Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod wip4

Surely not another post on this ……

But yes, another few progress shots. Lined everything ready for weathering, streaking etc. Reasonably happy with how it’s coming along now, even the lighter wheels look better now.

On a downside I wished I’d built her a little better. It started out more as a prototype test piece. looking at it now I wished I’d replaced the grab rails and handles and the Tiger cupola really is a piece of shite. I really wasn’t paying attention when I slapped that on top!


Panther G3 R6  061 1250

Panther G3 R6  062 1250

Panther G3 R6  065 1250

4 comments on “Project ’46 Panther Ausf.F R/6 – MAN interim field mod wip4

  1. It does look a lot better on my screen after the wash etc. Well when you make the other two you can fix the cupola – lol

    • Yeah no ides why it’s like this, maybe there’s two in the Tiger kit, one old n crappy and one proper one. Some of the Panther kits have updated parts Sprues where they’ve just machined new parts onto the sprue.

      Umm …. and OKB tracks/sprockets and Eduard PE rear deck screens 🙂

  2. And this is why I’m spending more time on your blog than forums right now 🙂
    Hoping to see more WW2 in the pipeline (the upcoming 28mm kit looks interesting).

    • Thnx matey ……. yeah I’ve got some Brit 28mms to do also as well as 3 or 4 interesting German 28mm projects booked in (Arnhem, Brest, Ardennes and Berlin) . The trouble might be finding time to squeeze in my stuff, that’s why I was working on the ’46 Panther ……… !

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