Project ’46 Tiger Bridgelayer – Brückenleger auf PzKpfw VI wip3

A little detailing …….

Added a few details to add some interest. Made up a hydraulic ram and hoses for the front mounted spade and added hoses to the rear lifting jib. I also made up two large equipment stowage bins for the sides, adding some strengthening ribs using fine wire donated from broken IPod headphones. I fitted the kit exhausts then made two Flammvernichter cowlings by bending sprue and hollowing out the ends.

Still to do are some extra tools and jack, tow cables, the locating marks on the hull to fill in, an aerial mount on the top of the rear jib and AA ring and MG to the commanders cupola. Apart from choosing a suitable driver figure that’s probably all to do before priming it and selecting camouflage.


KTB 050 1250

KTB 049 1250

KTB 041 1250

KTB 042 1250


6 comments on “Project ’46 Tiger Bridgelayer – Brückenleger auf PzKpfw VI wip3

  1. Looks great!

    Something that size (and in engineering) feels like it might need a spare wheel or two. Do you have any left overs from the original build perhaps? Either that or a bit of track.
    Don’t want to call that thing up to the front and have it immobilised due to lack of parts 🙂

  2. Yup, agree totally Keith. Was going to add some more tools and tow cabels etc but thinking more now it might be worth going further. A spare wheel or two and maybe a set of gas bottles or something like that. Maybe something like a Bergepanther / bridgelayer cross …. ?

  3. That could definitely work. Not too much room for the tinkers-wagon look but creating some lightweight box-sections would be in keeping. What about extending rear racks backwards from the boxes you’ve fabricated already? Just framework back from there could look pretty groovy, and with ladders is just about practical.

    Taking it to it’s logical conclusion some form of close support weapon (remote mg) or at least smoke projectors buried away in there somewhere might provide the crew a little reassurance. I can see that drawing fire, even behind the front line.

  4. Great minds …. yeah some sort of frames had occurred to me. And the real Leopard Biber has a plate on top of the rear support jib with the antenna and smoke dischargers on it ….. seems a logical place for the pots as they can be fired with the bridge attached.

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