Project ’46 Tiger Bridgelayer – Brückenleger auf PzKpfw VI wip2

Tracks ….. really!

Yup, managed to get the roadwheels and the Revell link n length tracks on today. On the whole it went pretty well. The tracks look good although I feel the Dragon DS ones are a little bulkier and look better because of that, plus the DS ones are a breeze to fit. What I really want for my Tiger projects are some of the new OKB late TigerII single link tracks.

Anyway, it’s on to the detailing next ……


KTB 031 1250

Track sag, my version of the natural Catenary curve …..

KTB 034 1250

KTB 037 1250

OKB kgs73/800/152 late single link TigerII tracks

KTB 038 tracks

3 comments on “Project ’46 Tiger Bridgelayer – Brückenleger auf PzKpfw VI wip2

  1. Hi, reading your track tragedy… Having realised I’d completely messed up my Friul half track links by CA gluing the wires in first, I put the links in a tiny container and emptied most of a tube of super glue remover on to them, stirred it up and left it 24 hours; when I took them out, some of the wires had already fallen out on their own. It totally destroys the glue… There is a way back! Cheers, Matthew

    • Hi Matt,

      To be honest I never even considered CA remover! Given my track record (pun intended) I’m gonna get some for those little emergencies …. reminds me of the time I superglued my singlet to myself and the pillow I was using to lean against. Tipped over a full bottle of Superthin CA. It then caught fire and I had to dive outside and roll around on the grass to save myself, adding stuck grass clipping to my growing list of problems ….


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