FIRE TEAM – 28mm Modern Skirmish wargaming

Rules testing ….

A few pics from a recent 28mm Modern Skirmish game being used for playtesting one of our rule sets. Nothing too fancy as it was more to test concepts and to make sure our WW2 rules would work (with the necessary adjustments) in a modern setting. Anyway it was a chance to push around some of my vehicles with my brothers figures and on his cracking Afghanistan / Middle Eastern terrain.

The game was actually the second in a series, the first being an ambush conducted against a UK Infantry patrol. This game featured US Special Forces called in to bring some heavy firepower to bear on the fortified compound located in the first game.

Vehicles are MATVs by Empress and a 1/48th M1A1 by Gasoline (M1A2 converted to USMC)
Figures are Special Forces by Empress and the “Insurgents” are mostly Empress with some Radio Dishdash.






HOQFT - US005 3






HOQ Modern Rules

15 comments on “FIRE TEAM – 28mm Modern Skirmish wargaming

    • I should really have posted the Brit game first DOH 🙂 And I found out that it’s dang hard to game and take pics so most of the action in both games was missed. Early days though and most importantly the rules are in good shape . . .

    • Hey Dougie! Not sure TBH it started just as a push to tidy up our own in-house rules, as invariably we always end up back playing them over all the ones we’ve purchased. Weird huh.

      Pretty much got rules covering everything from WW1 Aero using flight stands, to Zombies, SciFi Skirmish and Startship Battles right through to our “core period” WW2 / Project’46.

      It was easy to work Moderns off the WW2 ones and I wrote them up waaay back when I was trying to twist Craigs arm into Team Yankee stuff. (Don’t get me started on Micro modern lol)

      Sooooo when? They will probably be finished (if there is such a thing) in 3 or 4 months and probably will be donotation only or maybe even free . . . .


    • Thanks, it’s been a while since I pushed any of my own tanks around!

      ps tried to post on your blog about your Elhiem 20mm Modern Germans but it wouldn’t accept my wordpress id – anyway very nice camo work!


  1. I can’t wait to see the new jackal’s and coyote with all the cool add on stuff. Rules look great Brent. Looking forward to playing again soon.

    • Yeah it’ll be nice to bowl them over, then some SOV vehicles maybe, or a chopper or two ….. dang even maybe my GK Hmmwv project 🙂

      Almost finished the latest rules tweaks too, should be ready for a shifty next week …..

  2. Maybe the pics are not great… but the one with the M1A1 and the MRAP together is awesome, one of the best gaming shots I have ever seen. It seems the tank is really moving and about to enter or fire in the alley.

    • Thanks for the comment, apart from the lighting I was pretty pleased with how the shots of the M1 came out. I’d like to do one in Auscam maybe to use with some of the great looking Empress Aussies.


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