to sit at the table to model in any capacity until very recently where I’ve been able to manage a couple of hours in the last few days. Things are getting better slowly (that’s been said before lol) but as a consequence my projects, and more importantly the commissions I have here, are way behind schedule and I do apologise for that. I do have a few pics (real models and not medical humour) to post later today of a little progress but thank you all for your understanding.









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8 comments on “Extended Illness Absence

    • Thanks very much Tim, I really appreciate the thoughts. This has been pretty bad and I just want it to end now so I can get back to normal and properly modelling again ….

      • Hang in there, and keep that sense of humor about it! You can re-open The Advanced Armor Assembling and Painting School (AAAPS), any old time.

  1. A bit slow on the uptake here … but … get better soonest. Being ill is such a downer.

    And you never know when the powers that be will be combing the medical facilities looking for shirkers and malingerers! I’ve nearly been caught out several times now!! 😃

    All the best.

    von Peter himself

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